The Complex Remodel Progress: Windows, Awnings, Concrete, HVAC, Kitchens, Doors, Demo and More!

  • katma 28 Kas 2021
  • The Complex is a crazy property I bought in May that has come with many challenges including:

    -500 tire eviction
    -tenants fighting
    -horrible living conditions
    -much more!

    The tenants are all out now and we have been able to get going full speed on the rehab. By full speed, I mean a little faster than we were going before. We have the windows in, and much more work started. I can also show what the units look like before compared to what one looks like after it is remodeled.

    Here is the playlist with all the other crazy videos:

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  • joanne chandler

    I can’t wait to see this when it’s all finished. What you have done so far is absolutely amazing !

  • Ms Blackhawk69

    Does the unit that's almost done have a window or vent in the bathroom to remove moisture build-up? After all the time and expense you're putting into the Complex, it would be a shame for mold to build up. Can't wait to see what the place looks like when all the units are done.

  • Donny Tucker

    I was sitting here thinking that needs a concrete sidewalk outside and then you said you were getting one haha. Great idea. Is it possible to move the oven to the other side somehow and have an "open" or as open as possible kitchen? Maybe a large cutout on that wall? It looks good so far.

  • Roger Natale

    Had no doubt this would look fantastic when you are finished great job can't wait to see the finished buildings .

  • ErNeisha Lay

    Looks great. Just a few things I saw as renter that would be “trouble” the structure poles for the new overhang is right in front of the doors, so it’ll be a bit hard to move in furniture. The other thing I saw was the shower didn’t look like it had a light. It was a little dark in there. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • Steven Brown

    Those look great, can't wait to see the curb appeal difference.

  • 357dinko

    The process is so fascinating. I don't know how you manage all that you have on your plate. Always beautiful results.

  • Andy Suber

    After having watched this from the beginning I am just amazed at how good that looks now. Simple but clean and nicely finished.

  • Boat Life Lori

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. It's a big project but it looks like it is coming along really well. Good Job!

  • JL
    JL  +3

    Wow! So nice to see that one unit looking so bright and clean! I want to see if the dishwasher door will open all the way down being right across from the stove 👍. The big house has so much room as well so that one will be great when completed as well. Love all your videos Mark!

  • Mr. P
    Mr. P  +2

    Very impressive renovation Mark! Would've loved to see you go open concept and remove that kitchen wall, as well go central heat/air, and place the kitchen sink centered to the window, however, in the interest of this being a rental, your budget, and for the sake of brevity I understand your choices. All in all a great job in progress my friend! 🤴🏿

  • Rafael Torres

    I agree, the unit will be a lot better when you open the small hallway with acess to bedroom / bathroom.

  • Shelley Zaragoza

    You can see from day to night in the one bedroom unit. It's more livable and brighter I side the unit. For sure wants it's all remodeled you won't have to wait long for the rent to come flowing your way. Great way you adding a third bedroom to the end unit. Can't wait to see the while project done.

  • Patricia Williamsn

    This is really coming along. A little landscaping would be nice. I’m impressed with all you have done!

  • Preston Trim

    ''Going to have to fix those janky water lines'', he said under his breath LOL. Night and day difference Mark and 100% rentable.👍

  • Katie Hilton

    Wow! I’m impressed by the transformation of the almost finished unit!

  • Kimcat
    Kimcat  +7

    Looks fantastic Mark. So bright and clean. I knew you could make a silk purse out of a sows ear!

  • MarlinMR7

    Starting to take shape Mark and looking good as well as getting better all the time. This will be a series that will be fun to watch the progress.

  • Morzall0055

    I'd like to see what that scary looking electric box in the basement looks like after your electrician is done with it Mark

  • mandy Coleman

    No drama ! But nice to see how it’s progressing. That unit looks so much better! It made my skin crawl before ! Good job guys ! X