The Only Script You Need To Close More Deals as a Financial Advisor



  • Eg
    Eg Yıl önce

    Great job Anderson! This was a very informative video. Being a tenured Financial Advisor myself, structure is everything in client meetings and serves as your support system when handling objections. I look forward to watching the rest of your videos. Best of luck!

    • Anderson Kao
      Anderson Kao  Yıl önce

      Thanks Edgar for your support! I appreciate it.

      I am currently abroad and do not have my gear to make new videos until coronavirus ends. Sorry for the delay!

  • Anderson Kao
    Anderson Kao  2 yıl önce +1

    Did you find this useful? What future topics do you want to learn first? Leave a comment below.

    Remember to turn on Closed Caption for a better view experience :)

  • FHI Prince Peter
    FHI Prince Peter 10 aylar önce

    Good video and key points made.

  • JP G
    JP G 7 aylar önce

    0:15 “I’m a firm believer you should ask more questions and listen”

    Rest of video: presenting your offering. Only covers 1 question

    • Anderson Kao
      Anderson Kao  7 aylar önce

      That's the point, the pitching script should only be 30 to 60 seconds long. The rest of the conversation should be question based.

  • Orlando Franco Novesteras Jr.

    Great video! Let's connect, I'm an advisor from Toronto.

    • Anderson Kao
      Anderson Kao  8 aylar önce

      Sure thing. Shoot me a dm on IG or linkedin