A Kerala District says "We're Better Than China." What it did differently. Drones, GPS, Panchayats

  • katma 27 May 2020
  • On the Ground in Kerala, in its northern most district of Kasaragod, we examine how this district once dependent on all medical help for neighbouring Karnataka has dealt with the Pandemic and has been hailed by the Centre as an example to follow. Barkha Dutt Speaks to Collector Sajith Babu

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  • Shijo Varghese
    Shijo Varghese Yıl önce +999

    Strong Government, strong opposition , strong media and extraordinary strong people.... they never divided in the name of religion , in fact came together for humanity....

  • Sankar Ram
    Sankar Ram Yıl önce +661

    When Karnataka sealed it's borders with Kerala they started a medical college in Kasaragod. OP facilities started within 4 days of border closing. 👏👏👏👏

  • Abhi
    Abhi Yıl önce +104

    Things differentiates Kerala from north are:

  • Samarth Jain
    Samarth Jain Yıl önce +491

    Myself from Rajasthan. To be honest I am done with all the religious and political shit here in north india. Want to settle in Kerela once I am done with my studies.

  • Aneeb Antony
    Aneeb Antony Yıl önce +145

    Kasargod was the first hostspot in the country and had 170+ cases but later became a zero covid district by first week of May that too with 0 death.

  • Our Surrounding
    Our Surrounding Yıl önce +463

    Reason of success was Kerala never ruled by BJP, and RSS

  • Yakoob Jacob
    Yakoob Jacob Yıl önce +83

    Sincerely happy to see no negative comments . Every state should help each other work as a family to fight in this tough time . THIS SHALL PASS 🙏🏾

  • Rumipack
    Rumipack Yıl önce +148

    The reason for their success is zero hatred in the name of religion and no communal politics.. Because they are educated.

  • Rahul Das
    Rahul Das Yıl önce +115

    Barakahji you are doing a great job. Please cover the entire state. I love that state and its lovely people. Their unity in diversity is the key successor of Kerala. I have seen many Keralites who are different religions are staying in one room like one family. I can’t even think about this in my state. Jai Hind 🇮🇳. We have to be proud that Kerala is in India.

  • Raym Beats
    Raym Beats Yıl önce +342

    I'm in qurantines in kasaragod. Policemen came to my home everyday. I haven't even stepped out of my home for the last 12 days even for waste disposal

  • rafeeq tv
    rafeeq tv Yıl önce +91

    See the compound of that building and surrounding roads. It's really neat, clean and beautifully paved. Kerala, always ahead. Thanks Barkha for reporting from Kerala.

  • Sowmyan Tirumurti
    Sowmyan Tirumurti Yıl önce +57

    I have lived in Kerala for more than 5 years. Literacy rate is high. People may be argumentative, but that is for questioning and understanding. Once the rationale is clear they are disciplined enough to follow the right path. There may be cases of non conformists, but then the society around would come down heavily on the unreasonable people. To emulate Kerala, literacy alone is not enough. People should also stop accepting bullshit from others and engage in a bold but civil dialogue.

  • Atiya Elyas
    Atiya Elyas Yıl önce +260

    In this covid i saw only one journalist Burkha covered whole indias corner.

  • Tynan Menezes
    Tynan Menezes Yıl önce +20

    Hats off to my brothers and sisters in Kerala! Great work!

  • Sharaz Khan
    Sharaz Khan Yıl önce +125

    When the rest of the India spends time in religious debates, discussions and firefighting for no reasons Kerala doesn’t waste time in those but work as united to come out of this pandemic.

  • praveen mani
    praveen mani Yıl önce +188

    Drone association in Kerala was providing free services to the government.

  • Albert
    Albert Yıl önce +19

    Kerala is a good example of how a decentralised system can perform better than a centralised system. Also take a note of the education level, transparency in the government and awareness and cooperation of people.

  • Holistic Traveller
    Holistic Traveller Yıl önce +27

    Sikkim has also become a role model for other states to follow being the first state in entire india to start intensive level screening for its local people and others entering the state,banning all domestic and international tourist.Following strict protocol and procedure, implenting tough lockdown by state govt and district administration,and our front line workers to combat covid

  • Roshna N
    Roshna N Yıl önce +23

    Centralized policy making and perfectly decentralised execution from bottom to top is the key to Kerala's success like he said. Grass root politicians are often very helpful, educated and accessible to people. They follow the scientific advisory and instructions.

  • K.V Francis Francis
    K.V Francis Francis Yıl önce +41

    People of Kasaragod and sincerity of Officers have to be appreciated.