5 Things POLICE Departments DON'T ISSUE That COPS Need

  • katma 18 Eki 2019
  • From moisture wicking clothing to coolers some items are just not issued by police and sheriff's departments. Here are my recommendations. Don't forget to leave yours in the comments. www.freefieldtraining.com/

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    MIND MUSIC ENT. 2 yıl önce +101

    Every department should order and issue Guardian angel devices.

    • Jason Benton
      Jason Benton 2 aylar önce +1

      Could you please send me police equipment for Christmas this year I am a volunteer deputy sheriff for Miami county Ohio

    • NomadicSheep50
      NomadicSheep50 7 aylar önce

      I asked for one. I got a head lamp zip tied to my vest

    • Vilhjalmr Edmundson
      Vilhjalmr Edmundson Yıl önce +1

      @Roy Rodgers Soy Rogers haha keep peddling that ignorant narrative. It's really pissing off the majority of people around the world who can see through your bullshit and actual liberals are joining hands with conservatives to eliminate the threat to freedom and democracy that you pose.

    • Monotith
      Monotith Yıl önce

      ​@Roy Rodgers Captain Acab over here

    • Brian Villamar
      Brian Villamar Yıl önce

      @Roy Rodgers do you understand why we have police around? they reduce crime in the neighborhood just by their presence, they reduce the fear of crime, they investigate crime, and most importantly they protect our lives. each officer is tasked with a variety of jobs, some may be simple others complex but as a whole; a police department makes a huge impact in our life...we should all be grateful for having them around, the real problem here is the relationship between law enforcement and the community they serve..to be completely honest a couple of bad eggs shouldn’t represent the whole basket

  • Adam
    Adam 2 yıl önce +52

    Two items my department doesn’t issue, I’m sure others don’t either, are a good tourniquet holder and a pen size universal handcuff key.

    • Jmuk35
      Jmuk35 7 aylar önce +1

      Zak tools

    • Monica Perez
      Monica Perez 9 aylar önce

      Adam, check out Mountain Man Medical . . .

    • mike castro
      mike castro Yıl önce +1

      Adam cobra tuffskin makes a really good pen key

  • Deputy Prepper
    Deputy Prepper Yıl önce +15

    From a 17 year veteran, I would say u have hit the nail on the head with all this gear. Great job keep up the good work

  • David Prather
    David Prather 2 yıl önce +13

    I've been in law enforcement for 23 years and have found time and time again that a good bit driver set and small socket set have been very handy (be for seizing a license plate or for taking a panel loose while searching a vehicle). The thing is I've never had an agency supply any tools and have always had to supply my own. I also have to supply my own bolt cutters, sledge hammer (cut down of course) and small axe myself. Yes, we do have to remove a tree from the roadway every now and then.

    • jaden dog
      jaden dog Yıl önce

      I wan to to be a cop when I grow up I am 15

    • Derek St. Laurent
      Derek St. Laurent 2 yıl önce

      Absolutely! Leatherman gives great discounts to LEOs and a medium sized multitool gets used daily.

  • Travis Bolton
    Travis Bolton 2 yıl önce +67

    My agency issues a quality flashlight but some sort of compact body mounted light to keep your hands free makes night shift so much more manageable. I've tried several, but my favorite (and the one currently mounted to my shoulder) is a Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II. Its mounted to my armor on the right shoulder and allows me to use white light or red or blue for low light use. Even has IR, but I'm not that operator. The blue also allows me to cancel out the red in-car lighting if I'm trying to read red text on some of our paperwork.

    • Dustin Johnson
      Dustin Johnson 2 yıl önce


    • Aaron Thomas
      Aaron Thomas 2 yıl önce

      I bought a hat clip light from Walmart for $5 that I have clipped onto my visor. It folds down and has red, green and the normal white light. Red is awesome for writing while in your car when you don’t want to turn on your dome light and make yourself a bigger target

    • DNFU
      DNFU 2 yıl önce +1

      The body light is a good idea. But both the body light and the hand held light should be rechargeable. If you have ever had your light fail after several hours looking for a runner in woodlands or hay fields you will understand how dangerous that situation can be. Granted even rechargeable lights are not foolproof, but it does reduce the chance of the light failing due to the battery going flat on you. It also cuts down on either your own, or your departments, expenses as batteries are not cheap. A simple 18650 lithium cell flashlight with a fresh charge should be enough to have light for at least 12 to 24 hours, with a properly chosen high capacity battery, and the size is much more manageable than the old multiple "C" or "D" cell monstrosities.

    • Dlogg
      Dlogg 2 yıl önce

      Travis Bolton One thing that you are missing is some air fresheners or Febreze.

    • Dlogg
      Dlogg 2 yıl önce

      Travis Bolton One thing that you are missing is some air fresheners or Febreze.

  • Ameer Nemer
    Ameer Nemer 2 yıl önce +1

    I absolutely LOVE your channel! It’s super helpful for me!

    As far as gear NOT issued by PD:
    Quality rain jackets
    Trauma/Med kits
    Quality tactical knives
    Quality flashlights
    Pen style cuff key! (They’re pretty cheap but definitely more helpful than those tiny little things they issue with your cuffs)

    Just some things I think every LEO should have with em at all times. Thanks again for your training points and guidance!

  • thisoneguy
    thisoneguy 2 yıl önce +11

    Not highest on the priority list, but very helpful: a standalone GPS device/display. Mine is set up to show the next upcoming cross street. I don't use the navigation function. It is very helpful in dark residential areas when you are not familiar with the beat and need to put out a location over the radio.

  • Tim Adamany
    Tim Adamany 2 yıl önce

    I'm 41, and for the first time currently going through the hiring process for an entry-level police officer position in my home town. While I don't know what I'm missing yet, or what you're missing for gear, proper footwear seems to be an essential tool. Thank you!

  • derose2026
    derose2026 2 yıl önce +2

    In my one year and eight months of law enforcement, I have found it beneficial to put a dog leash and a few treats in my bag. There’s nothing harder than attempting to get a stray or run away dog to approach you! Treats will establish a quick friendship and the leash will ensure that they don’t get away.

  • Ryan Patrick
    Ryan Patrick 2 yıl önce +5

    The one thing I always keep in my duty bag is a good dog leash for those lose dog calls...saved me more than once and a big water container like the under armour jug-you only need to fill once per shift

  • Pasta NYC
    Pasta NYC 2 yıl önce

    Unfortunately with all the shootings law enforcement is dealing with, my department included (NYPD). We should be issued a first aid kit for a shooting but we are not. I made my own for s/w's I go out on. Fortunately I have not had to use it for a shooting. But I have used other items to assist injured team members. Love the video, keep up the informative videos. Be safe.

  • alaskajohn907
    alaskajohn907 2 yıl önce +2

    Night vision. Hear me out. I work law enforcement for the Air Force, so my issued equipment is a bit dofferent, but one thing brought up by a state guy and a county guy who both reserve with us is night vision. My county is very large and very rural, and sometimes when working searches at night, running conventional lights can be limiting and hazardous. Super niche, but a lot of cow country cops could take advantage of NVGs

  • Armando Pena
    Armando Pena 2 yıl önce +72

    Every cop needs a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Driving around during shift here in Texas you can dam near go blind by all the light reflections coming off other cars.

    • ScotianBlooded902
      ScotianBlooded902 5 aylar önce

      Everyone needs those should be illegal to drive without sunglasses lol

    • Nate Hicks
      Nate Hicks 7 aylar önce +2

      Night shift baaaabeeeeeey

  • Colin White
    Colin White 2 yıl önce +1

    I'm going to throw a curveball for this one... I work at a local PD as an intern in the traffic bureau, hoping to get hired by them when the Chief puts the next test out. That being said, I assist with a plethora of details that they do. One of the problems we would have when investigating a fatal motor vehicle crash would be photographing the scene. One of the officers was extremely proficient at photography like myself. However, despite his knowledge, the camera he was using simply would not produce the quality photos needed to attach to a report. The camera we had been using was a DSLR and it was over 15 years old. This fall we upgraded to a new camera that allows more manipulation of settings to take the highest quality photos. MVC scenes (and all other scenes for that matter) are hectic. Everyone has their red and blues on, TA's going, flashlights. With the new mirrorless cameras that shoot in 4K and 1080p, we are able to get greater detail in our photos which aid in closing a case. Detectives and other types of investigators should have the top photography equipment. Photography in police work is highly overlooked until someone sees a bad photo and wonders why it looks the way it does.

  • Larry Byars
    Larry Byars 2 yıl önce

    Just watched this video in the patrol car with my FM transmitter. Definitely a great purchase. An additional product not issued that everyone should have is a guardian angel device. Very useful

  • Tanner Long
    Tanner Long 2 yıl önce

    The best upgrade to my car so far has been a good waterproof seat cover on the passenger seat. My department doesn't have cages in the cars and we always transport passenger seat. It has saved me with more than one intoxicated arrest.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 yıl önce

    Just got sponsored by a department and almost done with the police academy. Thanks for all the GREAT training and videos! Earned a subscriber!

  • dasgrizzlybear
    dasgrizzlybear 2 yıl önce

    One thing that I wish my agency would start issuing is a tourniquet. I’ve purchased my own and always get questions from other deputies about it. It’s a great piece of lifesaving gear not just for yourself but your shift partners, members of the community, etc.

  • Christopher Kamps
    Christopher Kamps 2 yıl önce

    I absolutely recommend departments issuing out write in the rain notebooks. They are weather proof notebooks that come in many different sizes; spiral or bound, and you can write on them with any writing medium.

  • Raz Fiasco
    Raz Fiasco 2 yıl önce

    I am not yet in Law Enforcement; however, I think the most important thing most Departments do not issue is a first aid kit. This especially should include a tourniquet.

  • britney vasquez
    britney vasquez 2 yıl önce

    After seeing this video (my husband told me to watch it due to Christmas and our anniversary coming up) I started thinking he does need quite a few things, good quality items, that his department doesn’t issue. Everything in the video would be amazing for him. He also always talks about how having hand sanitizer in the unit at all times would be perfect in case you deal with people that aren’t too clean. Another item would be a decent cheap camera considering in some court cases they might take your phone. Another item that really comes in handy is the pen style handcuff key he purchased himself.

  • LUI
    LUI 2 yıl önce +30

    Individual first aid kits!! Everything that covers the M.A.R.C.H algorithm

    And the training to go with it, I believe every LEO should have a tourniquet and trauma kit on their person that fits in the duty belt issued by their department

    • LUI
      LUI 5 aylar önce

      @Amber Schadewald that's a good one, I agree

    • Amber Schadewald
      Amber Schadewald 5 aylar önce +1

      Narcan spray I think should be kept on the duty belt. I have scene too many officers either not have it in thier vehicle, or not think about taking it with them. At least were I live we can get it for free.

  • 552man
    552man 2 yıl önce +1

    Great video I've been using the cooler for the last 8 years not having to buy stuff when thirsty or hungry is where its at. Plus you never know when you'll get a break to eat or drink.

    Stay safe out there!!

  • Cody Monceaux
    Cody Monceaux 2 yıl önce

    I think a multi tool would be a good addition to the duty belt. I have one on mine and have used it many of times

  • Lenny Ledbetter
    Lenny Ledbetter Yıl önce

    I've been on the job for over 25 years and I've never been issued a comfortable holster. The best one I've EVER used is from Ted Blocker. I have the 4" drop with 180° swivel. I love this thing!!!

  • Great Lakes Bounty
    Great Lakes Bounty 2 yıl önce

    One thing that seems to be really helpful that's not always given by departments is the tactical mic leash

  • Dibroc
    Dibroc 2 yıl önce +43

    OK true story here......….. In 1980 straight out of High School I enlisted in the ARMY. I completed basic training and Military Police school and received my orders to Ft. Irwin Ca. Irwin in the middle on the Mohave Desert 40 miles outside of Barstow Ca. In Jan 1981when I arrived we were issued a Colt 191, two 7 round mags with rounds, a small note pad and one pen. That was it. No holster, cuffs, baton, belt, flashlight, badge nor arm band. I mean nothing at all. We were told to borrow gear from the shift we were reliving or carry the weapon and mag in our pocket. A few of the "older" guys who had been reassigned from other posts had gear but would not loan it out to us E1s. I was lucky and had a car so my first off days I was able to drive into LA and pick up gear for myself. The onwer of the store took pity on me and set me up with a nice used leather duty belt with all the trimmings for 25 bucks. I added a 4 D cell Maglite and a set of S&W cuffs and I was out the door. As I was walking out the door he handed me an old cloth MP arm band and tossed in 5 sets of military surplus belts with old 1911 flap holsters to share with others in need. . It was over a year be for the PM's office was able to get us real issue gear. I did share my Mag light with a guy when I was not working nights just made him buy his own batteries They are a bit out dated but I still have the Maglite and cuffs.

    • KeepTyrannyFromAmerica
      KeepTyrannyFromAmerica Yıl önce

      If you’re near a place near a truck stop put a couple of Blue Ice in freezer bags it’s questionable once in awhile you’ll get an NCIC Hit. Felony arrests do look good on promotion. My years in I could not care less. More worried about home safe

    • KeepTyrannyFromAmerica
      KeepTyrannyFromAmerica Yıl önce

      Anrae Godley-Cooper
      I have the cooler in the The trunk with my war bag. I got lucky,his dad also local guy had a ticket he needed to go away

    • Anrae Godley-Cooper
      Anrae Godley-Cooper 2 yıl önce +2

      @josh conrad I have stuff sitting around the house so let me know if you need anything and I'll see what I can do, we have to look out for each other because the powers that be dont.

    • Anrae Godley-Cooper
      Anrae Godley-Cooper 2 yıl önce

      I remember reporting to my MP unit 2011 and there were Brothers and Sisters without gear so I hooked them up with anything I had just sitting around the house.

    • josh conrad
      josh conrad 2 yıl önce +2

      I’m currently military police right now. I feel your pain on little to no gear. All I got was a nylon holster, a belt that looked like it was holding on for dear life, a baton (mind you it’s one the army doesn’t use anymore. Supply just has loads of these and my company is to cheap to buy new shit) a pair or handcuffs, a key, a holster for my baton that my baton didn’t fit into, and a vest that was to big for me. Slowly it surely ive been able to set up my own belt to how I like it with my own stuff.

  • ashlea Lackey
    ashlea Lackey 2 yıl önce

    New to law enforcement and really appreciate the information thank you!

  • Madi J
    Madi J 2 yıl önce +1

    Might be kind of simple but... an accordion folder to help keep paper work nice and organized. Definitely something fairly cheap but really effective!

  • D M
    D M 2 yıl önce +7

    I don’t know how this has not been mentioned. A solid quality form organizer that has visible tabs. If your employer is like mine and has internal forms, county forms and state forms..then it’s a godsend.

    • Nick Steven
      Nick Steven 2 yıl önce

      Love mine. If your duty bag had the room, they also make drop in versions for duty bags now too.

  • Kaylee Williams
    Kaylee Williams 2 yıl önce

    One of the most important items that a department should issue is a tactical light! These are super helpful for dark building and on graveyard shifts! A high quality light can be pretty pricey too

  • Tanner B
    Tanner B 2 yıl önce +94

    A pen style handcuff key. Most departments just issue standard small handcuff keys almost impossible to use with gloves.

    • Amber Schadewald
      Amber Schadewald 5 aylar önce

      My school made me by a pen key as part of uniform requirements. Hopefully I still have all my gear in 2 years. Needed to take out a student loan for it last year. We need to wear our uniforms when we do community service work, through the Law Enforcement Club at my school.

    • mike castro
      mike castro Yıl önce +2

      Tanner B I Carry a pen key in my vest plus a standard long Key on my key ring. Trust me you NEVER HAVE ENOUGH HANDCUFF KEYS

    • Derek St. Laurent
      Derek St. Laurent 2 yıl önce

      Got one of the jumbo ones from peerless. It's freaking huge but a pleasure to use.

    • Derek St. Laurent
      Derek St. Laurent 2 yıl önce

      tremerefury And people are just gross, and that's more time fussing.

    • tremerefury
      tremerefury 2 yıl önce +3

      @Sean Mitchell Yeah. Horrible idea. I have a scar on my thumb from the pin that's used to double lock the cuffs going INTO MY THUMB because the guy I was cuffing resisted. Not a pleasant feeling.

  • Colin Godfrin
    Colin Godfrin 2 yıl önce

    I’m double-majoring in criminal justice and sociology here in little ole Rhode Island! I think, tying into what you said about officers having back issues, they should have a holster that wraps around the leg, instead of sitting tight to the hip, that way when sitting in the patrol car, their weapon isn’t digging into their hip!

  • Michael Eley
    Michael Eley 2 yıl önce

    My department issues the basic uniform items, some of them are recycled from previous cops who quit or got fired. My biggest uniform item issues when i started back as an LEO was finding decent boots. I work 12 hour shifts and many times have to go over rough terrain to pick up drunk suspects. The 2 boots I initially bought out of pocket, didn’t last a full year. My Reebok boots were really comfortable, but got ripped on the side really easy and wore out quickly on the soles. My Galls boots shined easy for the academy, but are not comfortable for 12+hours. I’m also interested in the danner boots you have. I would defiantly pay $200 bucks for boots if I knew I would get my money back out of them. Thanks for this great channel!

  • James Wireman
    James Wireman 2 yıl önce

    I second the suspenders. I’ve used Tactical Tailor suspended for about five years now and have not had to replace any hardware on them. They are about the same price as the others on the market and are great quality and American made.

    As far as other equipment a good quality inexpensive knife.

  • Cameron Wallis
    Cameron Wallis 2 yıl önce +2

    I switched from a traditional nylon belt to a padded 4.5" High-speed Gear duty belt last year. Molle attachment and padded belt. Game changer for organization and comfort

  • lordnelly
    lordnelly 2 yıl önce

    My departments have been pretty good at issuing proper gear. It may not be the absolute best, but its not the worst by a long shot. The one thing I had to buy was a good flashlight. We are issued a good flashlight for indoor use (Streamlight Protac), but that light is not sufficient when you get on the road. I ended up purchasing a Streamlight Stinger HL for use on the highways at night.

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 2 yıl önce

    I don’t know what you’re missing. I am going through the hiring process right now. Starting out with all of this cool gear would be very very helpful. 🥰😇😃

  • John Shelton
    John Shelton 2 yıl önce

    I love my Guardian Angel. Its a great bright light that is great for hands-free lighting for searching vehicles and for violator contact during traffic stops. Also it's great for motor vehicle accidents scene with the red/blue led strobe option. My Chief talked about getting all our officers one.

  • Tier Talk with Anthony Gangi

    In corrections, equipment that is provided to custody is very inconsistent throughout the nation. I would like to see more of our officers provided with OC, baton, cuffs and if needed, tasers.

  • heystarfish100
    heystarfish100 2 yıl önce +246

    The 6th thing that departments don’t issue is Ortho Home Defense insect killer to get rid of those annoying crickets. 😂😆😂🤣🤪

    • Coach Brian
      Coach Brian 8 aylar önce +2

      Damn....the internet will call you out on everything!

    • JohnFourtyTwo
      JohnFourtyTwo 11 aylar önce

      @free field training The crickets didn't bother me, it reminded me of the old rock group Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

    • free field training
      free field training  Yıl önce +14

      You'll all be happy to learn that they all died over the winter.

    • Marshall Smith™
      Marshall Smith™ 2 yıl önce +9

      Crickets are the trolls of the insect world. I swear if one ever gets inside the house I will go on a multi-hour mission to hunt that sucker down and smash it with a hammer. I have even shot one before but decided against that method after the one.

    • 03 BrokenKnees
      03 BrokenKnees 2 yıl önce +8

      Now I can't stop hearing them in the background lol

  • Bark and Blue Productions

    A few things for me that are essential for everyday on the road is my guardian angel light which is a multi use flash light that I mount to the shoulder of my vest. Another thing is my hard covered Narcan case that sits on the outside of my molle vest. Lastly the thing I can’t do any shift without is my Apple Watch. I use this for the walkie talkie feature, stop watch, and reading who messages are from so I know if they are important. Thanks for the content!

  • Bboy Quest 9
    Bboy Quest 9 2 yıl önce +1

    I know it sounds like nothing too serious, but while I was in the Marine Corps as an MP a lot of us would bring baby wipes. When I first got stationed in Japan and was put on field ops (before I did an MOS change to MP) I had to sleep in a two man tent for like 3 to 4 weeks out in the woods. No showers... But man those things work wonders. From cleaning your special parts, to cleaning under your arms, dirt and other things off your fingers... Man those things were life savers. Still came back to the field smelling horrible though lol.

    Once I did the MP thing, I had forgotten all about them and if you got a bad checkpoint gate (which had porter johns), basically good luck.

  • Jose Coby
    Jose Coby 2 yıl önce

    A AR mag holder, I use the Center Mass Intergrated Mag Holder between my duty belt and cross draw taser, works great at holding my mag, and pushes my taser out away from my body a bit making it easier to draw when I have a jacket on. It's a great solution as a way to discreetly carry a 20rd AR mag, or not so descreetly carry a 30rd AR mag.

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson 2 yıl önce

    Definitely a glove pouch!
    We're always wearing rubber gloves and it's not always convenient to retrieve them from the car or to carry a wad of them crammed in your pants pocket where they get torn by keys etc.

  • Justin Goeckeler
    Justin Goeckeler 2 yıl önce

    Something I use as a must have but, not department issued is a good pair of search gloves. I use Mechanix covert. They are thin so I can still feel items in pockets but yet protective.

  • Robert Selby
    Robert Selby 2 yıl önce

    My department issues most of my list but one thing I can think of they don't issue, is Chem Lights aka Glow Sticks. They are awesome when in a non tactical environment and needing to search a large area perhaps for a lost child as an example. One other thing I think not enough agencies if any issue is the Guardian Angel light you reviewed a while ago. My intention is to buy one and see if I can get my agency to buy into them. Thank you for great content.

  • Jake Rowe
    Jake Rowe 2 yıl önce

    One thing I feel is missing from this video is a personal safety light such as the one that is made by Guardian Angel. I have one that I personally bought working for my city plowing the roads during the winter, and I had many other drivers point out that they like the light due to the fact that it has multiple flash settings and it helps with more visibility for both you to see, and others to see you when you are out of the truck. I have the amber and white light so whenever I leave the truck to fix something when its snowing out I have the back lights (amber) flashing, and the front lights (white) steady burn to act as a hands free flashlight, and I feel that even when wearing high vis clothing, it helps more with drivers being able to see you in the snow.

  • M. Mahanty
    M. Mahanty Yıl önce

    Great list and I agree. I would just add a great field guide like the TacBook with all the cheatsheets on laws, codes and procedures.

  • Jacob Drain
    Jacob Drain 2 yıl önce

    The purple royal seat cushion has made a huge difference in my hip and back discomfort. Can work an entire 10+ hr shift and be comfortable. Also seat belt extensions, Ford provides them for free at the dealership.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 yıl önce +2

    Quality Flashlights is something that most departments miss

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 2 yıl önce

    Although this may not apply to everyone, here are some of the things I carry on shift that were not issued to me, some on my person and some in a bag I keep beside me...

    1. Tourniquet on my person
    2. Trauma shears; I double as an EMT
    3. Rescue Tool such as the Boker Cop Tool
    4. Trauma / Active Shooter Medical Kit
    5. Puncture Resistant Gloves
    6. Quality Knives; 1 Utility & 1 Fighting
    7. Extra Large Flashlight for Night Shift so you have a defacto baton in hand beyond the smaller everyday light on my belt
    8. CPR Mask in my bag
    9. Technu Poison Oak Packets
    10. Binoculars

  • Shawn McDevitt
    Shawn McDevitt 2 yıl önce

    Definitely a Tourniquet/Narcan holster. I currently use the Ankle Medical Kit by Rescue Essentials. It is light weight and has Molle for anything you can think of. My department issues Tourniquets and Narcan but not a way to carry it effectively.

  • Madi J
    Madi J 2 yıl önce +7

    If there’s anything that needs to be added to this list it would be a comfortable pair of boots. A 100% necessity for any officer working the roads or working a detail.

  • IllinoisButcher
    IllinoisButcher 2 yıl önce

    I bought an outer carrier, and bought some different holsters to get my gear on the belt exactly how I wanted it. But I got everything I needed from my department before I headed to the academy.

  • jmb7183
    jmb7183 2 yıl önce

    I've seen what other folks have said but the big one for me is a quality thumb drive. Getting video from most of the newer camera systems at bars and businesses as well as some houses is much easier. I carry a sandisk cruzer that fits on my keys and a 32 gig drive is only 8 bucks or so on amazon.

  • Kraig Mize
    Kraig Mize 2 yıl önce

    Makes me feel better hearing this ..I thought only Security Companies done this 😆

  • Raphael Faucher
    Raphael Faucher 2 yıl önce +76

    One thing that most don't issue is a C.A.T tourniquet. I think everybody should have basic medical gear

    • Tom Baker
      Tom Baker Yıl önce

      Lorenzo Ianicelli that’s weirder. I work security/ medic. Doing low impact work, I carry a stream light HLX, but on my tac belt I have a PD-35. I also have the traffic cone to use for directing traffic as needed (accidents, etc). I have 3 Fenix 3500mah batteries between the 2 lights. And a USB charger for them. So I’m never without. Even on a night shift.

    • Lorenzo Ianicelli
      Lorenzo Ianicelli Yıl önce

      @Tom Baker Funny, that's how I roll as well. I keep a CAT Gen7 on my person and fold up SOF-T Wide Gen4s for my IFAK. 2 is 1 and 1 is none.
      On that note, I also double up on handheld flashlights (nearly anyone who's been working night shifts for a while does). I use the Streamlight Stinger HL like Tommy recommends and I also use the Fenix PD-35 TAC. Both of which are great lights and I can completely recommend for anyone working security or police. I also recommend the Fenix pen light to keep in your IFAK, since you can use it to light up a patient and even hold it in your teeth while you give first aid.
      As for writing on anything, I use the Rite In The Rain notepads which are waterproof and come in a variety of styles including interview prompts. Very useful for anyone who works outdoors, although their main clientele are first responders and military.

    • Tom Baker
      Tom Baker Yıl önce

      Lorenzo Ianicelli I’m aware. I won’t buy any first aid equipment off amazon. As far as sharpies go, I prefer the milwaukee inkzall. It’ll write on pretty close to anything. Wet, dusty, anything. I’ve been to dealers who think they’re selling CATs, but they’re fakes. So yes, reputable dealers are key! I keep a CAT on my belt and 2 SOFT in my trauma kit. Because the CAT is easier for quick application in my opinion, while the SOFT is a bit cheaper and is more suited for a kit based response.
      Just my thoughts.

    • Lorenzo Ianicelli
      Lorenzo Ianicelli Yıl önce +1

      @Tom Baker You can also easily rectify this if you buy from a reputable dealer. (Don't buy important shit off Amazon, their QC is garbage. Amazon is good for disposable stuff like nitrile gloves or pens/sharpies, though.)
      SkinnyMedic store is great, I buy from him a lot. North American Rescue also sells good quality TQs and NAR will also give discounts to active duty LEOs.
      Got a paramedic bro who has been doing a ton of stuff. He has his own store where he sells complete IFAKs at a good price called SOLATAC, won't have a proper TQ in it however. (It has a SWAT-T.)
      If you aren't super used to first aid gear, you can easily buy a good blowout kit from SOLATAC + get your CAT or SOF-T Wide from NAR or Skinny without breaking the bank.

    • 291xMac
      291xMac 2 yıl önce +1

      Raphael Faucher I’d say any CoTCCC approved TQ, the SOFTT and CAT are both great. I use the CAT b/c I can get it issued from the agency, but the SOFTT is preferred IMO for administering to other people as the buckle has a great break away.

  • Ricky Silvers
    Ricky Silvers 2 yıl önce

    By far has to be a good source of light! Being able to charge it in the field, good output and making sure it’s waterproof!!! Only thing is they are expensive as hell!!!

    Next would be whisper mics that are tough, can withstand those times outside in a storm, but nothing too bulky that you can conceal through out your vest so you don’t get chocked out or caught on a fence!

  • C.J. Gonzalez
    C.J. Gonzalez 2 yıl önce

    One piece of equipment that I've found that is very useful is a simple white dry erase board and colored markers
    I kept it in my car and wrote down court dates due dates for reports etc.

  • Alec H
    Alec H 2 yıl önce +2

    Great content as always! One piece of gear that I’ve seen folks love is a great pair of socks to go under your boots! Cheap socks just won’t do!

  • awmperry
    awmperry 2 yıl önce

    Here in Sweden - from a security perspective in my case, though the police don’t issue these either - the big ones missing are decent *small* torches and decent multitools.

  • antonwearsakilt
    antonwearsakilt 2 yıl önce +8

    One thing to remember all poly clothing melts, even if it has a nomex coating on it. And most Poly under shirts will keep nasty odors in them. Silk on the other hand is a natural product, and while it can pick up nasty odors it is less likely to stink than the poly types.
    Plus being a natural product it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    • Maryland Wear and Carry
      Maryland Wear and Carry 2 yıl önce +1

      Lightweight Marino Wool base layers are a great option too. Naturally antimicrobial and moisture wicking. Definitely on the pricy side though.

    • Irate Puffin
      Irate Puffin 2 yıl önce

      Have you tried the Lysol Laundry Sanitizer? I found it about 6 mos ago and I now add it to all my loads of laundry. It works really well to kill the source of the odor vs masking it. Give it a try!

    • The Security BodyCam Channel
      The Security BodyCam Channel 2 yıl önce

      I wash my poly tees using, along with detergent, powdered bleach with one box of baking soda per load. It works in keeping odor from building up.

  • XxForTheKillxX
    XxForTheKillxX 2 yıl önce

    There are a few things you didn't think of but you got 5 great ones, for me, I know a cruiser mate clipboard, a long pen-style handcuff key, and SHIRT STAYS are some of the most important things that are never issued.

  • BigJay 5-0
    BigJay 5-0 2 yıl önce

    I would say weapon mounted lights and light bearing holsters. Especially for us night shift guys it makes a huge difference not having to use the old fashion Ayoob technique. It was the first purchase I made entering my career.

  • Kraken
    Kraken 2 yıl önce

    Could you make a video about what it would be like interning at a local police department? I am about to start an internship and no one has explained what I should expect.

  • Kittrell Carter
    Kittrell Carter 2 yıl önce

    I believe every agency should issue a weapons mounted light. In my opinion is essential equipment and allows you to keep both hands on your gun instead of one hand holding the gun and the other holding a flashlight.

  • Gary Bowen
    Gary Bowen 2 yıl önce +15

    A good multi tool on your belt is a lifesaver....Leatherman is my favorite!!

      ZONA CALIENTE Yıl önce +3

      A LEATHERMAN TOOL did save my life one day it was the "last weapon" left on my belt... Long story, but boy did it come in handy.

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 2 yıl önce

    Dog leashes, door stops, and a quality glass breaker are what I normally recommend to new hires. Dont need them often but when you do, you're the hero of the shift.

  • inailboards
    inailboards 2 yıl önce

    I would say that one very important thing would be brand name insoles for your work shoes/boots. From standing for long durations to being able to run without ruining your knees is way important.

  • David frank
    David frank 2 yıl önce

    The best thing I had ever purchased for myself and then later on for everyone else is what they call a center punch. It is a spring-loaded rod inside of what appears to be an ink pen. When you need to break a window on a car you push the center punch anywhere on the window and it will shatter any car window. You could have a child use this product. It's intended for Center punching a piece of metal to make it easier to drill a hole in the center thusly that's why it is called a center punch. I have had friends that have actually broken their hand hitting the window and nothing at all happened to the window. Even your six cell maglite what also bounce off of the window and would require another blower to. A friend of mine who is in water rescue turn me on to this. He had told me that all his cars have one in them. He had told his wife and children how to use it if they ever found their trapped in the car and cannot get the window down.

    After a few times using it myself I would not dare to go out without one somewhere on my person. I would keep with least a half-a-dozen in my bag and most of the time I would give them to others that I was friends with. Harbor freight is normally the cheapest to get one and I have found they work just as well as the one she would buy at Home Depot or Lowe's.

  • Mr D
    Mr D 2 yıl önce

    For the colder time of the year you maybe want to consider pocket warmers.
    For short term use the ones you put in water are ok. For longer times i recommend peacock pocket warmers. They use lighter fluid.

  • Kris the LVN
    Kris the LVN 2 yıl önce +12

    A good item likely not issued is a good multi-tool.

    • mike castro
      mike castro Yıl önce

      Kris the LVN very good idea. I carry a multi-tool on my belt but a “rescue” knife on my person. It comes in handy

  • Total Force
    Total Force 2 yıl önce

    In my area, the most common grumble about issued equipment from officers/deputies across all the agencies in this county is rain gear that isn't winter gear.

    In the South, it can very easily decide it's going to piss rain for an hour or two (even though the forecast on TV and every weather app said it wouldn't today) while it's 100 degrees outside. Not a big deal unless your only rain gear is a winter jacket that works fine when it's around freezing but is hell on Earth when you're directing traffic in August and it's triple that temperature.

    Some of the agencies around here don't make a big issue over officers using personal rain gear as long as it looks similar to the uniform, which makes too much sense for some agencies who will get super butthurt over their people using *ANYTHING* except skivvies and socks that isn't issued by them.

  • kalin blackwell
    kalin blackwell 2 yıl önce

    I think the two best things would be a multi tool with glass break and set belt cutter. Also the air conditioning hose that's for your vest.

  • Winter 겨울
    Winter 겨울 2 yıl önce

    I use the BackUpBrace Back support on my duty belt and it helps a lot with stability and makes the belt feel more snug on my back.

  • DRH JR
    DRH JR 2 yıl önce

    5 Things cops should all be armed with:
    1 Brains
    2 Emotional control
    3 Accurate knowledge of the Laws they enforce
    4 Empathy
    5 The Imperative to arrest each other when caught breaking laws they subject the public to

  • Johnathon Stribling
    Johnathon Stribling 2 yıl önce +4

    Moisture wicking and the FM transmitter/phone charger...it’s funny how we cops are so similar haha. Good stuff brother. Be safe. #wegohome

  • Shadow Company •33•
    Shadow Company •33• 2 yıl önce +1

    A good gun light. I still remember when everyone I knew only had Galls or a store in town contracted with various agencies to sell gear and work on uniforms.

  • Rich Banks
    Rich Banks 2 yıl önce

    Lots of good answers so far for #6 such as a quality flashlight, med-kit, etc. Unfortunately, another must have in today's political climate is a good attorney on retainer.

  • Morley Challenged
    Morley Challenged Yıl önce

    I'm not a cop, but a cop asked me where I got my pulse-oximiter while we were both in a hospital waiting room. I've gone through three of them in three years. Wal Mart and Co-op medical are the last answers so far, but I don't shop much lately. I think every cop is secretly a medic.

  • Aaron Phillips
    Aaron Phillips 2 yıl önce

    Additional items every LEO needs :
    - trauma kit
    - sunglasses
    - gum (calms victims, suspects, etc)
    - caffeinated energy bars
    - pair of cross trainers for the gym you all SHOULD be going to

    Crazy huge giveaway Tommy! Would love to be considered!

  • Airsoft Speedy
    Airsoft Speedy 2 yıl önce +97

    Crappy pens for when you don’t want that pen back.

    • Eric Carrillo
      Eric Carrillo 6 aylar önce

      😞🥺🥺plz don’t ask me plz don’t ask me

  • Todd B
    Todd B 2 yıl önce

    A DASH MOUNTED GARMIN GPS ! One of THE MOST valuable things I had to buy for getting dispatched to areas I'm unfamiliar with and to show upcoming cross streets when I am calling in my stops in unfamiliar areas. Easier than trying to read street signs.

  • Stephen Sanford
    Stephen Sanford 2 yıl önce

    I learned the cooler thing early, and the hard way. Summer weekend fatal drink driving accident. We were there for an hour before we figured out that the crash investigator we called couldn't work the crash, and we had to call the state police. It took 2.5 hours for the other crash investigator to arrive. it was very hot. I learned two things, First, always bring a cooler and enough water to sit at an accident scene for eight hours in 100 degree heat. 2nd, those bastards in the big red trucks have mini fridges with cold drinks. Anyway, don't risk passing out if there's a fire truck around, they'll usually share if you ask nicely and aren't on their bad list.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 yıl önce

    Other items would definitely include a good earpiece, quality boots (winter and summer), potentially some medical equipment that might not be supplied like trauma sheers or tourniquets.

  • Kahlieo
    Kahlieo 2 yıl önce

    Every department should issue pen style hand cuff keys. I was able to find an actual pen that is a hand cuff key from ASP. It is very sturdy.
    Standard keys are too small to even be useful and so easy to lose.

  • K9EMT
    K9EMT 2 yıl önce +3

    One item... Smartwool socks! Good cushion, wicking, and warm too.

  • DarkWater1123
    DarkWater1123 2 yıl önce

    I'd have to say a mic clip. Just ordered a "mic tight" off Amazon a while back and love it! My mic is never coming off my uniform, especially in a struggle, unless I take it off. I even ordered a few for a couple other officers and they love them! Really surprised departments dont issue or order them

  • Kaylee Williams
    Kaylee Williams 2 yıl önce

    Every department should issue a C.A.T tourniquet!! This is super important and can save a life in the field!

  • DV253
    DV253 2 yıl önce

    Tommy great video. Boots. Boots are a significant and imperative uniform piece that departments or agency’s do not issue. Or if they do they’re not always the best. Along with a really good smaller personal bright flashlight.

  • Jose Salvador
    Jose Salvador 2 yıl önce

    I'd say the one thing I say everyone needs is the air conditioning hose for k9s that runs to the back seat except the way I use it is I stick it in the top of my vest as a cooler or heater bc we all know that in some of the older units the air conditioning sucks so you need a more direct flow 👍

  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia 2 yıl önce +20

    Shirt stays!! Departments should issue shirt stays so that everyone is looking sharp at all times. Other than aesthetics, it also keeps ur uniform shirt away from the items on ur belt.

    • Christopher Harpster
      Christopher Harpster Yıl önce +1

      Nothing hurts worse then a shirt stay snapping into your beanbag. I know from experience. Getting ready for a friends wedding actually(no I wasn't wearing my Class A's to the wedding, just using my shirt stays for my suit.) ANYHOW, I'm getting ready, damn thing flies off, and I drop like a ton of bricks. My wife comes running in the bathroom, I'm wincing in pain flopping on the floor like a fish outta water, my boy comes out of his room seeing me on the ground, little smart ass starts laughing...that's also how I learned I don't need a paternity test, he's definitely my boy.

    • c mac
      c mac 2 yıl önce

      Which one do you like to use?

  • TheNorthernHeathen
    TheNorthernHeathen 2 yıl önce

    I work as an Operations Manager for a Security Guard firm in the Toronto area in Canada, but I am often working back as a guard for high profiles gigs or last minute coverage. A resent addition to my duty bag is a power back. I am using different vehicles some have multiple working 12 v power ports some do not. I find a high capacity power bank is a must to keep my two phones, blue tooth earpiece, flash lights & other tools & toys charged on the go. & I pack a usb reading light in my duty bag to use a reading light in vehicles or if stuck at some remote sight.
    I personally purchase a blackweb 20,000 mha from Walmart for about $40 cdn, it has a aluminum body that could property kill or at least severely hurt some one if you hit some one/thing with it. It sits nicely in a molle radio holder on my duty bag, vest, belt.

  • Matthew Lopez
    Matthew Lopez 2 yıl önce

    I would say one thing that you didn’t mention would be a sturdy watch. There are plenty of times where you can’t get to your phone and you need to keep track of time. I personally have a G-SHOCK G-Steel so I have the date, time, and day of the week at all times. It should also be able to handle the more “physical” moments of the job so it won’t shatter the second it hits the ground like a smart watch would. I love the content. Thanks for all the knowledge.

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 2 yıl önce

    Rite in Rain Note pad or similar note keeping essentials. Ive used Rite in rain products for 6 years now both in the Army and in my civilian career as a corrections officer and my waterproof notepad has saved me more than a few times. Not necessarily from the rain, but sweat would always ruin my note pads when i would store them in my uniform pockets.

  • Nick Steven
    Nick Steven 2 yıl önce

    I found a couple dog leashes help. Good for dog calls obviously, but I've used them more than once to secure items in my squad. While on the subject, a large choke chain collar if your city doesnt have animal control for dog calls. The choke collar type are one size fits all if you can get it over the dogs head.

  • Kenneth Oson
    Kenneth Oson 2 yıl önce +28

    A High quality knife is one thing they don’t issue.

  • J Hatch
    J Hatch 2 yıl önce +1

    Hey all! I would say definitely some sort of pen style handcuff key, the standard key just doesn't cut it, and is too small to safely and effectively use.

    • mike castro
      mike castro Yıl önce +1

      Shoals Yakkin' with Hatch cobra tuffskin makes a nice one

  • James Griffith
    James Griffith 2 yıl önce

    I am a one-year rookie, therefore have not much of an opinion. Although, I was not aware of how expensive this career would be regarding the "investments" in necessary gear.
    My submission is the Guardian Angel Elite Series Law Enforcement Red/Blue Wearable Safety Light. My department issues Streamlight Stingers that I do use and am impressed by. While writing on scene I do not prefer to utilize the under-the-arm position, and prefer shoulder mounted lights. In addition, the Guardian Angel lights are also excellent in any roadside scenario with the bright reds and blues, and even have lights on top for added illumination.