I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards

  • katma 12 Oca 2022
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    I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Puerto Rico. This is my life.

    G.I. Joe Theme

    Edited by: @HillierSmith
    Shot by: Kevin Galvan
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YORUMLAR • 17 956

    JOSH PINT 3 gün önce +15027

    Why don't you make a series hunting down these scammers? Idk seems fulfilling to me

      RAIR KICKS 10 saatler önce

      He will

    • Relaxer 11
      Relaxer 11 11 saatler önce

      @Jeffy Ok

    • Renats V
      Renats V 11 saatler önce

      Make Documentarie series

    • Matt B
      Matt B 11 saatler önce

      Raddled Pokémon already figured it all out he said it was fake 3 weeks before they opened it

    • Gimbatul
      Gimbatul 13 saatler önce

      Because it's fake

  • Ben Von Stanke
    Ben Von Stanke Gün önce +144

    Seems like then scammer is more of an expert than the "experts" as they made them look really stupid 🤣

    • wildstarr
      wildstarr Gün önce +4

      Yep, I think the experts got greedy and wanted to be a part of history.

      "We authenticated the biggest piece of Pokemon history."

      But they had no experience in authenticating Pokemon cases. They are experts in sports card boxes. This is gonna cost them big time.

  • Sanford Threeohfour
    Sanford Threeohfour Gün önce +674

    When the owner of the authentication business said "we all got duped, agreed?" And looked to get confirmation from Logan, he was trying to get verbal confirmation that he can't be blamed or sued.

    • C
      C 8 saatler önce

      How do you know those other men in the room aren’t in it as well?!

    • Quad Video By Reggiexp
      Quad Video By Reggiexp 10 saatler önce +2

      @TheBatmanStan hope they track down the dude who brought it in to check it. like befor befor... and find the scammer i mean back then it problay was not worth much, i mean where did it come from? who was the first seller i wanna know

    • TheBatmanStan
      TheBatmanStan 17 saatler önce

      Logan wouldn’t sue like that he’s not that type of dude

    • josh derrey
      josh derrey 19 saatler önce +6

      If the authenticators were paid to authenticate it and had a level of high certainty then they can sue if it was just an expert opinion they can say whatever and not get sued but it looks absolutely horrible for their business

    • Zacky2613
      Zacky2613 19 saatler önce +1

      @Timorio he’s trying to basically say “We all got equally screwed so they have a tougher time getting sued because Logan (if he said yes) had just kinda said that he is also to blame”.

  • graham peebles
    graham peebles Gün önce +33

    Hommie thought it was legit because of how taped looked on the cardboard as someone who works at FedEx I can say with confidence that the tape on Logan’s box looks the same as 80% of the boxs we ship

    • KrazyTubeTV
      KrazyTubeTV 9 saatler önce +2

      Idk man. Logan was the first person to say that it's fake? He's in a room full of experts and they all are quiet. Something seems off

    TLCCOMICS 1 Gün önce +48

    I was hoping it was legit as I like what Logan is trying to do for the Hobby. Get those folks for mail fraud. With that being said, Yo Joe.

  • ProtoMario
    ProtoMario 3 gün önce +9189

    Imagine going to prison over Pokémon card fraud, insane.

    • Joliemon
      Joliemon 8 saatler önce

      Nah going to prison over a scam of 3.5 mil

    • Xighor
      Xighor 20 saatler önce

      @A Useless life Maximum is for dangerous people not for fraud even if it's very serious fraud lol

    • William Kelley
      William Kelley 22 saatler önce

      Actually, there is no law that says a person can go to jail for selling you a box that claimed it was full of one thing and was full of another. If the cards were pokemon cards and were fake. That would be a different story. But, they were GI Joe cards in pokemon boxes. I think this scammer is going to get away with it.

    • CummingNico
      CummingNico Gün önce

      Who's going to prison? the chain is several people long and the cards were "replaced" not counterfeit. That's not a law

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
    T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me 11 saatler önce +30

    Maybe he knew and didn’t want to pay no 3.5 mill and knew that he could make five videos off the one topic making about 2 million in ad rev plus promoting he’s own drink at the same time worth millions as well we be getting finessed like fuck believe that 😂

    • Reese _
      Reese _ 8 saatler önce


      Silly stuff

    • Quad Video By Reggiexp
      Quad Video By Reggiexp 10 saatler önce +2

      not sure logan gets paid by youtube anymore...

    • Y8888
      Y8888 11 saatler önce +1

      Everyone with a couple of brain cells know that this is just a promo video for his prime company. Just like 90% of his other videos: staged and faked.

  • Noname Official
    Noname Official 15 saatler önce +1

    Damn, personally i feel bad for him, not only for the incredible amount of money that he lost, but also for the entire situation

  • Haroon Surkhi
    Haroon Surkhi 21 saatler önce +8

    Next up: “ I lost $3.5 Million Dollars in NFTs”.

  • Brandon Don
    Brandon Don Gün önce +14

    Now he knows how we all felt after paying to watch the Mayweather-Paul fight 😂

  • Zarka
    Zarka 2 gün önce +2027

    This makes the time I lost $6,500 on a sealed DDS game look like child’s play😭

  • Zachary Gregorius
    Zachary Gregorius Gün önce +2

    Imagine if nobody told him, and when he retired and opened it. Damn , these so called experts need to go

  • Da mundo
    Da mundo Gün önce +6

    You know someone watching this wants those GI JOE cards 😂

  • Tyler Illman
    Tyler Illman 22 saatler önce +4

    Was lucky enough to watch Hayden breakdown how he edited this and it’s an honest to god master piece of a video.

    • Jason R
      Jason R 9 saatler önce

      Where did u watch the breakdown bro

  • Zomty
    Zomty  15 saatler önce +1

    I feel bad for Logan man he looks so sad imagine spending 3.5 million for a fake box it’s just sad

  • Sports Card Investor
    Sports Card Investor 3 gün önce +5956

    Damn, this REALLY sucks, for the Pokemon community and the sports card community. We all depend on authenticators to ensure what we're investing in is real.

    • Joris G.
      Joris G. 9 saatler önce

      Lmao for investing in children toys. "Investors" like you ruining hobby after hobby should just gtfo. I'm really happy this happened

    • the madclown
      the madclown 18 saatler önce

      @AzNightmare yea I was thinking the same because no way logan is spending over 3 mil and not expecting a scam lol or a plan scam. Smart if it is

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • 2022 - Time To Change
      2022 - Time To Change Gün önce

      @Joe G yup

    • 2022 - Time To Change
      2022 - Time To Change Gün önce

      @Nick Johns Yup, for sure I bet some of BBCE previous clients that had real cards, probably got told it was fake, and those with a fake card, got a certificate it was real lmfao. Shit show. That company IS the scam.

  • Ricardo Blikman
    Ricardo Blikman Gün önce +4

    And knowing is half the battle ! A sealed case should always be opened to verify the cardboard and stoptape is not a collectable you can buy cardboard and stop tape everywhere!

    • gunnervin
      gunnervin 12 saatler önce

      Exactly. Did they fucking buy this on ebay?

  • Allison Wonser
    Allison Wonser Gün önce +3

    BROOOO. There better be more to this story 😭 I’m heart broken for you.

  • Akshay J
    Akshay J 17 saatler önce +2

    Even if the Pokemon cards were real, i would still consider the money wasted 😑

  • MarcLiamm
    MarcLiamm 19 saatler önce +2

    Logan is the real scammer here, this video is about as legit as one of his fights 🤣🤣

  • Gemik
    Gemik 2 gün önce +4434

    I really want to know what's going to happen next. I'm curious how many people were in on it, where it started, how many sales before it reached Logan's hands and also how the fuck did they seal it so well that it bluffed those experts.
    3.5 million though, holy shit.

    • zach treadway
      zach treadway 10 saatler önce

      @BaggednBasic exactly... It's not some 20yr old fake like some of these idiots in these comments are saying

    • BaggednBasic
      BaggednBasic 10 saatler önce

      I mean fakes are getting real good lately....I mean that's the whole scammers job and they did a good job

    • Bean
      Bean Gün önce

      oh no logan when from having 100 mil in his bank account to 97 mil

    • zach treadway
      zach treadway Gün önce

      @triclon ok call it that when u look like a jackoff

    • triclon
      triclon Gün önce

      @zach treadway I'm sorry you are too dim to understand sarcasm.

  • Hey Crazy
    Hey Crazy Gün önce +7

    Funniest part of this: G.I. JOE! G.I. JOE! IT COULD HAVE BEEN ANYTHING ELSE!

  • MrUmpaman9
    MrUmpaman9 15 saatler önce +1

    I don’t get why the BBCE don’t open all the boxes before approval AND then reseal them with their stamp or tape or whatever so people know it’s been checked thoroughly and not tampered with

  • Dr. Penguin
    Dr. Penguin 16 saatler önce +1

    Logan is not able to learn from his mistakes. He should only feel shame.

    He was so greedy for the cards that his common sense failed. Just the history of the box and who authenticated it. He's a real jerk and all his money is both a blessing and a curse.
    1: There will be no learning curve
    2: He will not be ruined financially

  • Fredrick Girard
    Fredrick Girard Gün önce +2

    Logan, I've never been the biggest fan of you, but from the bottom of my heart. This enrages me. No one deserves this. This is utter bullshit. I deal in MTG, I have for about 11 years and this is one of the most disheartening things I've ever witnessed. I hope you get this settled, like actually. Fuck those guys, do what you need to do.

    • Kris Bailey
      Kris Bailey Gün önce

      It’s staged dude, in what world does somebody spend 3.5mil on something without seeing it first. Also he’s super calm for a dude that just lost that much money

  • 미국아재 Mister American
    미국아재 Mister American 2 gün önce +766

    BBCE's credibility completely destroyed in one video. Look at the BBCE dudes face.. He knows they are in big trouble...

    • 苺の皮タイガー
      苺の皮タイガー 2 gün önce

      迷惑行為を謝罪しろ 日本に二度とくるなアホローガン

    • Dardan M
      Dardan M 2 gün önce

      I think he said insurance on them? So seems like he'd get his money back?

    • Michael Meyer
      Michael Meyer 2 gün önce

      Seriously tho. I understand he's not into pokiman but come on now. He thought just because he authenticated it before it was legit, that's bias. He definitely should lose his job for that. I've seen boxes that aren't even old have those "age marks" that's just from stacking them.

    • Aaron T
      Aaron T 2 gün önce +2

      @Billy Anderson Unbelievable really. And the shrink wrap looked way too good to be old. I have shrink on boxes from 2 years ago that are more aged looking then that. Jeez.

    • Billy Anderson
      Billy Anderson 2 gün önce

      @미국아재 Mister American exactly

  • Cooper Mcglinchey
    Cooper Mcglinchey 15 saatler önce +1

    Hahahaha, oh man seeing this makes me so happy, glad he lost 3.5 million lmao

  • SkyGodCheesey
    SkyGodCheesey Gün önce +2

    Fun fact, Logan is now the first person to spend $3.5M on GIJOE cards

  • Ssj4 Gogeta
    Ssj4 Gogeta Gün önce

    This is very heart breaking especially for a pokemon card collector for me.

  • Dan W
    Dan W Gün önce

    Sorry for your loss, I'm sure you'll get your money back.

  • SuperDuperDani
    SuperDuperDani 3 gün önce +1906

    I can’t imagine how you all feel 😭 I really hope they are able to trace it back to whoever created that fake case, this is just so wrong

  • Andrew Osbourne
    Andrew Osbourne 21 saatler önce +1

    Paying 3.5 million for pokemon cards is insane.. not the fact that is fake 😂

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi Gün önce

    I remember the first PSA 10 card I ever bought was totally off center and had a very noticeable ding on the corner. I don't trust grading services whatsoever.

  • Pretty Gal
    Pretty Gal Gün önce

    The good old saying, when something is too good to be true, its very likely to be not true. Should have never purchased the case. So sad for BBC company getting a bad reputation for the Pokémon case. Beware Pokémon collectors on fake cards, boxes and cases.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 15 saatler önce

    I'm glad it was someone who is wealthy enough for it not to affect their lives, instead of someone who spent everything they had in life and end up harming themselves.

  • Connor
    Connor 3 gün önce +6895

    Well... at least we're getting more LP content 😂

    • Dutch Van Der Linde
      Dutch Van Der Linde 19 saatler önce

      @Don't read profile photo ok

    • flaming dumbass
      flaming dumbass 20 saatler önce


    • Javarn Sylvan
      Javarn Sylvan 20 saatler önce

      @Mishan (бог спама) 🅥 atm ur probably fight 😂

    • KM
      KM 20 saatler önce +1

      This comment and both dudes suck. We don’t need more content. We need TR-cam to yeet these ego maniacs in 2022.

    • kurt
      kurt 20 saatler önce

      @Sean Cahill are you fucking crazy dude this Video made him 10k at the very most

  • Seb Devine
    Seb Devine Gün önce

    Weighing the boxes initially surely could have prevented this…

  • Chris Cigarroa
    Chris Cigarroa 15 saatler önce

    Them 5 boxes that are legit can easily make his money back. Hope he pulls some heat😂

  • BaggednBasic
    BaggednBasic 10 saatler önce

    its scary that scammers are making their fake boxes so much like the real ones

  • Dejay Clayton
    Dejay Clayton 23 saatler önce

    This is the first time I've seen a physical purchase turn out worse than a similarly-priced NFT purchase.

  • Prawn king
    Prawn king Gün önce +1077

    He’s a lot calmer loosing 3.5 million than me when I lose 20 bucks

    • Luis Partida
      Luis Partida 8 saatler önce

      Because he’s Rich

    • J.A.R. Family
      J.A.R. Family 8 saatler önce

      He gets his money bscky

    • KJ Mmd
      KJ Mmd 9 saatler önce

      It’s because he been through these situations of life, he had way worse. When everything was falling apart, he lost so many things, everyone said it’s over for him. But he overcame all those so it made him mentally stronger. So losing 3.5mill was nothing compare to what happened in the past. Also he makes lot of money now, people with that kind who invests lot money, is probably aware of losing money on investments also making it back.

    • BaggednBasic
      BaggednBasic 10 saatler önce

      he prob would be if he didn't have the act of money that he had

    • Aron
      Aron 10 saatler önce

      Pork sword?

  • Dylan Pannier
    Dylan Pannier Gün önce

    Oh nooo, I’m sorry Logan! This video was so good tho lmao 😂

  • Slippy_Fontaine
    Slippy_Fontaine Gün önce +1

    the only reason I watched this vid is cause of his camera man, this dude is awesome

  • J B
    J B 9 saatler önce

    My guess would be Wayback in the day when dude bought the originals he was thinking way ahead into the future about the potential value and instantly re-packaged everything up with fake bullshit & knew it would age properly. He was in it for the long con & boy did it pay off.

  • Will Singh
    Will Singh Gün önce

    The tape the expert keeps talking about can be bought from most places and isn’t close to how the original looks like. Him being an expert should have cross referenced it with pics of ones people have and he would have come to a different conclusion. Most of the community who did some research already said it’s fake big up Rattle Pokemon!

  • CircleToonsHD
    CircleToonsHD 2 gün önce +1121

    One time I bought a fake card on ebay for like 25 bucks, so trust me I know how you feel man

    • Jope's Tech Lab
      Jope's Tech Lab 9 saatler önce

      Yeah imagine someone buying a crypto called Dink Doink just because an influencer called Logan Paul told them to

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • Larine
      Larine Gün önce

      @Luis Garcia I clicked on this because it was trending, easy to forget this man's fan base is all under 10 lmao

    • Dr Delewded
      Dr Delewded Gün önce

      @Luis Garcia Logan lost nothing and made a bundle off getting this video to trending #2..
      Only scam involved was this fake video.

    • I Bid U Good Day
      I Bid U Good Day 2 gün önce

      One time I bought a legit card on eBay for like25 bucks, so trust me I actually don’t know how you feel man

  • plaz fil
    plaz fil 12 saatler önce

    I'm sorry for your loss man, I hope you somehow make your 3.5 mil back

  • Smh
    Smh  23 saatler önce +1

    “Can we all agree that this is crazy?”

  • omai gosh
    omai gosh 14 saatler önce +2

    It's all a show.. and he's great actor

  • Igneous Wharf
    Igneous Wharf Gün önce

    Bro this was actually heartbreaking to watch

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz 3 gün önce +1810

    I was scammed £350 on cards and that felt awful, I can’t imagine what 10000x that feels like

    • Jope's Tech Lab
      Jope's Tech Lab 9 saatler önce

      Don't worry, Logan is used to scamming people so many people know how it feels to get scammed thanks to him.

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • Benjamin Hobson
      Benjamin Hobson 2 gün önce


    • sup
      sup 2 gün önce

      @berty cry more

    • B D
      B D 2 gün önce

      his 3 million is the same as your 350 your both out the same money , your poor he rich same same your 350 was like 20% of your money so was his whats the differents

  • LucidMonkey
    LucidMonkey 12 saatler önce +1

    if all these 600 pound men actually did their job right this wouldnt of happened, a 3.5mil mistake RIP

  • Destiny Huddleston
    Destiny Huddleston Gün önce

    Oh my gosh! I would be pissed! You gotta track these people down so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

  • Mark Ferrell
    Mark Ferrell Gün önce

    So, it'd be hilarious if all those other dudes on camera were in on a scam to bilk Logan out of $3.5 mil. 🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Ribeiro Alves Dos Santos

    Imagina a frustração dessa cara. A minha jaah foi imensamente grande.

  • PokeRev
    PokeRev 3 gün önce +30918

    I remember buying a fake $10,000 box and being upset…but $3,500,000 I can’t imagine.

    • Justin Clement
      Justin Clement Gün önce


    • Big Box Enthusiast
      Big Box Enthusiast Gün önce

      difference is you don't have millions in the bank i assume? so its probably impacted you more than him if you put it into perspective? Him losing 3.5mil is mostly meaningless in regards to his total net worth. You losing 10k probably made you miss out on something else for a short period.

    • avarmauk
      avarmauk Gün önce

      It’s all relative.

    • Justin Clement
      Justin Clement Gün önce

      @Will Singh no you don't.

    • Will Singh
      Will Singh Gün önce

      I remember when you opened it Rev

  • Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
    Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X Gün önce +42

    I love how this man is explaining everything like he knows everything and turns out to be 100% fake.

    • Lmclean89
      Lmclean89 21 saatler önce +1

      why did you literally copy and paste this comment?

    • ADHF
      ADHF 23 saatler önce +1

      @sebastianplnc and a bot pfp

    • sebastianplnc
      sebastianplnc Gün önce +4

      i love how you copy and paste other peoples comments

  • Paige
    Paige Gün önce +1

    When I saw this I was like Good you deserve it dude

  • Bluespheal
    Bluespheal Gün önce

    "This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokemon"
    *Gamefreak about to release the new game*: until now... 😉

  • Henry
    Henry 8 saatler önce +1

    This makes the 360 euros I got scammed for look like pocket money

  • Weekend Pirate
    Weekend Pirate 3 gün önce +2353

    Logan needs to get an investigative team to back track where this package came from and make a very entertaining docu series on the story.

    • MRGamis
      MRGamis Gün önce

      @Mohil Krishna Patel dumb quote. Happiness is an emotion and therefore available to everyone as emotions are chemical reactions and electronic responses. Everyone has these chemicals and the nervous system required to be happy, therefore everyone can be happy, therefore happiness is available to everyone. Does that make the bible true? Or is this just an unrelated topic that has nothing to do with the bible and you're just an idiot.

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • MRGamis
      MRGamis 3 gün önce

      @Yamama Mama again, what does telling us that do for us. What's the reaction you're looking for. If all you're doing is talking with no purpose, you're as much worth to me as the worms I toss onto the concrete and watch dry. You have no use to me, you have nothing worth giving me. So please, tell us, what made saying any of that worthwhile

    • Yamama Mama
      Yamama Mama 3 gün önce

      @MRGamis he’s a fraud like his guru friend faking this video and his other crypto he been lying to ya dumb F haha 😂..

    • MRGamis
      MRGamis 3 gün önce

      @Yamama Mama what does that have to do with anything? What's the take away? What benefit did you just add pointing that out? Very curious what you thought would happen after you say that.

  • R J
    R J Gün önce

    You didn't get "duped" you acted with gross negligence in verifying this as an actual sealed case.

    GET THAT CRYPTO 12 saatler önce

    damn...and I thought losing $20k on a fake hulk 181 was devastating 😂

  • ralphie1313
    ralphie1313 Gün önce

    I just seen the kid who sold it to him he laughing all day long!!! But this is what these guys do....!!! hey it did exactly what it was supposed to do it got 100000000 views!!! lol and got plenty media coverage was fun thanks guys!!!!

  • Marigold The Midnight Rider
    Marigold The Midnight Rider 21 saatler önce

    Hes good. That whole room trying not to laugh

  • DavidLafargePokemon
    DavidLafargePokemon 3 gün önce +1550

    I can't imagine the feeling. Big support

    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • Mohil Krishna Patel
      Mohil Krishna Patel Gün önce


    • Jacko Reaper
      Jacko Reaper 3 gün önce


    • David Beckett
      David Beckett 3 gün önce


    • 2U Gaming Productions
      2U Gaming Productions 3 gün önce

      We started making Pokemon videos if anyone wants to check them out!

  • William Kelley
    William Kelley 22 saatler önce

    These types of videos bring me GREAT SATISFACTION. Could have spent 3.5M on starting a business that helps the community. That's a better investment than a kids game. At least we survived Covid 19.

  • Connor Michael
    Connor Michael 23 saatler önce

    That dudes authentication business is unfortunately gonna take a huge hit after this. Which sucks because I’m sure they’re very knowledgeable and having successfully authenticated thousands of cards. But it just takes one mistake, especially one at this scale, to totally ruin your reputation. Hate to see it.

  • Hoop Central
    Hoop Central 17 saatler önce

    Wait what did you think was going to happen. That's a lot of money for a box. Seems reasonable to me.

  • Wayne Keenan
    Wayne Keenan Gün önce +1

    he didnt get scammed he just spent 3.5 mill on g.i joe cards

  • Drew Stephens
    Drew Stephens 21 saatler önce

    I'm sorry this happened to you, but I hope you find them and challenge them to a boxing match 👀

  • TheGibsonryan
    TheGibsonryan 22 saatler önce

    The ppl authenticating it should be held just as reliable as the person selling it. It’s literally there job too provide said service. Logan bought it on there word.

    His status aside Is be sueing the fuck out of them. 3.5 isn’t oh they fooled us aswel

  • jithmal jayasekera
    jithmal jayasekera Gün önce

    Lol this is definitely some LP scheme to get people talking and later on he'll come out saying, "but what you guys didn't know is that I bought two boxes, one fake and one completely authentic." Atleast I hope he does 😅

  • Fullyraw1991
    Fullyraw1991 22 saatler önce

    Good on you bro staying positive

  • Jimmy Russo
    Jimmy Russo 2 gün önce +3026

    the fact that Logan, in a room full of "experts" was the first person to say something about how the boxes didn't look right is telling

    • Michael Ennis
      Michael Ennis 11 saatler önce

      @wildstarr they literally said they authenticate Pokemon packs for PSA and wrap sealed Pokémon boxes and cases

    • Lover of Christ
      Lover of Christ 18 saatler önce

      @ObstructedDelusions The Most High God, AHAYAH.

    • epic
      epic 19 saatler önce +1

      Holy shit Logan is deleting comments. I posted a comment about how po ke be ach reported on this and wanted to help him and the comment is gone. Bruh come on now

    • epic
      epic 19 saatler önce +1

      Also why the fuck would he get the box authenticated by anyone besides PSA or Beckett at this level of rarity if he was serious is besides me

    • Graham Fisher
      Graham Fisher 19 saatler önce +1

      @Average Commenter
      901, splashed across the box

      I they didn't, see it. right in front of them.

      901 🚔🤣

  • Fong Vang
    Fong Vang 23 saatler önce +1

    Top tier fakes. Who ever did this, did this with long game in mind. This was faked several years ago, like 10+ years.

  • Rextryte
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  • Summer3 Summer3
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      @THE THIEF ON THE CROSS ✝️ idk what you’re talking about. You have completely missed the point of what I was saying. In the collectibles business. Authenticated items that are sealed by an authenticator sell for a premium. Please Look up cgc comics. I didn’t say. I believed the box was real. I’m saying. If you believe in the authenticator that has been doing it for many years and is credible. It makes sense to why he didn’t open it. It his fault he didn’t do more research into it. Because I do. Even with graded comics. Or graded cards. But I can see why they trusted the authenticator. I live in the same town as him and he’s been doing it for a long time. He fucked up bad. But it’s definitely his fault here.

    • IzzyBitsySpider
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      @THE THIEF ON THE CROSS ✝️ bro is pressed for no reason. get a life

      THE THIEF ON THE CROSS ✝️ 12 saatler önce

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      THE THIEF ON THE CROSS ✝️ 12 saatler önce

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