Understanding Lower Back Pain & Sciatica - McKenzie Institute® , Dr. Yoav Suprun

  • katma 8 Şub 2016
  • Leading McKenzie Method® provider Dr. Yoav Suprun offers valuable insight and advice with “Understanding Lower Back Pain and Sciatica.” Learn the truth about this back pain epidemic and how the method can help resolve it in this free McKenzie Institute® webinar.

    Dr. Suprun, DPT, Dip. MDT, CSCS earned his clinical doctorate in physical therapy from New York University in 2003. The founder and CEO of Miami Beach, Florida-based SoBe Spine, he is also a strength and conditioning specialist and an adjunct faculty member in the department of physical therapy at Florida International University.

    A faculty member with McKenzie Institute USA and business editor for MDT World Press, Dr. Suprun has been featured in the media, including CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, Dr. OZ and Shape magazine, among others.

    For more information about the McKenzie Method or to find a certified MDT provider near you, visit www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org.


  • Mandy Ng
    Mandy Ng  +14

    This is the best ever seminar for Sciatica. He nailed it with everything he said in this video. My herniated disc has recovered by lying on my stomach and lifting my elbows on the bed every night (the McKenzie post). Also, don't sit too much and always on your feet. Moving is the best mechanic for your body.

  • Laura Viana

    This video is without a doubt the best video about this subject I have ever seen. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy for saying I had massive pain and could barely live after a cough or sneeze. After suffering for year I finally did an MRI do find I had a bulging disc. It is very encouraging to know that I might be able to avoid this in the future by paying more attention to my movement. Thanks for the video!

  • christina N

    Excellent video with easy to understand explanations of how the back functions & how problems arise, escalate or declines. I’ve had cervical & lumbosacral back pain since 2001, due to an injury. I have multiple herniated discs, nerve compression & spinal stenosis. I’ve already had a cervical fusion because I was loosing strength in my upper extremities. I still have pain from the cervical spine, but it’s less than before & my arms & hands regained some strength. Now my lower back is terrible. My hips hurt constantly & the pain down my legs is always there. Unfortunately all I can do is stretching exercises in bed. Walking slowly for 1 block is a taxing effort & im known to fall without warning so I need supervision. I hope this method can help me. There are definitely positions that I put myself into that reduce my pain level.

  • pooja shetty
    pooja shetty Yıl önce +22

    Wonderful session Sir...Thank you soo much sir...we need more sessions like this🙂

  • Elizabeth Kanhu

    A fantastic presentation from a great teacher.

  • Shirley Jackson

    This is the best news I have heard in nearly 14yrs of a compensible work place injury. A Nurse of 48 years. Thank you for this very clear lecture.👏👏👏

  • snorlaxTACO

    OMG good lessons here,

  • Jerry Nejd
    Jerry Nejd 2 yıl önce +49

    A week ago i was crying out in pain...back, buttock and leg. I read about the mckenzie excersises and now yesterday i was in a bowling competition with 6 games. Almost no pain when i played. Today...feeling just fine! Thank u mckenzie 😊

  • Prasanth Kothari

    Such an amazing presentation, facts laid out with examples and personal demonstration just takes away covers on hidden mistakes. Ty so much Dr. Ivan

  • malibu6961

    This is so interesting and very educational. I have a degenerative disc in my lower back. I have received physio treatments which helped for a while but the pain came back (not so severe). I do a 12 min stretch routine which does eliviate the pain. You are correct in what you say about movement is key. For me personally walking in moderation is good for me. Thank you for this in-depth lesson - appreciated.

  • Rose
    Rose  +2

    This is really good information. I wish I had this information 20 years ago. It would have saved me from the situation where I am in now.

    MSK NPT  +6

    Thank you Doctor ' It has been an amazing lecture, a very professional way of explaining . Your guidance would be extremely helpful to revive my dying hops to get better and get out of this pain , generous knowledge transfer. Thank you sir, Mohammed from U.K.

  • Thusitha Suranga

    I must be gratefully you sir. I was suffering backpain more than 5 years. I just realized what happened with me. I can't tell my happiness with words. No one doctor explained this root cause with my illness. Actually your are a great son of your soil. I must be thankfully your parents also giving a great human being to this earth such kind of you. Once again I wish my heartiest sincerity to your efforts for all of human beings.

  • filmbuff000

    It's great to see a discussion about how the pain comes and goes, moves around, back to leg, up or down the leg. It kept fooling me into thinking it was better, no pain... only to have it come back again. Hope dashed over and over, and creating uncertainty as to whether or not I needed to see a doctor.

  • Hiliary Johnson

    Excellent seminar. This is the best educational discussion on back pain I’ve ever encountered.

  • Rob Schwartz

    An incredible instructor. You will learn a lot about your back and how it works easily- and why insurance companies resist MRIs. Mine led to surgeries that I regret- they made things worse.

  • Steve T
    Steve T 3 yıl önce +6

    Excellent! I am almost 70, and very recently started getting lower back pain, mostly after sitting even for a few minutes. I tried n experiment during the last 20 minutes of the video. I sat very straight, and put a pillow on my lower back to push my spine forward. When I got up, I had little back pain! I live near Chicago and I will look into a McKenzie Institute. Thank you.

  • Frank Kobba

    This is a great presentation. I've suffering from lower pain for half of my 59 years on earth and I've tried tablets, walking 1.6 kilometer per day and topical pain relievers but the issue keep recurring. I use motorbike on a very bumpy tropical weather on daily basis for my social work and routine chores. Thank you very much for the enlightenment.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • KAY
    KAY  +47

    Absolutely perfect presentation and so understandable. I can see I have a hope of a quality life. I'll give it a try starting now.

  • Jody Charbonneau

    Yoav , You are the best Practitioner, Teacher, I've ever understood so well. Tests, therapies, too much cortisone, surgeries, treatments. Thank You, Thank You! I'll be looking for Mekensie Institute help here in Idaho. I had total knee replacement after 3rd nerve ablation. I have nerve sparks near knee replacement and back has caused sciatica, piriformis issues. Carptunnel and tennis elbow has gotten worse because I need walker. Week 5, I was on cane. Until P.T. massage so much pain into my knee. I cried 😢 nerve sparks have not gone away. Everyday feels like 1st day of surgery. Thanks for listening. I'm sorry of your friends passing. Bless you for caring and sharing your knowledge!!! You receive ❤❤❤❤❤