Funny Animation

  • katma 12 Haz 2016
  • Short But HIGHLARIOUS animations

    ALL ANIMATIONS MADE BY : Bird box Studio
    Their channel can be found here :

    Enjoy :)

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  • wolfy
    wolfy  +2

    The dude having a sword fight with the soldiers was low key some kickass choreography

  • Your Friend :)

    Animations are so powerful, they don't need any language to express.

  • Vernal C

    "Never argue with idiots" is VERY appropriate!

  • Zahi
    Zahi  +1

    The last clip was my favourite, really unique way of showing that the fight between two always has a negative impact on others, but not them because they have gone blind with anger and stupidity

  • Tahsin Ozgur

    I was struck how beautifully those simple characters were animated!

  • Quadblox
    Quadblox  +892

    I love the detail where they intentionally make “Accidents Happen” with an apostrophe as “Accident’s”

  • Stefano A.

    Fantastic but the moral of the story is We will never understand TR-cam's recommendations.

  • Scott Owens

    I think the true moral of Stormtroopers is..

  • sil328
    sil328  +349

    Loved this. Sent it to my elderly mother who normally sits stony faced through any humorous videos I send her, and she reported back that she thought it was hilarious. Great animation, good job!

  • WhyNotBeOtaku

    Each clip was less than a minute long, but gave a lifetime worth of moral.

  • Alex the ENTP

    Really laughed at the guy taunting the dog, what an idiot, lmao.

  • Magnificent Muttley

    @IJustAm - if this is all your own work, you are under-selling yourself. This was not just ‘funny’, this was hilarious. Brilliant animation. You are a very gifted artist and animator. If this is not your art work, you are still gifted at compiling a wonderful video. Thank you so much for posting. I thoroughly enjoyed that and laughed out loud at every segment. A wonderful pastiche of excellent animation. 😀👍 Respect and regards from Northern Ireland. ☘️

  • Mackie Guanzon

    Lesson: People never learn unless they see first.

  • Monika Szymanowska

    Is it just me who adores the sad and absurd story of the little bird orchestra?

  • Pamela Dowe

    This is witty, high class humour from careful observations, a REAL artist created them in shorthand!

  • Let's Get Real

    That guy duelling was brilliant, and the way he jumped on seeing what was inside the basket, handed back the gun and then walked away after his horse almost made me have a fit🤣

  • track1219
    track1219  +728

    I love any cartoon with a piano that falls and creates one last, prolonged sound

  • Κλειώ

    I really wish there could be series of these animations! They are so simple, aesthetic and most importantly they convey really important messages! Thank you!

  • Spiritual Anarchist

    these animations seem like a warning for the next five years !

  • J E
    J E  +463

    Brilliant portrayal of our, often laughable, human neurosis.