She is 8 years old. Her name is Kajal. And guess how long she has walked today ?

  • katma 27 Mar 2020
  • Children and women are among those walking for hundreds of kilometres as a millions of migrant workers are leaving the cities where they work and trying to get home. After several ground reports at Mojo and by other journalists, the Adityanath government has made a promise of buses and the Delhi government has promised to try and persuade the workers to stay on in shelters. But is it too late? Barkha Dutt has this ground report


  • Jubel Dcruz
    Jubel Dcruz Yıl önce

    Shame on Modi. Has Donald Trump seen these videos?

  • Ali Baqari
    Ali Baqari Yıl önce

    Lanath hai aise hukumath par sharam b nahi aari aise jumle baz hukumath ku

  • Ali Baqari
    Ali Baqari Yıl önce

    Allha reham kare in masom bachon par

  • JayaPonbalan Jp
    JayaPonbalan Jp Yıl önce

    These are heartbreaking scenes ☹️

  • Imran Ahmad
    Imran Ahmad Yıl önce

    Good Job 🙋‍♂️

  • Mehboob Elahi
    Mehboob Elahi Yıl önce

    Hamarmi...Godi media journalist..should learn from these journalist...

  • South Indian Voice
    South Indian Voice Yıl önce

    Where is humanity? Please arrange train or bus ...

  • Jagadeesh Gundu
    Jagadeesh Gundu Yıl önce

    They are powerful souls in contrast to poor soul Bharkha

  • WorldOfNeil
    WorldOfNeil Yıl önce

    Haramzaade NETA... POOR are Not getting any Help.. Nothing.

  • nrusimha11
    nrusimha11 Yıl önce

    Barkha, thank you for giving them a voice. The physical infrastructure and government services of India have to be re-engineered to ALSO take into account the needs of her most vulnerable such as that 8 year old. It is time that the middle class squarely addresses the needs of the poor without embarrassment about India's image abroad; poverty is present EVERYWHERE in the world. It can't be done by one government, but can be done within a generation given sufficient sensitivity and commitment.


    Wah modiji wah. You made this country bleed with your abrupt and ill conceived decisions. But don’t worry people will support you as this is India where publicity stunt wins than quality leadership ...,
    Barkha wins heart by her quality journalism

  • Falaknaaz' Kitchen
    Falaknaaz' Kitchen Yıl önce +1

    Allah sabki Hifazath Kar Rahemo karam ATA Farma Ameen SummaAmeen

  • subashni Mondal
    subashni Mondal Yıl önce

    U don't hv ur media van why don't u help her. Enough of ur politics on Kashmir now u want attention on this health crisis. Even as Dr we r out of homes & doing service for the community even we hv the risk of getting affected. In life everything has advantages & disadvantages.. Don't try to make India the next Italy..... As a Dr this was the only option left for the govt. U r a journalist not a Dr who is expert in this....

  • G Kodavuru
    G Kodavuru Yıl önce

    Barkha. should be walking on the footpath.Walking on the road is not safe for yourself as well as the drivers need the road for themselves. Set an example by following rules 🙏

  • Buhay Artista
    Buhay Artista Yıl önce

    Let us pray that this pandemic would end soon

  • M Jacob
    M Jacob Yıl önce

    Thank you for reporting its more painful situation than Virus ! Ask Modi Shah and Mukesh bai to do something . As a common man this migrant workers haunting my soul and sleep ! All bez of Evil Govt ! At least Big celebrities please do something , by realising your money cannot save your life ! But this people prayers will do 😌

  • Super01chetan
    Super01chetan Yıl önce

    Jin logo ko lag rha hai ke majdur marne wale hai , ye log thoda dimak laga ke soche ke ye ye majdur din bhar mehanat karte hai to sabse badhiya immune system unka hi rehne wala hai , tension to shehero me rehne walo ka hai !

  • Asrar Hussain
    Asrar Hussain Yıl önce

    She is bloody pig of godi media

  • Indian Boy
    Indian Boy Yıl önce

    इसी तरह से अगर सभी मीडिया वाले हकीकत दिखाने लगे तो यह बात सरकार तक पहोचेगी और सरकार इनकी मदद कर पाएगी।
    धन्यवाद ।

  • abesh kumar
    abesh kumar Yıl önce +1

    Due to kejriwal..yeh log jaa rhe hai..why you blame yogi sarkar

  • Lakshmikanth k
    Lakshmikanth k Yıl önce

    Barkha got good story, a real story And Barkha left them where they r..

  • War Wolf
    War Wolf Yıl önce

    We watch this with shame. Every time I eat, I think about people whose lives are being destroyed. I ask myself, what I have done to live so comfortably and what they have done to deserve this? This needs to change!

  • Mohsinhaider Ali
    Mohsinhaider Ali Yıl önce

    Bhakt kahan margaye hain

  • Shivam Mishra
    Shivam Mishra Yıl önce

    Interview lene se acha hota kuch help kar deti..

  • Rosita D'costa
    Rosita D'costa Yıl önce

    Rich people story different and poor people story diff.... Celebreties have enough money with them they don't think of poor people..if poor people die they don't care...

  • Sushil Dutt
    Sushil Dutt Yıl önce +1

    Madam aap Delhi mein hain wahan kaha Yogi sarkar bus bhejegi ?

  • H DB
    H DB Yıl önce

    Those cameramen and journalists, how did they reached there. They could afford to give them a lift for at least 1 hours ride which will be equivalent to 6 hours by walking.

  • God Father
    God Father Yıl önce

    Reporting is a good thing, but these big media houses should come voluntarily and provide transportation to these people.

  • Prashanth B
    Prashanth B Yıl önce

    This is not the India we had hoped for.

  • Usha Bhagavatula
    Usha Bhagavatula Yıl önce

    Which place

  • Usha Bhagavatula
    Usha Bhagavatula Yıl önce

    Which place

  • Shafa khatoon
    Shafa khatoon Yıl önce +1


  • Logical Silverback
    Logical Silverback Yıl önce

    Sirf or sirf Modi jimmaydar hai iss pain Ka

  • Farhan Khan
    Farhan Khan Yıl önce

    Good reporting mam

  • Mumtaj Ali
    Mumtaj Ali Yıl önce

    Garib majboor log paresan hai baki road par gadiya Chal rahi hai
    Save humanity...

  • AJ ahmed
    AJ ahmed Yıl önce

    Modi,dam asked himself misery's ,as India already was EPDMIC,of hunger and he still started dam jnk and nrc act is like you oil on fire.
    My heart go all faith kids.orn road to bigger suffering as of one man evil agenda

  • Sreeni I
    Sreeni I Yıl önce

    Journalists should be out on the streets with people affected and not sit in air conditioned newsrooms like Arnab the horrible.

  • Hari Thakur
    Hari Thakur Yıl önce

    Barkha madam please give her lift in your car while I seriously doubt you will ever do that


    Very sad...
    Want to cry

  • Arjumand Malik
    Arjumand Malik Yıl önce

    Behad he nikami aur naakara govt..Amit shah to gehri neend Mai hai ..yogi ki baat he nhi hai ek no ka criminal ,..sabhi chor bjp Mai shamil hai ..paisa dekh k pagal hogayai hain ..arey inhe gareeb logho ki waja se Tum aaj power Mai ho jinko bewkoof banatay Firtay ho

  • IcarUs uploads
    IcarUs uploads Yıl önce

    Oh no not like this. They will die even if they reach home. Who will give them food there? Ye kya ho raha hai?

  • Bharat Mata
    Bharat Mata Yıl önce

    Sarkar bol rahi hai ki aap Iran chal ke pahucho tab hum waha se apko Airlift karwa lenge.🙏😰
    Maaf karo bhai...aisi sarkar se

  • Jignesh Bavlecha
    Jignesh Bavlecha Yıl önce

    Media being such a big industry can't support the country and the poor people during the crisis. Modi govt se hi expect karna hai sab as a citizen what are you doing for them? Also there are chances this journalist can be carrier of the virus. Stop roaming do good n stop criticizing the govt always

  • ravin
    ravin Yıl önce

    Inequality can not end with present system. A system overhaul is needed in india.

  • -梦-
    -梦- Yıl önce

    Media is also part of the blame not only politicians, because the Coronavirus start infected since January, 2020 which means three (3) months before the lockdown and non of media has raises the question to state not center government about the steps will be taken, in fact media is also waiting until center government take action and make announcement whether it right or wrong, if it is wrong then media also give some suggestions rather than blaming the government.

  • sanjoo thangjam
    sanjoo thangjam Yıl önce

    Please tell the govt. to call the arm forces to assist the states'police (as I feel that the latter are not trained & disciplined enough to tackle the suitable) by providing shelters to all the workers in places like the stadiums, colleges, schools, etc.I think there is still time as I presume that the disease hasn't spread at the community level yet. Dear PM, this is not the time for apologizing so instead, start putting things into action. ACTION IS THE MAGIC WORD right now. If the govt. had the time to bring Indians back home from abroad which was an expensive act then what is the big deal in rescuing our poor brothers & sisters who were still in their own land though displaced now. PLEASE HELP THEM. I know that we can make it. Our brothers & sisters who are still walking is the living proof.

  • Shivanand Tuppad
    Shivanand Tuppad Yıl önce

    She choose only selective.. Thats not journalism and everything will not happen within day and night.. She do only propoganda.. When u do big things.. There will be small loop hole..

  • Atharv sirohi
    Atharv sirohi Yıl önce

    ill reporting......she was nt able to walk 100 fts ... properly...just wnt to report...

  • falak Ansari
    falak Ansari Yıl önce +1

  • falak Ansari
    falak Ansari Yıl önce

    Amari sarkar nikammi hey..har road har churaney par police force ko duty deni chahiye inkey ghar pohnchaney ki ..

  • J S
    J S Yıl önce

    Where is RSS and BJP goons goonde
    Dhoort dhongi pakhandi tolla

  • Suhendra Jaikaran
    Suhendra Jaikaran Yıl önce +1

    shame on the parents never have food or money buts lots of children

  • 439zahidkhan
    439zahidkhan Yıl önce

    Welcome to the Real india

  • Sheetal Kapoor
    Sheetal Kapoor Yıl önce

    End me to is ladki ke aakho me dekhne ko bhi sharam aati hai ...kya hua hai government ko chiiiii itne up ke superstars hai Mumbai me koi kyu aage nahi aa raha ..let them atleast reach home .....😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Sheetal Kapoor
    Sheetal Kapoor Yıl önce

    Sarkar bahar se students aur business peoples ko la sakti hai lekin inko help nahi kar sakte shiiii shiiiii shiiii

  • Shrishail Mokashi
    Shrishail Mokashi Yıl önce

    She could have just helped them to get to their destination , instead of making news , great !! 🙄

  • purvi k
    purvi k Yıl önce

    Wow look who is talking- Barkha!!!! Instead of finding faults in gov and spreading negativity, why don’t you Barkha , do something useful during this crisis. If a glass is half filled with water, it is up to you whether you see it half full or half empty. But some people like Barkha cannot digest food until they spill out poison and negativity. Be a part of solution, not problem. Think how you can help during such a time.

  • Akash Hasting
    Akash Hasting Yıl önce

    Peheli baat ..Delhi se UP kyu chal k ana para...Kya Bus service bhi Delhi me Home Ministry ki under he..kejriwal ki galti ,galti hi Nehi lagti tum suwaro ko

  • Heera Lal
    Heera Lal Yıl önce

    kush police wale to upper se torture bhi kar rahe hai raste me.

  • Atif mm M.M
    Atif mm M.M Yıl önce

    Amit Shah can't take care of these Indian labourers during crisis and he want to safeguard hindu people from neighbouring countries, what a hypocrisy

    • abesh kumar
      abesh kumar Yıl önce

      Yeh kejriwal se kyu nhi puch rha...

  • Msd Tpt
    Msd Tpt Yıl önce

    Barkha Dutt ji a very good human being and and an excellent Journalist. May Eshwar bless you with long healthy life.

  • shreyas ramu
    shreyas ramu Yıl önce

    Bharkha why you being so shameless! It's time to end your bullshit and do some productive and worthy job. You are such a fucked up hate monger, care to take them in your car or can and drop them to the nearest facility instead of walking along. Shameless bitch. Stop spear heading blame game and do your bit you douche bag

  • Sonal Dubey
    Sonal Dubey Yıl önce +1

    Ye jo media wale raah chalte logo ko cover kar rahe hain or keh rhe hain ki sarkar ki taiyari adhuri hai, kya inki zimmedari nahi hai ki wo in jaise logo ko khana ya paisa provide karae..bas interview lekar nikal le rahe hain..kya sari zimmedari sirf sarkar ki hai inki nahi??


    ab kaha mar gaye sare wampanthi aur mulle...ek bhi nahi aaya ...madad ko aage....
    adhikar jatane to saree aajate hai aur farj nibhane ki baari aaye to gayab......
    javed akhtar
    soni rajdan
    swara bhadvi
    tum sab kaha...desh khatre mai hai....

    EDUINDIA Yıl önce

    Vikram wants to loose wait...but that kid is also suffering...bus bagal se ja rahi hai...

  • Ravi Ranjan Chaudhary

    Abe tu jis gaari se aayi ho usi se lift de do na. tu bas reporting k chakkar mein hai

  • Minhaz Khan
    Minhaz Khan Yıl önce

    Modi, yogi aur amitsah chain ki nind so rhe hai ab unhe insaniyat khatre me nhi dikh rhi jo kl tk hindu muslim khatre se aagah kr rhe the.... Shame on all parties and dalal media....

  • Sheikh Wahab
    Sheikh Wahab Yıl önce

    If you raise the voice for Kashmir in past than India will never face the situation like this.

  • Gulam Mohamed
    Gulam Mohamed Yıl önce +1

    Thanks Barka for your great effort and journalism during times of distress

  • Jagriti Jain
    Jagriti Jain Yıl önce +1