Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes - What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever

  • katma 26 May 2020
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    Scott Drummond shares his amazing experience of what he felt and saw when he was pronounced dead for 20 minutes. It is a very personal and tender moment in his life, a moment that drastically changed the rest of his life forever. He has decided to share this story now because of the events of the global pandemic, the corona virus / COVID-19. He hopes to help all of the people suffering and wondering about what will happen to them and their loved ones.

    Thank you for watching and sharing, especially to those that have been impacted by COVID-19.

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    Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes - What He Saw and How it Changed His Life Forever (Share with those impacted by COVID-19). Near Death Experience.

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  • Tw][sTeD
    Tw][sTeD Yıl önce +21

    I have Cancer and know my time will soon come to an end and I really hope I see what you saw, there are nights I can't sleep thinking about how it's going to feel, what happens when I take my last breath and a billion other questions and fears. My message to all is Live your life to the fullest, don't get all revved up over the petty stuff, tell your loved ones you love them as often as u can, try to spend time with them as well, we live in such a fast paced life-style that we tend to forget to say I love you to the ones who matter most to us and usually just don't have enough time to spend with the same. We're all in a hurry to go nowhere.

  • Adedayo Adeleke

    I am 28 y/o and I believe this message was meant for me at this time of my life. I too can change

  • JojoSewKewl

    I'm sitting hear listening to this and am smiling because I have had almost the exact same experience. Changed everything and my life is so much better because of it. Vivid, in color, the tall trees, the wild flowers, etc. I was told in the end that the only thing to learn in this life is to LOVE LOVE LOVE. Live it, share it, be it. We have to learn to love one another and let go of the past. Forgive everyone for everything, don't hold onto anything, live present and aware and simply LOVE.

  • Sheri Barnhart

    I died for 12 mins while giving birth to my twins so I know exactly what he's talking about. My memory of the experience is also very vivid and I can honestly say that it was the most peaceful, beautiful 8 mins of my life. I've had no fear of death since.

  • kdawg field

    My dad passed a couple months ago while I sat with him on his last day I told him when he can to let me know he’s safe and okay. He’s visited me in my dreams several times, it was very very vivid I was confused at first seeing him alive as I knew he was not but I’m forever thankful for the messages he’s sent me and loved ones.

  • Eloise Maoudj

    At the age of 30 (2012), I had a near-death experience as well. I've never felt so much LOVE and PEACE EVER! It was beautiful! I can relate to your experience when no words were spoken, but if I had to describe it, I'd say it was telepathic and energy-driven. it was like being born in the afterlife, where no pain or negativity exists. It's difficult to leave such a joyful place and come back to our body form on Earth, but at the same time I get to continue being a mom to my two amazing kids (and that is a blessing!) It is, and will always be, a very personal and wonderful experience I was able to have. It made recovery and all of the hardship worth it, just to be one of the few who was lucky enough to witness soul-life after death. And YES, my life has changed forever! An even stronger love for family, friends, and others. I know what's important. And I don't fear death.

  • ana reyes

    The day I lost my Mom I remember sitting in her room as she lay there in her last hours I fell asleep maybe like 5 minutes and in my dreams I saw her running through a field like you described as a 10 to 12 yrs old girl looking back at me with a smile waving bye to me with a big smile in her face I immediately woke up and got next to her and I knew she was gone 💔💔😔😔… miss her every day 😔

  • Selena Gonzolas
    Selena Gonzolas 21 gün önce +36

    I overdosed in 2018.I was in a coma for a week.During that week, God showed me heaven and hell.Hell was absolutely terrifying.I can’t explain the fear in words.God led me to heaven and the beauty and the absolute peace is something I cannot explain in

  • Kristian Stanton

    My father passed away October 12th this year at age 56 from cancer and I'm finding it incredibly difficult right now. We worked together for the last 14 years and were best friends as well as father and son. He was so strong and all I want to do is tell him how proud of him I am for everything and hug him tight.

  • Eva
    Eva  +71

    I lost my beloved mom two days ago and I needed to hear this to be able to go on with my life. The pain is unbearable

  • Renee Salter

    I read through many messages & saw the genuine kindness & support from everyone here for one another. This is the way we’re supposed to treat each another. So many of your stories touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing & God bless all of you!

  • Whitney Quinton
    Whitney Quinton Gün önce +44

    Oh my word, thank you so much for this. Our little girl Ruby passed through to the other side of the veil on December 4, 2021. I know that she is somewhere beautiful with the Savior and you reassured me of this. Thank you.

  • Lifey
    Lifey Yıl önce +3

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience!

  • Deb Baergen

    Thank you Scott. We just lost our son at 38 who struggled with addiction, but had 6 clean months and one recent mistake. It gave me great peace to hear of where he is. He loved nature and loved God. This will help me go on. I will see him again.

    JOKER  +350

    This man is sincere and I totally believe everything he said and know that there is still hope for all of us.

  • Ebtide
    Ebtide  +50

    “I am not perfect, but I AM trying, I still have a lot to learn. I am not afraid of dying. I love my family, I love my wife. I believe, and I am certain that there IS a God.”

  • Alice Barton
    Alice Barton 14 gün önce +80

    This message meant a lot to me.I'm at the end of my life now,and happy to know,I need not fear death.

  • jennifer blanchette

    When I was 8 years old my dog Ypres died of cancer. I prayed to see him one more time. I would cry myself to sleep some nights. I missed him so much. Then one night a couple of months after he passed he came into my room wagging his tail super happy to see me and I was utterly shocked he was alive. I couldn't believe it was him. I was patting him and hugging him from my bedside then I woke up. The dream felt extremely real. I had to get out of bed that morning just to be sure he wasn't in the house. That was the first and last dream I had of him in 37 years!

  • Beatrice jnr

    My grandmother crossed over yesterday. I sang to her while closing her eyes on her bed. She lived a good and honest life. Died of old age, on her bed, surrounded by family❤