4 Marathon Training Mistakes To Avoid

  • katma 7 Eki 2018
  • Training for a marathon? Then chances are you're making one of these 4 common training mistakes. Coach Nate & Morgan not only detail what those mistakes are, but give you specific strategies to avoid them for a successful training cycle and race!
    - 1. Training "blind" without any data
    -2. Not Following a Proper Training Plan (that includes warmups, drills, and strength training so you can be a better athlete)
    -3. Ignoring the early signs of injuries...hoping they just "go away"
    -4. Not doing the "right amount" of mileage for you.

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  • Britt Runs
    Britt Runs 3 yıl önce +50

    Runners world had an article that talked about personal mileage limits, with examples of how it can range from 100 miles a week, or 11. That really put it into perspective how individual running is. I swapped out some miles for strength sessions. Finally getting stronger and finishing distances faster.

    • Abdi Aziz Ali
      Abdi Aziz Ali 4 aylar önce +2

      I can run 10km less than 30 minutes is it 👌 ok

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce +3

      Awesome! How people handle the mileage is so individual, it can take some experimenting to find the right amount for yourself.

  • Wayne Malcolm
    Wayne Malcolm 2 yıl önce +16

    This channel has gotten so much better since I first stumbled upon it about a year ago. The video editing is more professional without seeming overly produced; very authentic. And the advice has been solid, for me. In particular dealing with achilles tendinitis. You all saved me a world of hurt and setbacks. Now I am much more consistent dealing with this trouble area. Thanks for all the great information and tips. Keep up the great work!!!

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  2 yıl önce

      Thanks for the feedback, Wayne! We're so glad to hear that the videos are helpful :)

  • Troy Cucchiara
    Troy Cucchiara 3 yıl önce +7

    Thank you for always putting together informative videos. This one in particular helps remind me to listen to my body and tune in to when recovery is needed.

  • Margie's Van Mori
    Margie's Van Mori 16 gün önce

    This is so helpful! I am training for my first marathon now and I am so psyched! I am building out a van to live in and I am hoping to raodtrip to Cali in May for the marathon! Thank you for a great video! Love and blessings!

  • Al from TX
    Al from TX 4 aylar önce

    Great advice! I had to learn number 4 the hard way. It seemed like every time I was making really good progress, it was derailed by an injury. Even when I was following a certain training plan, it always felt like I was just on the verge of getting hurt. So the injuries were never a complete surprise. This is the first time I think I've ever done it the right way for me. I'm following a basic training plan, but I've adjusted things so that I'm not increasing mileage faster than my body can adjust to. Thanks for the info!

  • Rick Martin
    Rick Martin 3 yıl önce +15

    having my Garmin Forerunner 35 has made running enjoyable because I pay attention to my HR during runs and if I get over a certain BPM, I back off. Allows me to pace myself better ---using this vid info for half marathon training as well.

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce

      works and applies just as well to your half marathon training as much as the marathon :)

  • Iron Will
    Iron Will 2 yıl önce +5

    Yep, great advice here! I wish I had followed this a couple of months ago, that would have meant I didn't get all the Achilles issues I have been facing recently... I'm still on track to do my Guinness World Record marathon next month though!!

    • Iron Will
      Iron Will 2 yıl önce

      @Jorge Arevalo Fairly well actually! Achilles issues sorted themselves out, so all good on that front... Though I started out the run WAY too fast (caught up in the moment) and burned myself out for the second half of the marathon... Great event though! I did a video about it - tr-cam.com/video/iJRP2ij-RCQ/video.html

    • Jorge Arevalo
      Jorge Arevalo 2 yıl önce +1

      Iron Will how’d that pan out?

  • Isaac Ingram
    Isaac Ingram 2 yıl önce +1

    Running a marathon in 12 weeks and my goal is to get close to 4 hours. That's a 9min/mile pace. My 5-6 mile long runs now are around 11min/mile. Should I continue to increase a mile or so per week on long runs and spend my 3 mile week day runs recovering and working down to a 8min/mile(ish) 5k pace? Or should I not aim for a 4 hour marathon? Thanks for all of your videos!

  • Dan Runs
    Dan Runs 3 yıl önce +20

    I've learned to cut back on long runs when things don't go to plan. I do try to stick to the training plan as best I can however. I'd rather make it to the start line than be injured

  • Northern Ninja Runner
    Northern Ninja Runner 3 yıl önce +4

    Great advice 👍 Did park Run at the weekend and rolled my ankle knew straight off to ✋ Will try some of Nate’s ankle strengthening when it’s better

  • vtrunner mudtrail
    vtrunner mudtrail 3 yıl önce +2

    Great advice that can apply to any distance:)

  • Josh Powell
    Josh Powell 7 aylar önce

    I checked this out to get an idea if I was in the right track. I have a masters in kinesiology but I wanted a runner's perspective. I've been resistance training twice per week with high intensity internal training with 2 pace runs and one long run. So far I'm at 23km on my long runs easily maintaining 6 min per km

  • Pierre Scholtz
    Pierre Scholtz 2 yıl önce +1

    Really good advice - thanks so much!

  • Jim O'Connor
    Jim O'Connor 3 yıl önce +1

    Raced my first ever half this weekend as a prep run 4 weeks out from my first marathon. Ran 1:42 at about 80% effort. (it was 83 degrees by end of race down here in So GA) What do you think of my goal of sub 4 hours for my first effort in November?

    • A K
      A K 4 aylar önce

      83 degrees sounds like nice cool weather compared to living down here in south Florida :p

    • Kindle Taylor
      Kindle Taylor 3 yıl önce

      Jim O'Connor good job I ran around the same and I paced for my age bracket

  • fattysl26
    fattysl26 3 yıl önce +4

    Guilty of not paying attention to strength training and ending with a calf tear 3 weeks before my marathon 😬🙈 Lesson definitely learned for next time!

    • fattysl26
      fattysl26 3 yıl önce

      It really sucked but fully recovered now! I've booked myself in for a marathon next spring so I reckon joining the training club will really help :)

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce

      oh no! sorry to hear that. hope you're on the mend and healing. Have you thought about joining the training club? you'd really benefit...

  • CJtheRunner
    CJtheRunner 3 yıl önce

    Need this, I’m on week 5 of my training plan. Starting to feel my right ankle a little. Gonna search for your video to help out with that. I have incorporated strength and mobility.

  • Aaron Shimmons
    Aaron Shimmons 2 yıl önce +9

    Such a great channel. Thanks guys 🤙🏼

  • Resho Loitam
    Resho Loitam 2 yıl önce +3

    Keep up the great work.

  • Maxyshadow
    Maxyshadow 9 aylar önce

    Some awesome advice thank you!!

  • Devin Edwards
    Devin Edwards 3 yıl önce +26

    Important to remember weather condition greatly affecting heart rate and need to be taken into account when training.

    • Nikolas Stoebick
      Nikolas Stoebick 11 aylar önce

      @The Run Experience for me it's only EXTREME heat that affects it. I tend to run better in hot temps.

    • yelina
      yelina Yıl önce

      Is does?! (Besides wind obv)

    • Daryl Granger
      Daryl Granger 3 yıl önce

      Yes, heart rate important

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce +3

      Absolutely! Heat can really affect your effort, so be mindful.

  • David Swiggett
    David Swiggett 3 yıl önce +2

    Been using Apple Watch and Runkeeper app to monitor heart rate as well. Try to keep easy runs between 140 and 150 beats per minute. Seems to correlate to conversation pace and also being able to breathe through my nose. So far I’ve been fairly injury free.

    • Erica Ivarsson
      Erica Ivarsson 2 yıl önce

      @Reginald Sanchez maybe do a FTP test of 20 or 60 minutes so you can find out about your heart rate zones. I havent done such test but i Know for my body when I start hitting 168 bpm my body is working really hard and I should pace myself. I try to have average of 155. I'd say everyone's different but you should find out what your max bpm is

    • Rob Erickson
      Rob Erickson 3 yıl önce +1

      Reginald Sanchez everyone is different. Only bad if you feel bad in my opinion

    • Reginald Sanchez
      Reginald Sanchez 3 yıl önce

      When I run I’m at 175-190 bpm depending on incline. Is that bad ?

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce

      that's great. check this video to establish proper heart rate zones for yourself: tr-cam.com/video/SeUPh15zJUo/video.html

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom 2 yıl önce +8

    My right foot akilles tendon is really bad.
    Some 9 years ago I had to completely stop running and could only walk with intense pain.
    The doctors I talked to said I had to stop running, and most likely woild never run again. One even wanted to do surgery wit only a 50% chanse of improvement.
    I was a soldier since age 20 and SF since age 25, so a life without physical activity was not fun.
    So I started biking.
    And it quickly made miracles to my achilles.
    After 6 month I could actually run at a steady state pace for short distances.
    Keeping up with the biking, I can keep my achilles happy, but without biking it comes back.
    Also when I move up a plateau, I have to take extra time to bike more for a periode.
    But it works !!!

    • melapelaelusername2
      melapelaelusername2 2 yıl önce +1

      Ib Erik Söderblom Hi! I had a problem for over a year with my akilles tendon and it was getting worse and tighter every month. I was doing some random stretching from time to time but it didn’t really fix the problem. Some day I started doing Ashtanga yoga to gain overall some flexibility and for my surprise my akilles tendon issue got fixed after 4 weeks (~8 yoga sessions of 1-2h). I had a similar case with my lower back one year later and I tried again yoga and it got fixed also after 5 sessions of 1h. My case was obviously not as severe as yours but I am convinced now that 1-2h stretching routines per week can fix (or better prevent) many of the problems. Regards and good luck!

  • Toby Kennedy
    Toby Kennedy 3 yıl önce

    At the risk of sounding like an amateur - can I apply these to a shorter distance? I only ask, as I've noticed similarities with my half-marathon training too - particularly the warm-up/cool-down and 'right milage for you' aspects... Struggling a bit with 'what I should be doing'... Thanks guys.

    • Caleb's Running and Randomness
      Caleb's Running and Randomness 3 yıl önce +1

      There is plenty of advice and training plans on the internet. A good starting point would be to look for programs from people with a solid reputation. I started with the Jeff Galloway run-walk program for my first marathon. Once you see what a known good training program looks like, and have worked through it, you can tailor that plan to meet your individual requirements and goals for future races.

    • Toby Kennedy
      Toby Kennedy 3 yıl önce

      Thanks guys, it's difficult to know what information to listen to.

    • Caleb's Running and Randomness
      Caleb's Running and Randomness 3 yıl önce +1

      Because even a 5K is considered a distance event, as you are spending the majority of time in your aerobic hart rate zone, I would say these tips definitely apply. I'm the furthest thing from an expert but, in my experience, "what you should be doing" depends greatly on your goals, the time you have to train in a day/week, and how long you have to train before your event. My weekly training will look quite a bit different if I have 3 months to train for a marathon vs. if I have 6 months to train for that same race.

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce +1

      absolutely can apply to a shorter distance :)

  • World's Okayest Runner
    World's Okayest Runner 2 yıl önce +2

    Wow Great job! And Great Advice! Keep Pushing forward #worldsOkayestrunner

  • Karl Imanoel Aoanan
    Karl Imanoel Aoanan Yıl önce

    thank you guys. very helpful

  • ken kretzschmar
    ken kretzschmar 3 yıl önce +2

    Awesome guys. Thank you:))

  • Gopesh's online Classes
    Gopesh's online Classes  3 yıl önce +1

    very useful tips

  • Vikram Naik
    Vikram Naik 3 yıl önce

    omg how did u know i was searching for marathon videos on ur channel 😁😁. Its on nov 18 i m training hard. Please make short videos . Make video on increase stamina and tips before marathon

  • Snurre .Sprett
    Snurre .Sprett 2 yıl önce +2

    Great points!

  • Abdi Aziz Ali
    Abdi Aziz Ali 4 aylar önce +1

    I can run 10 km less than 30 and my training zone is not flat it’s high hills is it ok or I can stop ✋

  • johnnycorvo
    johnnycorvo 2 yıl önce +2

    Trying to figure out how to give a big thumbs up.

  • Erick Ortiz
    Erick Ortiz Yıl önce

    No one's born fit, healthy, or a genius it takes a lifetime to learn and become the person you want to see in this world (That last part was from the new Kim possible movie).

  • Aren #
    Aren # 3 yıl önce +3

    Thank god your channel exists 🙏

  • Messtin Rd
    Messtin Rd 3 yıl önce

    Mam I don't know how to push myself in long marathon in same speed....?

  • Martin LaVare
    Martin LaVare 3 yıl önce +4

    Great info...need to do some work...

  • Vlad Postevka
    Vlad Postevka 2 yıl önce

    Just finished my first half marathon. Training for full marathon, you guys think it's possible to get a under 3 hour finish for first time ? check out my page as I will be posting training videos. Would appreciate a sub !

  • The Adventures of Elizabeth Marie

    Can you get a fever from overtraining?

    • Jessa Duran
      Jessa Duran 3 yıl önce +1

      I just did last week huhu and that sucks :((

    • seoul588
      seoul588 3 yıl önce +3

      Definitely. Your immune system, and body in general, is overtaxed.

  • Victor Wong
    Victor Wong 5 aylar önce

    Spot on

  • Alkaline Divide
    Alkaline Divide 3 yıl önce +1

    I have a pretty average diet, not focused strictly on high protein or high carbs or anything.
    But I've noticed on weeks I cut out dairy(mostly glasses of milk) I feel better.
    Has anyone else noticed dairy having adverse effects?

    • rogger55
      rogger55 2 yıl önce

      @Brandon B. privileged metabolics i suppose

    • Brandon B.
      Brandon B. 2 yıl önce

      This is going to sound bad, but I have been around a lot of world class athletes (trained with them for years) (*note: none of them endurance athletes so this may not apply), and I have seen some of the most well known athletes in track and field eat the worst of anyone. I used to eat mcdonalds and have dr. pepper all the time when I was training and asked my coach about it and he stated that with how much we were training and burning calories non-stop and since I was on a college budget, then that was fine and the best way to get the necessary calories to not be catabolic. I think it all depends on how much time is being devoted to training as to whether that is fully applicable for each individual, because not too many people are training 6+ hours a day like we were back when that was life.

      Now, my diet is more important than it was back then but I still do not adhere to anything too stringent, I have recently and found it too hard to get the necessary calories I needed, I started feeling faint and under-powered. When I was a sophomore in college and the first time I went to the national track meet and saw the Michigan Wolverines distance crew shotgunning beers 2 days before the national track meet in the hotel room my mind was blown. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying people should trash their bodies, but as far as what people put in their bodies as their diet, some of the best athletes I have ever seen ate the most garbage food and still performed extremely well. (I am not saying they couldn't have been better if they ate better, but the food was not a singular limiting factor for them, haha)

    • The Run Experience
      The Run Experience  3 yıl önce +1

      It's great to try out different ways of eating and see what works best for you.

    • Caleb's Running and Randomness
      Caleb's Running and Randomness 3 yıl önce +1

      I don't have a particularly strict diet myself; I'll eat pretty much anything in moderation. Having said that, I don't drink a lot of milk; probably because I don't particularly like the way I feel during exercise if I drink it beforehand. I completely avoid it before an event. It doesn't seem to bother me if I drink it afterwards or even the night before.

    • Alkaline Divide
      Alkaline Divide 3 yıl önce

      @TheLockie12 okay, it felt like I would have to push harder if I was eating cereal or drinking more milk. But it was a consistent problem I could actually pinpoint.

  • Micah Carter
    Micah Carter 2 yıl önce

    I made the mistake of ignoring the pain. Major shin splint 5 weeks in. Having to take 2 weeks off so I’ve been biking and using elliptical. Here is my training video for my first 1/2 marathon..
    It’s all a learning experience

  • colby762
    colby762 Yıl önce

    I'm not used to seeing Morgan all Goth and stuff.

  • nn oo
    nn oo 3 yıl önce +8

    Love her hair

    GIFT UNBOXER 3 yıl önce

    Can we use pain relief spray during marathon and after marathon.

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Yıl önce

    Amen to "Strava stalking". Ha!

  • 5 zal
    5 zal 3 yıl önce


  • John Foster
    John Foster 2 yıl önce +19

    First mistake. Listen to TR-cam people

  • Sb Sb
    Sb Sb Yıl önce +1

    Coach Morgan is hot.