MOST PROFITABLE Supertrend Indicator Strategy for Day Trading and Scalping FOREX | SUPER SIMPLE

  • katma 24 Şub 2021
  • This supertrend indicator strategy for day trading and scalping forex is super simple and very easy to follow. It is the best supertrend indicator strategy out there. If you like day trading forex, this is a strategy you can't miss.

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  • Daljit Gill

    This is life changing for anyone who is focused. Thank you.

  • Selim Gxy

    Do you suggest different period parameters for 5m trading or is it ok to use the values you've given in the video ?

  • Synners
    Synners  +1

    I have been using a similar strategy off and one for a while and I find it a bit easier to set a limit order just past the last line that needs to be passed towards the trend direction. So for example if you are above the 200 looking for a buy and you have 2 of 3 lines changed then I set a buy stop order one atr or 0.5 atr above the last red line that needs crossing and walk away.

  • Aditya Das

    I’ve been using this strategy before the vdo and can’t explain how much I love it!!

  • Jay Calvin

    Great explanation💯 the tips will be used thankyou!

  • Pete McLean

    There is no strategy that can guarantee you 100 percent consistent profit so I suggest you should always understand the risk.

  • ramtin baranj

    Looks great you suggest using these three without EMA only for scalping?

  • Cosmin Udroiu

    can this also be applied to crypto?

  • Ram B Pandey

    Thanks for your valuable knowledge 🙏

  • imtiazjat

    thankyou for the strategy , which pairs , according to your experience should be work on if using the 1 and 2 hr timeframe ? thanx ...

  • Omer Agaoglu

    HI I like the way that you explained . Could you Informed me what is the name for this platform because in MT4 I could not find the Super Trand Indicoter even when I download it from outside I could not Olay with the colores as you do in the set up . Thanks

  • Quincy Hyde

    Back testing looks good so far, keeping me out of some bad trades

  • هاف تايم

    It is great strategy , many thanks , can we make - AN ALERT - ON THE INSICATOR TO NOTIFY US WHEN THE PRICE CROOSSES SUPERTREND ?

  • rkem
    rkem  +1

    Can this stat be used for swing trade cryptos and ideally for 1 day timer? And how do I test this before putting in real money?

  • steve hope

    Great strategy. I hate trading charts all day so I'll backtest this on the daily chart. have you tested this on daily?

  • Masroor Ehsan

    Nice strategy. What's the win-rate ratio over few hundred backtests?

  • Gaurav Mahla

    What should be the criteria for re-entry if Breakeven was hit but trend is still strong?? Cause not all the time supertrend changes colour and it stays in same colour alignment for good

  • Martin Rotaveria
    Martin Rotaveria 21 gün önce

    I think I know what the answer is but , would you use this strategy in a volatile Crypto market? I guess i should get very few buy signals right?

  • Dashan Kuruwitage

    Great video. Thank you❤️ Is this strategy work for the stock market also?🤔