Human digestive system - How it works! (Animation)

  • katma 2 May 2020
  • In this video all digestive organs of the human body are explained in detail and their functioning is described. We will look at the salivary glands, the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, the large intestine and the liver with the gall bladder.

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  • Libra Lab
    Libra Lab Yıl önce +3

    The one who created this animations should be awarded indeed. Such a clear and beautiful video.

  • The Silent Observer

    People like Thomas (& his team) should be recognized and rewarded. This single video video tied all the knot and removed all the confusion I had throughout my life. Kudos to everyone involved.

  • love n lava tws

    Only God can keep all this at harmony and perfect balance 😅

  • steven jabs

    After watching this ,it leads me to eat only natural foods,avoid junk and processed foods so that I could help my digestive system do its work for the benefit of my health. Thanks to the uploader.

  • MOJI
    MOJI  +723

    I am a medical student and i have never seen such a high display of digestive tract ever. 🔟/🔟

  • Fitness Philistine🏋‍♂️

    How detailed it's been explaining 😍 I hate learning it in simply sitting on the class.

  • Horatiu
    Horatiu Yıl önce +3

    Why do Education departments not hire guys like Thomas to do animations for educational purposes, to be used in schools? This would've thoroughly fascinated me in 4th grade.

  • V Winkles
    V Winkles  +37

    I have seen a lot of videos on this type of stuff, but this is by far the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for the detailed clarification and fantastic animations!!!

  • AthleticHunger

    Absolutely phenomenal. It's fascinating what the body's capable of, internally.

  • Nivedya Sachin

    This is amazing. I'm just learning about this and it's so cool that I can see all this without actually seeing it in real life. Technology is awesome and you are awesome for bringing these videos!!!

  • V R
    V R  +6

    Another incredible video. What work and dedication it took to make this….thank you! As with the previous video on the creation of a human….this is by far the best I have ever seen on the digestive system, I learned many more terms and processes. The human body is an incredible system and its a pity we take for granted all the things it does to keep us alive and healthy. We go about our day without ever stopping to think what is going on inside the body. We should never abuse it. These videos your making should be shown in all schools and universities. Thanks again.

  • Lakshmi S
    Lakshmi S  +21

    Truly awesome! The animation and the explanation. Kudos to the entire team for putting together this wonderful video and helping us understand the internal workings of the digestive system. So much going on in our system 😀. Why aren't the kidneys covered in this explanation? Don't they play a role in the digestion process?

  • Lanz Cordero

    Science is never difficult or boring with videos like this

  • Nugini Environment Management Services

    Amazing animation video. Thanks to Thomas and your team, nothing beats the clarity of the digestive system more than this.

  • Pragya Gunturu

    Out of all the videos I watched to understand this chapter, this one is the best one! It’s really easy to understand ☺️

  • Rae Beautiful

    This is so interesting. I love videos like this. I think this is the most detailed digestive content I’ve ever seen.

  • Siew Yi Yu
    Siew Yi Yu 14 gün önce +1

    This was such a wonderful video as an introduction to the digestive system!!!

  • DBSJine
    DBSJine  +4

    Thank you for the video, Mr. Thomas Scwenke. It’s fascinating to know human digestive system & how it works.

  • laken1804
    laken1804 Yıl önce +2

    Science class would have been more fun if we had videos like this.

  • Profaned Abyss

    I suffer from chronic constipation and once you start having issues like that you really realize how important your digestive system is. It’s the seat of your health. When things go wrong everything else gets thrown out of tune.