Taste Testing Yummy Snacks | Naturebox Unboxing & First Impressions

  • katma 8 Eki 2020
  • Today's video is just a fun taste test as I try some goodies by my new friends at Naturebox. This is NOT a sponsored video, but I am a new affiliate.

    Code DIVADIVINE10 gets you 10% off of your order!

    Things I tried:
    Popcorn: shrsl.com/2jmtr
    Honey Dijon Pretzels: shrsl.com/2jmts
    Lemon Tumeric Cookies: shrsl.com/2jmtl
    Shortbread Cookies: shrsl.com/2jmtq
    Salted Honey Butter Pretzels: shrsl.com/2jmtu
    CBD Fruit Chews: shrsl.com/2jmti
    CBD Sleep tablets: shrsl.com/2jmtx

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  • Lissa Kristine
    Lissa Kristine Yıl önce

    As far as I remember, Naturebox always had full-sized snacks delivered on a subscription basis (but you didn't always get to pick the exact snacks- there was a surprise element to it). I think Graze was the one that sold single-serving snacks in a little cardboard tray. (Unfortunately, Graze now only ships in the UK and is no longer available here).

  • chulita097
    chulita097 Yıl önce

    I had a membership with them a few years ago. I guess they were revamping when i discontinued my membership because most of the stuff I liked they didn’t have anymore. May give it another shot, I really liked the old offerings they had. I may find something I like this time around as well.

  • rose609 Nocera
    rose609 Nocera Yıl önce

    The snacks looked delicious

  • Rosie Ar
    Rosie Ar Yıl önce

    perhaps i shouldn't of watched a snacking video first thing in the morning... ;) I'd be curious to find out more about your use of CBD. i know people use it for medical use but i'm always a little leary of it

  • Jan Macak
    Jan Macak Yıl önce

    Does CBD oil really help with sleep? I never go into REM sleep!! I have RLS. I am soooo tired all the time!!

  • Argo films
    Argo films Yıl önce

    Hey diva divine can you check my comment in your CMT video