Woodturning - Cherry Root ball to Amazing Vase

  • katma 6 Eyl 2021
  • I was given a few of these Cherry Root balls a week ago and was so eager to get one on the lathe as I was expecting to see some beautiful grain .... I wasn't disappointed. So a massive thank you to family friend and donator, Andy!
    The piece has been sanded to 7000 grit and finished with a coat of Danish oil and then Wood wax on top once the oil was dry. I wish I could have kept more of the bark on but unfortunately the wood was too dry and most of it flew of the piece while turning.

    Now its that part of the description where I say a massive thank you to all of my subscribers, as we've hit another massive milestone! 7000!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, without your support none of this would be possible. 10k here we come 😁

    Hope you enjoy/enjoyed, please consider liking and subscribing, even give the video a share if you're up for it! Each project and video usually takes 10+ hours to finish, so your support is very much appreciated. More woodturning and woodworking projects will be on their way soon.

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    My videos are for entertainment purposes only. I am still relatively new to woodturning and some of my techniques might not be the "best" or safest. When using any tools or machinery always read and understand safety/manufacturers guidelines.
    Yes, I'm aware that wearing gloves while woodturning is considered an unsafe practise. The gloves I wear are tight fitting and don’t have any loose threads. I wear them for the protection of my skin. This is a risk that I am willing to take, however I am still very conscious of the potential danger and I do not touch any spinning parts of the lathe. DO NOT do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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  • Harry Smith

    Thank you all so much for the love on this video! So great to see the support behind this project. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to see more pieces like this in the future 😁👍

  • rla26368
    rla26368  +54

    Gorgeous! That natural edge is stunning! Thank you for sharing your art with us!

  • E Andersson

    Absolutely love that there is now background music, just the sound of the actual work taking place - the machine, diffrent tools on the wood etc.

  • Fight Club

    An absolute masterpiece! I've done woodturning, and I must admit I watched about half way , then jumped to the final reveal When I saw the live edge, my jaw dropped. You, sir, have exquisite taste and amazing skills.

  • kerajinan unik

    Beautiful grain....

  • Max Edison

    A seriously beautiful natural rim, and to see the vase being made was amazing, as well as educational. I would imagine a 'conventional' vase would be just as stunning, as it would also be blessed with the unique patterns Mother Nature has bestowed upon whichever tree you take your wood from. Great video, thank you!

  • MrWicked98

    Beautiful, love watching these.

  • Stephanie Lovatt

    Very interesting! I did not expect the grain to come up like that, especially around the natural edge. Thanks!

  • Zdenka priezvisko

    It's gorgeous! I love watching your work.

  • Gloria Maynard

    Absolutely amazing, such skill and so relaxing to watch love it

  • Diana Helms

    I love this. I have loved working with wood my whole life. Long line of amazing woodworker's. But this is my passion. I wish I had the money to get those machines. They make it so much easier!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work❤️

  • Janelle James

    That is an absolutely beautiful vase. Created using one of nature’s most lovely pieces of wood by a very talented artist using his skills and knowledge of a lathe to create an absolutely beautiful, one of a kind, vase. You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing. Love and hugs from Australia. Please continue to use your talent to create. ❤️❤️🐨❤️❤️

  • Mark Goostree

    Outstanding! A beautiful piece of wood, turned to perfection.

  • Rebecca Loader

    What a beautiful piece, Harry! Such style and display of grain. Thanks for sharing !

  • Trafy Knits

    Fantastic job!! What a skill and artform. As others have noted, it's great that you left the natural edge at the top...adds much more character and interesting design. Bravo!!

  • Zac Brown
    Zac Brown  +16

    What a stunning piece! Wonderfully executed sir! Love your channel!

  • Lisa Smith

    Absolutely beautiful Harry, I think it's the best thing you've made and will look fabulous displayed somewhere special.

  • D 2G
    D 2G  +3

    It's so soothing to what you woodturn I love it. love your work. Great job on the vase 10 out of 10!

  • Carolyn
    Carolyn  +3

    Amazing! Every time I thought you were finished, it kept getting better and better.

  • S R.
    S R.  +3

    Absolutely beautiful! This vase is stunning! Such fine work!