Our Weirdest Upgrade Yet.. - Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade

  • katma 27 Kas 2021
  • Thanks to Intel for sponsoring the Extreme Tech Upgrade Series! Learn more about their 12th Gen CPU's: lmg.gg/0OS7K

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    Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
    Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
    Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
    Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

    0:00 Intro
    1:22 House Tour
    5:00 Desks Tour
    5:57 Removing Stuff
    9:06 Cleaning PC
    10:24 Ed Stealing
    12:30 Building PC
    17:43 Blender
    19:23 Test Sit
    21:29 Cleaning
    24:40 TV Install
    26:24 VR
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  • Azeria
    Azeria Aylar önce +31107

    Linus criticising someone else’s footwear is a ballsy move

    • I am a bot
      I am a bot 19 gün önce

      But Linus didn’t have any balls

    • KaviVarman
      KaviVarman 24 gün önce


    • GDdrip101
      GDdrip101 Aylar önce

      @Asian G xxxxxxx tf

    • NightRogue
      NightRogue Aylar önce

      Wow “ballsy” brings in the sex-bots? Lol that’s a bit of a stretch, pornhub

    • MikeWithaBike
      MikeWithaBike Aylar önce

      its not ballsy when they are toe shoes, yuck.

  • HAMMER 911
    HAMMER 911 Aylar önce +2351

    I want to see a special issue when the LTT team goes to Linus' house simply to count things he stole from the office.
    I'd watch that.

    • Ahpuckful
      Ahpuckful Gün önce

      @Boomix yeah but you get my point.

    • ItsMeRoman Gaming
      ItsMeRoman Gaming 6 gün önce

      @HAMMER 911 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ben TM
      Ben TM 7 gün önce

      @Fuenzy Amazon is by no means fully owned by Bezos, he probably only owns a smaller percentage of the company.

    • Ben TM
      Ben TM 7 gün önce

      @Ahpuckful Linus fully owns LTT, meaning that LTT is only the legal representation of Linus

    • Florian Koudjonou
      Florian Koudjonou 12 gün önce +1

      I would absolutely watch that

  • Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom
    Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom Aylar önce +2020

    Ed certainly is a different breed 🤠

    • Investor Z
      Investor Z Aylar önce

      @Nolan Craig I mean...I think his parents were married when they had him.

    • Charlie Bell
      Charlie Bell Aylar önce +1


    • Evan Halliwell
      Evan Halliwell Aylar önce

      @Jaguar not quite as fast as screengrab but close enough for autocorrect. Hope everyone's doing well.

    • Jaguar
      Jaguar Aylar önce

      It's called ADHD :D

    • Evan Halliwell
      Evan Halliwell Aylar önce +1

      @Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom Ed's My father. The rest Im hiding behind because I still dance the samba. Well, I don't dance at all anymore actually. I'm just laughing windows is Linux now.

  • Wrath Club
    Wrath Club Aylar önce +1161

    This is such a bizarrely entertaining video. I feel like I'm watching a midseason episode of a sitcom that doesn't exist.

  • Venoxz
    Venoxz Aylar önce +549

    I honestly hope Tarren gets one of these upgrades, just so I can see how many keyboards and stream decks he'll buy with it.

    • foop
      foop 18 gün önce +5

      @Dominik does random stuff no he didn’t

    • Venoxz
      Venoxz Aylar önce +11

      @Dominik does random stuff I meant "more keyboards and stream decks"

    • Dominik does random stuff
      Dominik does random stuff Aylar önce +4

      he already got one

    JAHRONMON Aylar önce +5266

    This series should really be called “I roast my employees but give them a $10,000 upgrade”

    • Spencer Parnell
      Spencer Parnell Aylar önce

      No kidding dude, he absolutely flamed him

    • Banana M0nk
      Banana M0nk Aylar önce

      "Get roasted for 10k"

    • Horst G. Burkhardt
      Horst G. Burkhardt Aylar önce +1

      hell if old mate Linus can get me an rtx 3080 and a new mobo+CPU+RAM I'll let him roast my PC and my person, I'm still back in the stone age with twin 660s and an i7-3770 and _no cable management_

      only complication: he's gonna need to visit Australia.

    • Norse Viking Æsir
      Norse Viking Æsir Aylar önce

      @Jakob West no

    • Cubert Miso
      Cubert Miso Aylar önce

      hah, easy for him to roast people who make under 1-30 million a year. seen this before. poor nephew!

  • LiK
    LiK Aylar önce +347

    I thought it was a bachelor pad until Ed mentioned having a wife. What an angel letting Ed have so much freedom with his tech and hobbies.

    • Rakha Zidane
      Rakha Zidane 7 saatler önce

      @Just Some Guy with Messy Hair this is what i'm also afraid of. that and how much of women are aware of this twisted gender-equality where they should be prioritized and pampered. i'd love to have a wife that looks past my career as ( hopefully ) a doctor and builds a mutual relationship based on hobbies and each other's interests.

      yeah, i know having a project car/truck/gaming pc that costs thousands of dollars apart from your groceries is a lot of money. but honestly, i can still justify it's use cases as it is more usable than a $5000 handbag just because "i liked it" .

    • Just Some Guy with Messy Hair
      Just Some Guy with Messy Hair 11 gün önce +4

      @Noah Metz many men are whipped into the "happy wife, happy life" and "she'll make me sleep on the couch" and "i'll have to ask my wife's permission" attitude

    • Noah Metz
      Noah Metz Aylar önce +58

      Shouldn't respecting each-others interests and hobbies be the default in a healthy relationship, not something above and beyond?

    • Manny Ramirez
      Manny Ramirez Aylar önce +4

      Awwww isn't that so innocent..his "wife" . That's so sweet (insert daenerys smile meme).

  • Azrael Speaks
    Azrael Speaks Aylar önce +150

    You know Linus only got all of these "Tech Upgrades" for his staff so he can take inventory of what has been taken from work over the years. Him getting paid for it is also a Linus move. Bravo! :)

  • Agent Thunder
    Agent Thunder Aylar önce +102

    linus: "longest standing employee"
    also linus: "ive never met this wife"

  • Kiryi MONZTA
    Kiryi MONZTA Aylar önce +55

    I luved when Linus was telling he built the company for all these freaks and then Andy is thanking him. xD Really luv your whole atmosphere in the team!

  • Shalmon Aliatus
    Shalmon Aliatus Aylar önce +4187

    It's impressive how realistic VR has become, right up to the point where Linus is dropping things.

    • Danish Construction Channel
      Danish Construction Channel 2 gün önce


    • Cyrus
      Cyrus Aylar önce

      Almost spit my coffee when I saw that

    • Dadey79
      Dadey79 Aylar önce


    • fireaza
      fireaza Aylar önce +3

      Traditional games use photo-realism as their benchmark. VR uses the Linus droppability scale.

    • abe gaudiel
      abe gaudiel Aylar önce

      Yup vr is realistic@

  • GGigabiteM
    GGigabiteM Aylar önce +81

    23:13 - purple monitor

    Common problem on LCD monitors with LED backlights and high numbers of hours on them. The LEDs used are UV with a phosphor coating to convert the UV light to white light. The phosphor coating eventually wears out to the point where the UV bleeds through and the screen turns purple.

    While not a trivial fix, they can be fixed by replacing the backlight LEDs. If you're lucky, they're on a separate module that can be removed and replaced. I've had to replace LED backlights on Dell monitors, and you can keep them going for many more years. Though I prefer the older CCFL types because they're a lot easier to do.

    • Edzel Yago
      Edzel Yago Aylar önce +7

      Wow, thanks for the info! I don't think I'll ever try it but that really helped me to understand what happened.

  • Cabal Core
    Cabal Core Aylar önce +17

    Linus is like that cool manager that makes sure you're eating and will let you take stuff home. "I will volunteer to come and spend a weekend helping you with this." Even though he digs on his employees, he actually really cares.

  • Erik Vasauez
    Erik Vasauez Aylar önce +27

    These are always my favorite cus Linus says here's this free stuff Intel bought you but I get to rag on you, your house & life decisions, but here you go! Love seeing the stuff they get and them making linus do everything haha great stuff

  • lekker lekker
    lekker lekker Aylar önce +12

    I really hope LTT has enough staff to keep this show running forever

  • RIP Roora
    RIP Roora Aylar önce +5064

    His house depicts how a video editor's brain works, cut and paste...store everything else just in case 🤣

  • Benny T
    Benny T Aylar önce +7

    Edzel is probably my favorite Linus Tech Tips employee. Partly because he's been there the longest and I have fond memories of those early Linus Tech Tips videos, but he's also pretty eccentric and interesting.

  • Daniel Baggett
    Daniel Baggett 15 gün önce +4

    Edzel seems so happy and nerdy, I keep rewatching this vid just to see him and Linus bounce off each other like only long-time colleagues/friends can.

  • Dave Carsley
    Dave Carsley Aylar önce +5

    Thanks, Linus! I bought a 65" LG C1 OLED 3 days ago and have been happily using it while having absolutely *no clue* that a peel even existed on the back until 25:37 ... I just got off the couch and peeled it!

  • Isosceles Kramer
    Isosceles Kramer Aylar önce +3

    I don't know why I always assumed every one of LTT's employees were rocking like monster rigs or something, awesome to see them all get upgrades though

  • Jepoy Burner
    Jepoy Burner Aylar önce +2226

    Other people like Anthony are cool presenters and all but Intel Extreme Tech Makeover should be exclusively Linus' hosted. Him determining which stuff is "stolen" from the office is always the best part.

    • David Sharp
      David Sharp Aylar önce

      I think it should be a separate series!!!!

    • J M
      J M Aylar önce +10

      If I worked for ltt I would have recipts taped to the back of all ltt purchased equipment... Just in case Linus came knocking.

    • Quacc Boi
      Quacc Boi Aylar önce +1


    • TEKDAD 2.0
      TEKDAD 2.0 Aylar önce +23

      Totally, Antony is great but his makeover show wasn’t as fun. Linus is making the show for this.

    • SuperPeople Tricks
      SuperPeople Tricks Aylar önce +24

      Yeh well, I watch every vid with Linus in it, Linus got like a vibe ya know

  • Ron Norgaard
    Ron Norgaard Gün önce

    Dude!!! I have to say it. MKBHD use to be my fav for tech but man, you freaken ROCK!!. This series has been so enjoyable to watch. I wish I had a boss like you. To the point but take in stride and funny as hell. Thank you for your content on TR-cam. I don't even watch much TV anymore. TR-cam has been my go to for months now. This video has so far been the funniest vid I've seen in this series so far (watching the playlist). I'm babbling now. Just want to say Thanks for the info and humor your tech show produces. I just wish I watched you sooner.

  • eldiablopotato
    eldiablopotato Aylar önce +3

    I really want a second video of Linus cleaning up this house and organizing things. How bad can we make Linus's anxiety? Plus Ed is just awesome.

  • Fender178
    Fender178 Aylar önce +3

    Ed here lucked out depending on how you look at it because I wouldn't recommend going 12th Gen Intel at this point with the growing pains currently going on with those CPUs. I think Ed is right behind Dennis in terms of Purchasing weird stuff that is not tech related which would be the Cowboy Hats.

  • Liam Ashdown
    Liam Ashdown Aylar önce +1

    As an owner of an arctic accelero extreme 4 I can confirm that the mounting mechanism is seriously flawed but man it runs cold.

  • Dead Like Disco
    Dead Like Disco Aylar önce +4

    I feel Ed. When I deep clean my workshop, it gets cluttered within a week. I totally understand where everything is at all times, but it looks messy to anybody who comes into my space.

  • Rafael Thomas
    Rafael Thomas Aylar önce +10

    This was the most entertaining Intel Upgrade to date!!!

  • soulmilk
    soulmilk 17 gün önce +1

    absolutely love the tech upgrade episodes

  • Proximity Roars
    Proximity Roars Aylar önce +1

    I love watching these videos when you go to their places and finding stollen things and you dont seem too upset but its expected

  • Rumin
    Rumin Aylar önce +2638

    Dude, Edzel has a wife he can play VR racing games with, idc how his house looks, this man has won

    • Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s
      Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s 7 gün önce +1

      @MrCoalmin I'm sure she knows what she signed on for.

    • Ferferf Ferf
      Ferferf Ferf Aylar önce +2

      @Dylan i struggle to magine it because Ive neved had a partner

    • BuzzedAldrin
      BuzzedAldrin Aylar önce +2

      @cyrkielnetwork living in a dump = life goals?

    • Jake
      Jake Aylar önce +1

      the ying and yang thing works better long term especially when you have kids

    • Honey BBQ Sauce
      Honey BBQ Sauce Aylar önce +6

      @carl Townsend Society will ALWAYs impose a set of standards on you. Explains why I hate people though.

  • Jafar Rizvi
    Jafar Rizvi Aylar önce +13

    Props to the editors and the cameraman for cutting away to the kitty at regular intervals. Truly the best part of the video.

  • Heyalth
    Heyalth Aylar önce +1

    I love how you're there to upgrade a system in these videos and you just rifle through their homes... every time

  • Daniel Myers
    Daniel Myers 3 gün önce +1

    I think it is absolutly insane that some LTT employes are like, "Wow I am getting a $5,000 upgrade that's going to be on a video thats going to get millions of views. Who the hell cares if I clean my house before hand"

    Ed is a different breed.....

  • virtualnate
    virtualnate Aylar önce +3

    The Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade intro is just so epic.

  • JonLimitless
    JonLimitless Aylar önce +1877

    I think Ed is my new favorite LTT member. When Linus stresses everyone else out by doing something odd or in his own way... then Ed comes in and stresses Linus out. A man of the people, Ed. Congrats on the upgrades!

    • rowni
      rowni Aylar önce +3

      Him and Dennis for sure. They're like the complete opposite in terms of their work environment but they have the same energy xD

    • normalstuff
      normalstuff Aylar önce +5

      I think Ed is my new fav member too

    • wobbly sauce
      wobbly sauce Aylar önce +8

      It is that or Taran.

    • BURN447
      BURN447 Aylar önce +79

      Ed is the definition of controlled chaos

  • Andyboi82
    Andyboi82 Aylar önce +1

    These are my favourite videos on the internet!🤣 This channel always puts a smile on my face!

  • Nixqy - Airsoft Gameplay
    Nixqy - Airsoft Gameplay Aylar önce +12

    Okay, can we talk briefly about how every LTT employee is a car person, in every home minus maybe anthonies there has been evidence of car enthusiasm, and I demand we dive deeper into this.

    • R34DY2D13X
      R34DY2D13X Aylar önce +2

      I was about to point out that too


    I would love to do one of these but Linus can keep everything… I just want his ruthless comedic criticism on my own pc- that to me is more valuable than a 3090

  • Jake Dill
    Jake Dill Aylar önce +13

    I fucking love that he uses compound on the mouse pad to sharpen knives, I've never seen a mouse pad don't get me wrong that was rigid enough for blade work but I have used them with a lot of modifying factors, especially taping with double side sandpaper.. it's a pretty awesome strop situation and polishing, still not as good as leather but sometimes it's easier to get larger sizes, either way it's still cool I would be curious to see if you can pull it off with how a Squishies the mouse pads are.. regardless though, of all the houses that we've been to with this upgrade thing, this is definitely the coolest house.

    • blahblahblah1312
      blahblahblah1312 Aylar önce


    • Flo Vi
      Flo Vi Aylar önce +1

      I think he used it for stropping, you can use leather, cloth and paper for that so its not THAT weird, but its still like why

  • Neoxon
    Neoxon Aylar önce +2792

    I see Andy has been dethroned for the most amount of stuff stolen from the office. That’s impressive, Edzel.

    • nn123654
      nn123654 Aylar önce

      @Neoxon Does it count if linus steals something? He presumably owns the company so he'd basically be stealing from himself.

    • Neoxon
      Neoxon Aylar önce

      @Lenny ???

    • Tyreke Cathcart
      Tyreke Cathcart Aylar önce +1

      nothing tops Dennis. He'd take the entire office home if he could 🤣

    • gamechamp
      gamechamp Aylar önce +1

      @Williamg209 perhaps Andy could still be crowned with the most efficient 'theft' of taking the most stuff in the shortest employment, the highest average of stuff taken per year.

    • 爱 Lee Moo Eez
      爱 Lee Moo Eez Aylar önce +1

      Well people said experience come with time sooo he is the longest member 🤣

  • K
    K 17 gün önce +1

    I've watched 5 of these intel tech upgrade episodes back to back lol... this one was hilarious

  • roy
    roy Aylar önce +9

    Linus is that one guest your mom was always preparing for.

  • Buddster124
    Buddster124 Aylar önce +1

    As Someone that was in the onward league, Watching Linus try to play onward was so painful. Btw The Stock Does Help In Most Scenarios. It just takes a while to get used to.

  • Jules Glendenning
    Jules Glendenning Aylar önce +3

    "Yeah, it was funny, I'm just bothering you by not laughing at it" -Linus

    If there was anything that summed up being an older brother.... it's that.

  • vhvjbjbjvgvvvvvvvjj
    vhvjbjbjvgvvvvvvvjj Aylar önce +1183

    The truth about this series is Intel didn't pay a penny, this is all out of Linus's pocket just so he can audit his employees homes.

    • Kajoma
      Kajoma Aylar önce

      did you guys watch the roast of Linus Sebastian

    • Jean-Luc Manigat
      Jean-Luc Manigat Aylar önce +41

      There is no seems, that’s exactly what it is

      In fairness, I’d say roasting is pretty much in the LMG job description at this point

    • Turphin
      Turphin Aylar önce +34

      audit or criticize?
      it seems like >50% of the video is linus just roasting edzel for his messy house and for being inconsiderate

  • oh2ftg
    oh2ftg Aylar önce

    Seeing this considered cluttered and weird does put my own apartment into perspective. I think the component drawer tower and the sixties 8GHz sweep oscillator in the living room are the most visible one's.

  • ChaoticRain
    ChaoticRain Aylar önce

    im constantly amazed by messy and unorganized your staff is haha. I would think everyone has an extremely clean and functional setup at home but nope!

  • Parkeronipizza
    Parkeronipizza Aylar önce +1

    I’ve always wanted to build a pc and once I save up enough money I’m want to build one. So within a budget of around 3000 what are some things I’m gonna need to build an awesome rig👌🏻👌🏻

  • Joe Bowers
    Joe Bowers Aylar önce

    I love Linus so much. He's like the brother I never had, and I actually have a brother.

  • Snowiii ❤
    Snowiii ❤ Aylar önce +1840

    "The fact that he's 9 makes it better to steal from him?"
    "It makes it easier."
    I swear his nephew is going to at some point in time find this video and hear this lmao

    • Milky
      Milky 3 gün önce

      I feel so bad for him

    • KaraLoop
      KaraLoop Aylar önce +1

      @Moki Random but not wrong though.

    • Elephant Elephant
      Elephant Elephant Aylar önce +5

      Snowiii its ok his nephew has learned from the best and he will steal it all back and more.

    • Moki
      Moki Aylar önce +40

      @Cubert Miso the hell are you on about?

    • Cubert Miso
      Cubert Miso Aylar önce +1

      @Moki Free stuff but I'm a victim AGAIN. Left wanted open borders that IRL helped only the billionaires. They had assets to outsource their production to cheaper countries.

  • Fred T. McCoy Jr.
    Fred T. McCoy Jr. Aylar önce

    As long as it is all in good fun, I love when they rip on each other. lol

  • Studio23 Media
    Studio23 Media Aylar önce

    I mean I've never had an uncle give me a gaming pc of any kind, so Ed could be pretty cool!

    And his tech tip is spot on! Don't like doing something? Do it wrong or bad once and you won't be asked to do it again. 🤣

  • Mika Melin
    Mika Melin Aylar önce

    Haha all these intel-upgrade vids make me feel so much better about my setup. Have just built 2 PC's my whole life but I've done a way better job than most of the linus-group folks. Because I've followed guides from Linus... Huh.

  • Nathan Sturgill
    Nathan Sturgill 2 gün önce

    I think this whole series was a covert effort from Linus to get Intel to help give him an excuse to go through his employees homes and find all the stuff stolen from work.

  • EekEek14
    EekEek14 Aylar önce +1867

    Props to him for dealing with Linus longer than any other employee!

    • Beyondo
      Beyondo Aylar önce

      @Asian G xxxxxxx grils

    • Otto Jägenstedt
      Otto Jägenstedt Aylar önce +1

      @Arman Rafique I first read that as "props to yvonne for dating both of them"

    • Don C-M
      Don C-M Aylar önce +3

      Have you met Sinus Lebastion?

    • Carl Gunderson
      Carl Gunderson Aylar önce +11

      "Props to him for dealing with Limus for longer than any other employee".

      Yvonne: Am I joke to you???

    • SwordQuake
      SwordQuake Aylar önce +1

      Props to Lines for dealing with Yvonne.

  • mtl10
    mtl10 Aylar önce +1

    "Some say it's not the destination that matters, it's the journey. So far, this journey is you being a dick". This dude is hilarious! Linus need to get him on camera more often.

  • sage_x2002
    sage_x2002 Aylar önce

    I love how Linus had that facial expression of disgust after hearing the thing was a toe spacer

  • Going Dark
    Going Dark Aylar önce

    Linus is a classic ball buster. It's awesome! 😂

  • KanedaSyndrome
    KanedaSyndrome Aylar önce

    I appreciate the IKEA Markus chair with no armrests installed, so it's easier to slide under the desk all the way to the "belly touches desk edge" position. I do this myself with this exact same chair. It has begun squeeking a lot though.

  • Just ADD Jeff
    Just ADD Jeff Aylar önce +1629

    Linus truely has a wonderful relationship with his employees when they feel free to say honest things like: "So far this journey is you being a dick.".

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      Daniel Wiederkehr Aylar önce

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    Keep up the great work

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      Jelle Melis Aylar önce +1

      Planning is making sure everything is setup right so when the moment comes everything is set. Don't need to remember anything with good planning

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    Watching youtube with no glitches. Minor delays sometimes switching tabs sure- but its totally fine for a daily driver.

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      First Last Aylar önce

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      @Brent Lewis They are trash for them. They are not in the business of reselling used parts, they not gonna use them for anything else. They probably only need a couple(sometimes you want to benchmark old components)

    • Brent Lewis
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      @jort93z That's a $1700 CPU. It's not just trash that LMG doesn't care about anymore.

    • jort93z
      jort93z Aylar önce +4

      @Ryno Behnke I think he would likely fire most employees if they just start stealing stuff.
      But the mangaging staff clearly knows what sort of stuff LMG still needs, and what sort of stuff they wouldn't miss. They clearly don't need a dozen 7980xe's or whatever. So they wouldn't notice if one of them sort of disappears.

  • Petru Alexandru Tătaru

    man, i wish intel would give me money for a pc upgrade :)
    I would probabky go for a 11700k for my b560m plus asus tuf motherbord, and probably i would get a 6700x or a 3700 ti or something like that.
    i can;t brag about what i already have though, becouse i worked for it.
    I want to see what linus would get in this intel extreme upgrade series

  • Dragnous Reviews
    Dragnous Reviews Aylar önce

    Jay, Maybe you could show users some different way to implement PC's. For Example, RetroPie's or emulation setups. Maybe even some custom builds for these types of uses. Just a thought!

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    Hokey-Poke Boglim Aylar önce

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    My main rig has EKWB RGB Vardars, but my Server has a 5 pack of those uphere fans

  • Just0Dylan
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      @Dipanjan Ghosal It's possible, working memory problems are a common problem that ADHD folk struggle with. If you've got a lot of other symptoms might be worth checking on

    • Dipanjan Ghosal
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    Nathan West Aylar önce

    there should be more aftermarket coolers for graphics cards
    my 1080 was supposed to be one of the quietest models, but it can't keep up with the arctic cooler
    also have arctic coolers(appropiately sized) on 2 R9 cards(that are in storage) just in case...

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    Heron Aylar önce

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