Beginners Guide To SHARKBITE Fittings (Watch till end BEFORE Buying!) | GOT2LEARN

  • katma 4 Mar 2020
  • There's a LOT of videos that talk about Sharkbite fittings on TR-cam, but not from A to Z and in this video, i'll cover everything you need to know from PRICE, to where you can USE these, to all the PROS and CONS.

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    6 tricks to remove a Sharkbite fitting:
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    Start - 0:00
    How a Sharkbite fitting works - 2:00
    On which pipe can they be installed on - 4:22
    How to properly install one - 5:12
    How to remove one - 9:35
    Pros and cons - 9:54
    My opinion on them - 13:34

    DISCLAIMER: Got2Learn is NOT responsible for any damage done to a property of which the plumbing wasn't done by a professional, I do not recommend doing your own plumbing if you are unsure about what you are doing, always hire a LICENSED contractor when doing any type of plumbing so you can be covered by insurances if something does happen, these videos are for entertainment purposes only!

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  • peter sebanc
    peter sebanc Yıl önce +5

    great videos as always. One caution I have not seen though, is to avoid using them on tinned joints ( in reno work the old valve is quite often heated and removed, and a quick temporary cap is often a sharkbite fitting. Be cautious: the teeth do not grab well on the hardened tin surface (don't ask me how I know). Equal caution if you replace with a sharkbite valve

  • Frangie W
    Frangie W Yıl önce +21

    That was a great presentation ....I have heard of those plumping fittings by shark, but never knew much about him until now, you did an Outstanding job explaining it.

  • dogwink
    dogwink  +7

    My personal guideline is to use SharkBite for exposed/accessible plumbing and to use traditional soldering for hidden plumbing. Saves a lot time and is less messy for the quick weekend project. Fittings are on semi-flexible hoses (vibrate a bit) to softener going 6 years and not a drop of leak yet. Just make sure to deburr and lubricate the fitting O-rings.

  • Splendor Neko2
    Splendor Neko2 Yıl önce +177

    That was a great video to watch-actually enjoyable. Professional, clean, concise, coherent, no filler, no bias, and your experienced opinion was saved for last and stated as your preference. This is how videos, especially trade videos, should be done. Thank you for a great video and all the work you put into it.

  • Manuel Hoskins

    Excellent explanation. I especially like the fact that you showed how these fittings work (and the cutaways are a great help.) Now I know specifically what conditions of the cut end could lead to a leaky connection. Lots of valuable info. Also appreciated the quality video, closeups, good sound, etc. Well done! Thanks.

  • missiletm

    They are great for quick fixes on our vacation home in the desert. The home has polybutylene pipe and shaekbite also makes fittings to adapt from that to copper/pvc/pex. I’ve replaced all the connections to the faucets using these with zero problems. Planning on tearing out the polybutylene and doing a pex repipe in the near future.

  • phil wood
    phil wood Yıl önce +25

    I have had to replace sharkbite couplings that were used underground on a water service. The pipe would sink after several years and pull the sharkbite coupling in to, meaning break in half. I never had any problem with them inside. Use flo-control couplings if needed for outside.

  • Zemba Craftworks
    Zemba Craftworks Yıl önce +45

    This is a great video. At first I thought "surely it doesn't need to be 15 minutes" but you really did a fantastic & thorough job covering everything you could possibly want to know about using one of these fittings. I always gotta drop a comment on videos with this much effort put in. Keep it up!

  • Wayne-O
    Wayne-O  +1

    Great demonstrations. Nice to have the grey tipped one's work in converting/repairing PB pipe or just converting to wirsbo. FIP & MIP adapters are handy as well. Having the pipe spin has helped with alignment countless times but if they had one that didn't spin it would be helpful in certain situations too. On to your evoPEX vid..

  • Walter's Playground
    Walter's Playground Yıl önce +2

    I love your attention to detail. I'm in HVAC and follow all the proper cleaning and preparations of copper tubing/piping. Sad to say I've seen many guys lack this attention to detail.

  • John Horner
    John Horner 18 saatler önce

    One more minor con in some situations: The fitting is much more bulky than the comparable copper solder fitting or a PEX crimp. Most of the time this isn't an issue, but I have run into a few situations where I don't have the room for the extra outer size of the Sharkbite.

  • Jim Herchak
    Jim Herchak Yıl önce +11

    Great video! Detailed and clearly explained (especially the cut-a-ways), and you separated opinion from fact, which is something every instructional video should do.

  • krishields2
    krishields2 Yıl önce +9

    They do / can leak if there is too much sideways force applied at the connection - that is, if you flex one of the pipes too far. Such as can occur with PEX connections. You just have to make sure you're pipes are coming into the fitting straight. Also, try not to rotate the fitting too much as the teeth will cut a groove into the PEX weakening it....

  • Atanacio Luna
    Atanacio Luna Yıl önce +16

    What a terrific, clear, concise, and honest report and instructions. Thank you so much, I will start using these, since I did not trust them before, but did not know why. Excellent work.

  • fideau one
    fideau one Yıl önce +146

    When I noticed that my plumber used these to fix a leak, and charged me $250 and took only 15-20 minutes I started looking for them. Since then I have fixed several more and replaced a lot of old copper pipe with Pex and saved thousands. The oldest ones are holding up for near 20 years now.

  • Mando 777

    Fantastic video! I used PEX to run from my water main to my garage so that I could install a Big Blue water filter. Outside would leave the Big Blue to the elements and the gardeners potential damage. Now I am considering running PEX to the bathrooms with manifolds for both hot and cold. The only reason for this is to avoid cracked PVC and to make replacing the shower valves easier. One way or another, your video is extremely informative and I can tell that you are very experienced.... Bob

  • copperheadharley

    Great information. Thank you. Car drove into my concrete house foundation two weeks ago and needed to move my copper piping fast. Used the Sharkbite brass push fittings with Pex tubing. Not a single leak because of this awesome video. When I sweat copper back in, I think I am going to tie-in the runs with these due to some really tight areas. Fast and easy, but not cheap.

  • RC Colorado

    This just saved me a small fortune when working on my backflow system from my sprinklers. 100x easier for me to just cut the pipe, installed and thread in my ball valve, and then connect the pipe again with the Sharkbite. For $8 I just saved myself a $150 plumber visit - thank you!

  • S pol
    S pol Yıl önce +19

    I have been using these at work for some years now. In my opinion this kind of quick connector is good for air, water or any other liquid or things like grease. They hold rather well except for higher pressure applications. Although, any solid connections are just stronger and will last longer in harsh industrial environments...

  • Dan Kijanka
    Dan Kijanka 14 gün önce

    Love this product because there is no need to be an experienced plumber to use them.I have several in place in my house and so far no problems.This video is excellent as it clearly explains the right and wrong way to use "Sharkbite " push fittings.I learned a lot from the video and will apply that knowledge in any future applications.Thanks very much.