Battery Powered Nailers ~ DeWalt v Milwaukee v HiKOKI

  • katma 25 Kas 2021
  • The Milwaukee M18 FFN, DeWalt DCN692N and HiKOKI NR1890DC framing nailers are out for review on-site for feedback from real builders who use nailers every day. Will they be willing to swap their Paslode gas nailers for the latest battery-powered machines?

    Framing nailer specs:

    Milwaukee M18 FFN

    Body Only: £440
    Nail Length: 50-90mm
    Batteryless Weight: 4.2kg
    Load Capacity: 57
    358 x 337 x 119mm

    Hikoki NR1890DC

    Body Only: £300
    Nail Length: 50-90mm
    Batteryless Weight: 4.1kg
    Load Capacity: 47
    342 x 309 x 127mm

    Dewalt DCN692N

    Body Only: £228
    Nail Length: 50-90mm
    Batteryless Weight: 4.1kg
    Load Capacity: 55
    345 x 338 x 125mm

    Hilti BX 3-L

    Body Only: £632
    Batteryless Weight: 3.478kg
    Load Capacity: 30
    474 x 368 x 134mm


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  • Jorge Lima

    As a young carpenter, Im happy to say that the Milwaukee is my first Framing nailer. I waited for years for something like that to hit the market. I didn't like the DeWalt even though I'm in that platform and I definitely didn't want to lug around a compressor. What a great time to be alive. Now Milwaukee just needs to hurry up and make that tracksaw.

  • TotalCarping

    I’ve had the hikoki for a couple of years and it’s been excellent. Plenty of power and reliability. I’ve used the paslode along side the hikoki and the hikoki was the clear winner. Something to bear in mind in regards to weight is the balance. I found the paslode top heavy where as the hikoki was more evenly balanced making it more ergonomic (albeit slightly heavier)in my opinion. The paslode was also considerably louder and if working in a confined space the gas emissions can be a concern. Hikoki for me

  • dale mcdermott

    I’ve had the Milwaukee over a year and it’s honestly amazing and I actually like the weight now, seems to make actuating the nailer easier! With my paslode it’s a pain in the arse to get it to fire when it’s on a odd angle with the weight of the Milwaukee assisting.

  • Mike Anson

    For us amateurs, it's always nice to hear what professional users think about these tools.

  • K S
    K S  +1

    Paslodes are great nailers! . It amazes me how many tradies give up on them when they start to misfire and just put it down to a bad tool! I picked up a Paslode framer and an angled bradder for $80. A strip down and oil and it hasn’t misfired a nail yet

  • Sim Stuart

    Used a Hikoki this week. Nice kit, bloody heavy. I've had second fix DeWalt nailer for 10 years + solid and reliable, not everyone's bag. I've seen second fix Paslodes flying across sites on occasion, very noisy and unreliable. Interesting review, thank you.

  • Jon D
    Jon D  +1

    I have the DeWalt type 3, hits home but it really struggles shooting diagonal nails. Great bit of kit as a DIYer, £100 cheaper than the rest but if I was a pro I'd pay the extra cash for the Hikoki/Milwaukee

  • Big Pouse
    Big Pouse  +16

    Bought the Hikoki about 2 years ago after Roger's 1st review and never looked back! Brilliant tool. Love it

  • Alan Mooney

    I love taking the Paslode apart to clean and service it as well after its done some heavy work for few weeks.

  • alan
    alan  +3

    Have two hikoki nailers, the first roof I did I found it heavy ,after that the weight wasn't an issue, you get used to it and don't feel it, it's like getting used to anything really, feels awkward at first.

  • Aaron Wright

    I've had the im360 since they first come out. I actually think they are better than the new im360 version as it simply wakes up when you pick it up and new version you need to press the button to turn on. The hilti used in the past and wast great and was a bit unreliable and 2 broken piston rods in 2 years. The dewalt I've tried and hated. The hikoki and milwauke no experience with but the weight puts me off. Despite the imperfections I stick with the paslode. Just imagine if paslode decided to do away with the gas and the weight was low then we talking

  • kevin conboy

    Used the Dewalt nailer a couple of times but could not the hang of it at all, the other chippies were having problems with it to so we went back to the Paslode. Good to see your finding other tradesmen to help with these reviews. 👍👍👍

  • chris silvestri

    I own the Milwaukee I agree it's heavy but you get used to it pretty quickly When nailing LVl's no need to take out your hammer will sink the nail beautifully It's the best stick nailer I own with the battery

  • denty32
    denty32  +1

    Had the Hikoki a couple of years, yes it’s heavy but I would never go back to paslode, too much maintenance for me.

  • Bushcraft1974

    I had paslode nailers about 14 years ago but as I wasn't using them day in day out the gas would 'go off' and they wouldn't work properly and getting just the gas was a pain as it came with the nails. I sold them and got a compressor and now have the full range of nailers and air tools from Bostitch. The hose is a pain but for the range of jobs I do its fine. A battery first and second fix guns would be nice but as I dont nail every day it would be a waste of a few hundred squid.

  • SolmanJapan

    I've got the hikoki 18v framing and finishing guns. They're heavy but hey, they sound good and it beats rolling out the compressor for small jobs.

  • Oak Green Ben

    Agree with a few of the guys, great guns and great idea. Just far too heavy!

  • Simon Yallop

    Had the dewalt one for nearly a year now and can't really fault it other than it gets heavy after a while but I'm sure they are all fairly heavy I suppose.

  • Moss O'Connor

    I love the light weight of a paslode, use it for quick jobs or hard to reach places, if I want a powerful gun I’ll set up a compressor and use air, there’s no comparison for power.

  • Ashley Avory

    I've got the dewalt one. I built a summer house with it. It did OK for me but I'm only a DIYer. I'd agree it isn't the quickest but it beat doing it by hand!