Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

  • katma 25 Kas 2019
  • Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)

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  • Radha
    Radha Yıl önce +16150

    *You know she deserves the award when she sang her best songs for more than 11 minutes straight but you still feel some songs were missing.*

    • Neda Babic
      Neda Babic 4 gün önce

      Umm no those are her singles none of those respectfully were her best

    • Genesis Cruz
      Genesis Cruz 4 gün önce

      Sooo many songs were missing

    • Morgan Dulany
      Morgan Dulany Aylar önce

      @K. Paul she forgot about Mean then

    • Morgan Dulany
      Morgan Dulany Aylar önce +1

      @A H imagine had she added Long Live 😭 would’ve been beautiful

    • Morgan Dulany
      Morgan Dulany Aylar önce

      @Maho Elmali ME! Is an amazing song when you’re happy.

  • Not Really Barbie
    Not Really Barbie 2 aylar önce +9554

    It’s crazy that since she won artist of the decade, she’s released two studio albums AND re-recorded two albums with songs from the vault. She truly deserved this award.

  • Natalia Aliende
    Natalia Aliende 2 aylar önce +3972

    You can love her, you can hate her, but she is the Unquestionably queen of her ERA, no doubts

    • Serene
      Serene 2 gün önce +1

      @electrictroy2010 who cares? Artist of the decade is taylor after all and she is definitely more iconic, talented and savage :)

    • electrictroy2010
      electrictroy2010 2 gün önce

      @Serene RIHANNA has technically produced more hit songs (31 versus 30 for Taylor)


    • Merlin Pindan
      Merlin Pindan 14 gün önce +2

      @Serene justin so bad

    • Serene
      Serene 15 gün önce +4

      Well lets just say Kim and kendall are jealous lol and the Kanye drama is quiet popular. You can get it on youtube. Justin bieber was a friend of kanye and he made a social media post around 2014 dissing Taylor Swift and Taylor also hated him because he dated her best friend Selena. As of now Justin has apologised to Taylor on multiple occasions and tried to fix things, i think everything is okay between them now nothing huge sort of happened between Justin and taylor.

    • Timothy _
      Timothy _ Aylar önce +4


  • Coni Sanhueza
    Coni Sanhueza 2 aylar önce +4477


    • Agu Mickey
      Agu Mickey 6 gün önce

      @イシャヤ you cant be a fan of something too late.. you probably just had a bad day.

    • mika
      mika 17 gün önce

      @イシャヤ delete this please

    • Daniela Meza
      Daniela Meza 17 gün önce


    • Giaa Bhatia 💚💙
      Giaa Bhatia 💚💙 28 gün önce +1


    • Shehrbano Malik
      Shehrbano Malik Aylar önce +7

      @♧︎︎︎ᴀxɪᴜᴍᴇ welcome in ^_^

  • Holly Virgona
    Holly Virgona 2 aylar önce +3007

    This woman is so amazing, if my kids aren’t fans of her and scream these songs in the car I don’t know what I’ll do.

    • Kelly Burke
      Kelly Burke 13 gün önce +1

      SAME I will be teaching them Taylor from birth

    • mika
      mika 17 gün önce +2

      @Electricity Isgreat no one cares about him here please go to kanyes channel and say this maybe someone will care

    • PoorMSW
      PoorMSW Aylar önce +3

      Your kid’s kids will be screaming her songs!

    • Electricity Isgreat
      Electricity Isgreat Aylar önce

      they rap kanye then

    • Somendra Singh
      Somendra Singh Aylar önce +6


  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Yıl önce +33326

    The reason she is artist of the decade is because even if you don’t like Taylor Swift, you knew all the words to these songs.

    • Me
      Me 2 aylar önce

      @girl on the edge She still is

      ALEENA BOSCO 2 aylar önce

      So true I can't believe whole these years have passed by and I still remember the lyrics even not being her fan

    • Kyo_
      Kyo_ 3 aylar önce

      @Jennifer Jiang isnt it 2022?

    • Ishanee Kamdar
      Ishanee Kamdar 4 aylar önce

      big facts

    • nathalia cabral
      nathalia cabral 4 aylar önce

      R44 v .rrrrée ifkkd pzizoixn . . . .vr

  • Rams
    Rams 2 aylar önce +1821

    She's not Artist of the decade, she's the Artist of the century!

    • Rams
      Rams Gün önce

      @electrictroy2010 ofc, you have to pick and count songs to prove that Rihanna is influential but that's not the case with Taylor cuz her entire discography is evergreen and full of classics! When ppl not just talk about a bunch of your songs but entire albums, then you're the true artist of the century. Taylor's albums have always been on demand no matter what and her numbers prove it!

    • electrictroy2010
      electrictroy2010 2 gün önce +1

      RIHANNA has technically produced more hit songs (31 versus 30 for Taylor). Beyonce and Janet Jackson and Madonna have also had a ton of top songs. I think Madonna currently holds the record

    • Sakshi Makkad
      Sakshi Makkad 6 gün önce

      She has her heart. She will still be on top artist in 2050.

    • 3llie_3llie
      3llie_3llie 9 gün önce

      ​@𝑀𝑖𝑐 Eminem has been active since before Taylor was even born. Adele has been in music just as long as Taylor Swift. If you look at sales and achievements, Adele clearly has the upper hand on Taylor. The thing is just that Adele isn't as constantly present as Taylor in the music industry, and that is why Taylor has won the two decade awards.

    • mika
      mika 17 gün önce +4

      weird how the replies mention other artists when this is clearly a taylor swift video lol

  • Haley Sywak
    Haley Sywak 2 aylar önce +966

    Her parents watching her makes me tear up. I couldn't imagine watching your daughter do this. You'd just be so proud

  • Yes
    Yes Aylar önce +558

    I love when she turn the AMAs her own concert

  • Marissa Taylor
    Marissa Taylor Aylar önce +822

    i’m here 2 years later. she’s the moment, she’s an icon, she’s a genius, i’m so proud of her

    • Sakshi Makkad
      Sakshi Makkad 6 gün önce +1

      here in Jan 2022.

    • Adeline Bailey
      Adeline Bailey 24 gün önce

      Make that 3 years 😎

    • Adib Barliyin
      Adib Barliyin Aylar önce

      I agree

    • Feral Place
      Feral Place Aylar önce +4

      I’ve never been happier for someone who I don’t actually know. She deserves all the recognition.

  • Mary Peterson
    Mary Peterson Yıl önce +4994

    She literally picked all of her top ten hits that had high notes that she’s struggled hitting in the past and slayed them to show far she’s come. WE STAN.

    • garbage egabrag
      garbage egabrag 28 gün önce

      the shake it off high note at the end of the bridge was really impressive; she's missed that note a few times in the past but she really did slay it in this performance

    • April Joy Cinco
      April Joy Cinco 11 aylar önce +4

      Her voice is so much stable and her tone is so marvelous.

    • Khush Marwadi
      Khush Marwadi 11 aylar önce +3

      @Adrian Yu-Chen Chou it might not be your type but it's one of the best song of hers.

    • tulip 13
      tulip 13 11 aylar önce +17

      @Adrian Yu-Chen Chou lover is one of the best songs in her career, and she wrote it alone.

    • Daniel Phung
      Daniel Phung 11 aylar önce

      @Adrian Yu-Chen Chou ? Except Lover?

  • Peyman Yaghoubi
    Peyman Yaghoubi Aylar önce +684

    I was 19 when she performed this , now I am 21 , I swear I ll be crying watching this iconic performance at 80s too if I survive all too well 10 minutes version

    • catherine bailey
      catherine bailey 7 gün önce +1

      how ya doin buddy? that song was a lot

    • Faheemy Syaqireen
      Faheemy Syaqireen 15 gün önce +7

      @Let's Talk I don't think that a 21 years old person is ''kids'' as you said

    • Let's Talk
      Let's Talk Aylar önce +5

      So only 2 years difference and you're acting like it's been 2 decades lol. kids...

    • Arundhati Chowdhury
      Arundhati Chowdhury Aylar önce +9

      19 and 21 are names of adele's albums

  • My name is Simi
    My name is Simi 5 gün önce +159

    This is why she deserves the artist of the decade award. She wants her fans to join her on stage while she sings. She understands that her fans are like her second family. Over the last decade not only has she written songs about her life and about her ex boyfriends but in the last year she’s written three albums during the pandemic which was a way to escape from the world. She’s not only the artist of the decade but she’s the artist that people will remember for years to come. And that’s why I love her so much.

  • flirtare 04
    flirtare 04 25 gün önce +199

    The fact that she made the AMA her concert and audience sing along with her, then she truly deserves the award she accepted that time, plus I hope AMA make a new award "Silver Artist Award" 15 years more and she will get it

    • Samiksha Deo
      Samiksha Deo 19 gün önce +4

      Not sliver artist but a " golden artist award "

  • Voice With Shreejoyee
    Voice With Shreejoyee Aylar önce +230

    She released lover in 2019 and released folklore and evermore in 2020 and re recorded fearless and red and made a short film in 2021. She did all these in just 3 years. She deserves it and much more

  • Naja Holmgaard Pedersen
    Naja Holmgaard Pedersen 2 yıl önce +87524

    she’s the artist of the decade because even though you’re not a fan, you know all the songs

    • Melissa
      Melissa 16 gün önce


    • Presley Jordan
      Presley Jordan 19 gün önce

      @Josh oh, no what I said was a joke as well, sorry if it came off wrong lol

    • Josh
      Josh 19 gün önce

      @Presley Jordan read more comments i explained it was joke bro

    • J CHRIST
      J CHRIST 23 gün önce

      You’re right

    • pinii_00
      pinii_00 Aylar önce

      Trues up

  • nng studio
    nng studio Aylar önce +199

    0:04 The Man
    0:40 Love Story (Taylor's Version)
    1:55 I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor's Version)
    4:06 Blank Space
    6:14 Shake It Off
    8:26 Lover

    • nng studio
      nng studio Aylar önce +6

      @varun ghildiyal not really. She skipped her first album 'Taylor Swift' and also 'Speak Now'. Maybe the next re-record album will be 'Speak Now', there're lots of hints for this album.

    • varun ghildiyal
      varun ghildiyal Aylar önce +7

      wait a min i just noticed that all the rerecordings are in order first fearless then red ... does that mean the next one is 1989 omgggg........😲😲

  • stagleap07
    stagleap07 Aylar önce +101

    I'm an old guy and lived trough what was the greatest time in music history late 60s and 70s, but this young lady writes exceptional songs, I only met her at winning best album for forklore I'm thankful

  • Kailee Rose
    Kailee Rose Aylar önce +272

    Taylor looked like she was having so much fun during the speaking part of Shake It Off
    Also, Selena jamming with Taylor’s parents is the definition of wholesome

  • Natasha Romanoff Forever
    Natasha Romanoff Forever 2 aylar önce +249

    She won 2 Awards at AMA's this year she has came a lot far ALL TOO WELL 10 mins version is just..................I am speechless such a wonderful song I am 13 and that song made me to tears too
    EDIT: OMG so many likes I'm famous

    • Rosé
      Rosé 8 gün önce

      @Kshiti Awasare true lmao

    • Kshiti Awasare
      Kshiti Awasare 8 gün önce

      i am 13 too and i love black widow too lol such coincidence

    • Rosé
      Rosé 14 gün önce


  • Celaena
    Celaena Yıl önce +10170

    I never regretted stanning such a talented woman.

  • Duda Wimmer
    Duda Wimmer Aylar önce +104

    I feel like I don’t see people talking enough about this, but I love how powerful this performance feels when she turns her back and the only thing there is…. Fearless.
    Fearless. She is fearless. And she showed us nothing can ever stop her. I love it. You go, Blondie.

  • Solace Hideaway
    Solace Hideaway 22 gün önce +61

    i dont care if you’re a taylor fan or not, everyone in that room felt that energy when Shake it Off came on and everyone HAD to dance. it was irresistible positive energy and thats what makes taylor so great. proud swiftie since ‘07 :)

  • Tiny Teena
    Tiny Teena 18 gün önce +65

    How can someone ever hate a gem like her. When someone can have the audacity to slander her in their songs, then something is off with them. She clearly stood by her hardwork and talent. A woman like her who never hurt anyone publicly like she was hurted, she can never be wrong.

    • Swiftie13
      Swiftie13 3 saatler önce

      People throw rocks at things that shine

    • Pink Zebra
      Pink Zebra 2 gün önce

      @Sum Mas Bae nothing embarrassing but you hating on a multimillionaire with hits more than your braincells, go workout, or read a book, you really need it

    • Sum Mas
      Sum Mas 3 gün önce

      slander her in their songs?
      HUNNY THIS BASIC, CAN'T DANCE CANT SING White Wohman has done nothing but slander people to sell records

      this performance is so embarrassing lol

  • Tyakshi Singh
    Tyakshi Singh 5 gün önce +24

    It’s been more than 2 years now since this performance came out, and it continues to amaze me to this day.
    This award was truly deserved after all she has gone thru
    Kanye’s interruption
    The hardships she faced before releasing rep album
    Body shaming
    Re-recording all her albums after her masters were sold
    The list is endless

    When I saw this performance I had tears in my eyes. I am so proud to be as old as Taylor’s career. 🥺
    I have literally seen myself grow along with her. Her music has taught me so much. It motivated me to learn a new instrument, it helped me in my songwriting skills and so much more. Not only her music, She as a person has taught me so many important life skills.
    She is way too precious to be a part of this world.

    I am glad that Taylor Swift is in my life and I am truly blessed to be living in the same world as her.
    Thank you so much Taylor. You truly are a Queen. 🧣🧣

    A dedicated Swiftie

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C Yıl önce +3843

    Her parents must be so proud to have their daughter be Artist if the Decade. Well deserved, Taylor, well deserved indeed.

    • Holy Simeon
      Holy Simeon Aylar önce

      @Mad Beefs do you even know what you're saying 💀

    • Squidward's ass is lit
      Squidward's ass is lit Aylar önce

      @Mad Beefs someone more talented than your fave wbk💅 stay pressed

    • rxmanoffheda
      rxmanoffheda Aylar önce +1

      @Mad Beefs at least her parents loved her and was proud of her unlike you. I bet your parents regret even raising you

    • Ca-Mai09
      Ca-Mai09 2 aylar önce

      Everyone that's mad at the snake part is obviously not a reputation stan

    • overwicket
      overwicket 2 aylar önce +3

      @Mad Beefs stop bragging about yourself

  • Serene Swift
    Serene Swift 2 aylar önce +209

    Selena and Taylor's mom singing along together is the most wholesome thing

  • Cookie Squad
    Cookie Squad 20 gün önce +13

    She’s my role model I absolutely love her

    • Grace Chen
      Grace Chen 6 gün önce

      SAME!!!!! the way she impacted my life since becoming a Stan last year is insane

  • Danaé Castillejos Laguna
    Danaé Castillejos Laguna Aylar önce +64

    We need another performance like this including folklore and evermore. Who agrees?

  • Niharika Prakash
    Niharika Prakash Aylar önce +66

    Taylor, Halsey and Camila are 3 amazing queens who had to overcome a lot and earned evrythn wid their hardwork!! They deserve all the love and attention from their fans!

    And yes...I have watched this more than 10 times

  • Fairy Princess
    Fairy Princess Yıl önce +16342

    This woman has waaayyyy too many hits to fit into one performance

    • Mare
      Mare 27 gün önce +1

      @Carl Clemens i found the beta male!

    • Tanishka Sawant
      Tanishka Sawant Aylar önce +1

      @Carl Clemens oh yeah. Shake It Off Sounds just Like Champagne Problems how same They sound.

    • Johren Gapasen
      Johren Gapasen Aylar önce +1

      @Carl Clemens tone-deaf.

    • TJ K
      TJ K Aylar önce

      @Carl Clemens someone's got a serious case of "I'll never be as successful as this woman and its bringing out my not-so-well-hidden misogyny" and its not a great look.

    • Fairy Princess
      Fairy Princess 6 aylar önce

      @Swiftie looool what i miss?

  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho Aylar önce +25

    0:00 The Man
    0:41 Love Story
    2:07 I Knew You Were Trouble
    4:07 Blank Space
    6:13 Shake It Off
    8:29 Lover

  • kmzai
    kmzai Aylar önce +63

    When you're not a fan of her but you know all the lyrics. That's how you make music.

  • 06DynaGirl
    06DynaGirl 15 gün önce +22

    This lady is amazing. Her talent, her charisma, her skills. She absolutely deserved this and I'm sure she will keep on proving to us that she's a top artist.

  • E P
    E P Aylar önce +35

    I love that you can tell everyone in the audience is enjoying themselves! Taylor makes music for everyone. My older brother is a huge fan and is the reason I love Taylor so much

  • sqnaaa
    sqnaaa 6 aylar önce +8106

    She had WAYYY too many hits for a decade. She deserves that title.

    • Peter Mayne
      Peter Mayne 9 gün önce

      If Taylor Swift owned the decade for outstanding contribution for music, kanye west surely wins the Ray Charles award for the ability to spot up and coming tallent!

    • gugali100
      gugali100 11 gün önce

      @DanceMomsWorld my 7 year old sister loves Taylor lol

    • Anna 2204
      Anna 2204 5 aylar önce +1

      @Ceci 21
      That's great 😇

    • Ceci 21
      Ceci 21 5 aylar önce +3

      @Anna 2204 I'm a swiftie and an Arianator

    • Kier Digol
      Kier Digol 5 aylar önce

      6k like is from me. yes deserve

  • Prince Sy
    Prince Sy Aylar önce +30

    It’s crazy that since she won artist of the decade, she’s released two studio albums AND re-recorded two albums with songs from the vault. She truly deserved this award.

  • Jay Summer
    Jay Summer 27 gün önce +34

    Sometimes I wonder what this world would look like without Taylor Swift and her incredible music.
    We would miss so much fun and so many feelings - what a boring world it would be!!
    Love you Taylor - thanks for making me cry all the time - out of heartbreak or out of pure joy. Your whole existance is a masterpiece

  • PolurColt
    PolurColt 2 aylar önce +98


  • Magic world!
    Magic world! 2 aylar önce +96

    How was she surprised when her 10 minute song made it to the top of the charts, Does she know how many times we´ve watched this 11:39 minutes performance??

  • Julia
    Julia Yıl önce +15226

    the fact that every single person in the audience knows all the lyrics just proves once and for all that she deserved the award more than anyone else

    • Natalie Rosen
      Natalie Rosen Gün önce +2

      I played 1989 for my dad and he knew most of the words to some songs. I don’t know how

    • Frank DiNardi
      Frank DiNardi 26 gün önce


    • Ally Hawkins
      Ally Hawkins Aylar önce


    • PurpleOtakuBB
      PurpleOtakuBB 2 aylar önce


    • Mark McNeel
      Mark McNeel 2 aylar önce +2

      @Julia the fact that Taylor leaves her comments section open is great too... and I absolutely agree with u!! Sorry i'm late lol

    ALEENA BOSCO 2 aylar önce +162

    When I have kids I wanna tell Taylor Swift was our Golden age

    • Ojasvi Thaman
      Ojasvi Thaman 2 aylar önce +7

      Omg yesssss ,I guess they themselves will find out ,she's just a icon ,a queen

  • Miranda Dominguez
    Miranda Dominguez 23 gün önce +28

    I love how she just shares the stage with other artists and dancers so well. And the whole crowd loves her music . She’s always been such a talented woman ❤️

  • Togechu
    Togechu 2 aylar önce +63

    how am I just now discovering this performance?!
    I wouldn't even be mad if the whole thing was playpack because of that crazy stage presence.
    the fact that she sang so damn well while dancing is INSANE 😨
    she truly is the artist of the decade ❤

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast Aylar önce +39

    I didn't know that Taylor swift is kind enough to allow the ama's to be hosted in her concert.
    I adore her so much

  • IceQueen
    IceQueen Aylar önce +49

    Can we talk about how much she’s moving/ dancing and all that but she can still sing?

  • Scarlett Witch
    Scarlett Witch Aylar önce +19

    Taylor siempre esta en un momento de la vida. Yo la escuché desde que sacó sus álbumes de country y yo era una niña. Cuándo escuché este concierto me dio tanta nostalgia.
    Ha estado conmigo en mis relaciones fallidas y ahora también que estoy enamorada. Ella ES la música.
    Te amo Taylor

  • Tasha Farmer
    Tasha Farmer 5 gün önce +11

    Doesn’t seem like it’s been 2 years already since this iconic performance and when I commented last 🥺 I come back to this video constantly and watch over & over!! Just love her so much! Never gets old. Now look at everything she’s given us since this performance ❤️

  • Dilip Shelke
    Dilip Shelke 18 gün önce +9

    The fact that she was not alone singing..... I sang every singe lyric of her song. She is just AMAZING!!

  • Stan Kim Jisoo
    Stan Kim Jisoo 2 yıl önce +3973

    Whether you like taylor or not, you can’t deny she’s worked herself to the top and has made an immense impact. She’s also so passionate about what she does it’s really heartwarming

    • ZX7 -RR
      ZX7 -RR 3 aylar önce

      She has outstanding musicianship, a brilliant sense of melody and the ability to craft perfect songs around them.

    • Hamieo Seio
      Hamieo Seio 3 aylar önce +2

      @G&K Mathéo it's not just about the singer. It's about the artist all over. She sings the songs she wrote. Does Katy Perry do the same?

    • Rat Poop
      Rat Poop 8 aylar önce

      @G&K Mathéo LMAOXXX no

    • Rat Poop
      Rat Poop 8 aylar önce

      @G&K Mathéo no

    • Luisa Arora
      Luisa Arora 2 yıl önce +4

      Every artist is passionate about what they do but I genuinely do really like Taylor swift though

  • roxane
    roxane 20 gün önce +8

    she’s the music industry.

  • berfin zelal
    berfin zelal Aylar önce +42

    She really is a star. She can sing dance play piano.. She can do her all talents on the stage with a confidance. Taylor, what a sweet voice you have.

  • Kaitlyn Burns
    Kaitlyn Burns 2 aylar önce +124

    What a flex to have Halsey and Camilla as your backup vocalists

  • Sai Krithik
    Sai Krithik 8 gün önce +5

    0:04 The Man

    0:40 Love Story (Taylor's Version)

    1:55 I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor's Version)

    4:06 Blank Space

    6:14 Shake It Off

    8:26 Lover

  • armyblink
    armyblink Yıl önce +5064

    Let’s admit it: Taylor Swift is an icon. Her songs will be treasured . Haters knows her songs too. She’s like the *most* talented person EVER

    • Autocons_and_Lifeline
      Autocons_and_Lifeline 3 aylar önce

      @maria ajian ain’t your pfp one of the most famous artists?

    • maria ajian
      maria ajian Yıl önce

      @KaitoStudious Yes but the problem is that the person aboth meant Taylor is the most talented ,,Ever" ... And that's not true. She is one of them.... but not aboth all else...

    • Enger
      Enger Yıl önce

      @Karthik Krish Bah who eats this shit.

    • Karthik Krish
      Karthik Krish Yıl önce +1

      @MegaGood5 why are y'all mad about it um?

    • Karthik Krish
      Karthik Krish Yıl önce +2

      @Aaron Kiely pls ur a kanye stan. Ur opinion doesn't matter

  • nomvuyo luthuli
    nomvuyo luthuli 6 gün önce +11

    Taylor Swift has got to be one of the most hardworking people I know, she never let's anything put her down, she is definitely my Queen.

  • SOS
    SOS Aylar önce +9

    I love this performance! The only thing it was missing is the song "you belong with me".

  • pooja bhardwaj
    pooja bhardwaj Aylar önce +9

    I just can't take my eyes off form her... singing screaming every words of her songs I feel so awesome for having Taylor Swift as my music love 💕😘 she's just amazing singer songwriter beautiful person of the decade but for me for century 😘☺️💖

  • Harshita Sinsinwar
    Harshita Sinsinwar Aylar önce +18

    This is her best performance ❤

  • Gabby
    Gabby 2 yıl önce +22372

    It was nice of Taylor to let them have an award show during her concert

    Edit: idk why people think I’m mad? I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan

    • Gaurav Bora
      Gaurav Bora 2 gün önce

      I think more than mad, they be like you are Gay. It's so sad

    • fla la
      fla la 2 aylar önce


    • Leah Rountree
      Leah Rountree 2 aylar önce

      @Freddy Wilson what are you listening to Taylor's performance if you dont like her???

    • miguel :D
      miguel :D 4 aylar önce


    • Niladri Manna
      Niladri Manna 5 aylar önce

      @UC43hUCD7RfExxtA1-3AEqdA Guys, everyone I gave him a proper answer don't worry, he's welcome to go f*** himself now.

  • Laura Schilperoort
    Laura Schilperoort 2 aylar önce +61

    She's incredible - I'll be a Swiftie for life

  • Gloria Nguyen
    Gloria Nguyen 8 gün önce +1

    She's just simply the best. I love her so much and feel grateful the world is blessed by her talent.

  • Andrea Kulesz
    Andrea Kulesz Aylar önce +15

    I’m obsessed with the production of IKYWT on this version-I wish this was on Red TV like how there’s an acoustic State of Grace.

  • Ana Henriques
    Ana Henriques 20 gün önce +17

    she's literally the artist of the decade because even if you don't stan her, you'll know the lyrics to her songs!! it's amazing 😍

  • Vartika Singh
    Vartika Singh Yıl önce +3595

    The best thing about her is that she embraces her old (teen-ish) music with pride.

    • Water
      Water Aylar önce

      @Fried chicken also only her first few albums were more teen based, she changes as she grews, she write songs about her experience that's why the newer songs are way mature than the old ones.

    • Water
      Water Aylar önce

      @Fried chicken most of her fans 'were' teens, ain't anymore. They are more 21-30 year olds than like 17-20 years olds and then comes others. It's just that only teens have the time to makes TR-cam channels based on her and have the time to comment about her.

    • Stan talent
      Stan talent Aylar önce +2

      @Fried chicken not really. Lots of her fans grew old with her

    • Fried chicken
      Fried chicken 2 aylar önce +1

      Because she knows her main audience are as old as her

    • April Joy Cinco
      April Joy Cinco 9 aylar önce +6

      It's because her music are classic and masterpieces.

  • Chhang hour
    Chhang hour Aylar önce +15

    She is the best singer ever.
    Masterpiece, talent, best voice,she is so stunning.l love her so much.

  • kingdom cookies
    kingdom cookies 6 gün önce +7

    i had all these songs memorized by the age of 6. she's basically raised me in music

  • marjan
    marjan 2 aylar önce +60

    i don't know why i come back to this and this performance brings tears in my eyes at last... She has came so far... we have came so far swifties 💛

  • Sneha Nair
    Sneha Nair 17 gün önce +7

    Each and everyone person in the audience know each and every lyrics of her song. That's what Taylor is! You just remember everything she says because whatever she says is GOLD.

  • Kaan Cem Kıvanç
    Kaan Cem Kıvanç 2 yıl önce +33381

    When she switches songs and you know every song she sings, then you realise she is really an icon

  • Katrish Gualberto
    Katrish Gualberto 25 gün önce +7

    Last day of 2021 and I’m still listening to her songs. I love you Taylor F O R E V E R ❤️

  • Paloma Morais
    Paloma Morais 3 gün önce +2

    Taylor rainha 💛

    ARISHA WASEEM 22 gün önce +3

    this is one of my favorite performances of her, love it.

  • Candace Salim
    Candace Salim Aylar önce +11

    It's ridiculous... How many times a week I watch this damn performance. Swift my love... not a single human alive does music like you!

  • Fresh R
    Fresh R Aylar önce +15

    I love her
    I only listened to rap and now there is only Taylor for me

  • Sara Cajilema Villacis
    Sara Cajilema Villacis 5 gün önce +8

    The fact that she had "Fearless" in the piano (her first re recorderd album) and I just noticed is crazy, she is the best at leaving easter eggs

  • Bella
    Bella 29 gün önce +8

    This isn't my first time watching yet I keep crying every time I watch this. Taylor deserved the whole world and I love her so so much. Never regret loving her since years ago.

  • Hlmlm Hlmlm
    Hlmlm Hlmlm 20 gün önce +7

    You are a legend Taylorrr.

  • Y A
    Y A 11 aylar önce +4116

    can't believe i let society convince me to not like this woman... she is so TALENTED!!! A PERFORMER!!! can't wait to make up for those lost years and discover all of her songs and performances

    • Tifflan
      Tifflan 2 aylar önce

      Same. I disliked her for the longest time but love her now. Even though I’m not a fan of her music, the girl is really talented and one of the biggest pop stars.

    • Sureli Mahapatra
      Sureli Mahapatra 3 aylar önce

      Bruh i couldn't agree more.

    • Brent Ward
      Brent Ward 4 aylar önce +3

      my tastes lie in metal/rock mostly but I love Taylor Swift. I can go from blasting Nightwish, Tool, Dragonforce, Evanescence, and Slipknot, straight to this video and get chills every time

    • R T
      R T 10 aylar önce +3

      Saaaaaame, new swiftie here, since folklore!

    • Divina Commedia
      Divina Commedia 10 aylar önce +5

      Same! I re discovered her with folklore/evermore, I love and respect her so much now

  • Bruh • 67 years ago
    Bruh • 67 years ago 22 gün önce +5

    What an incredible performance , I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen,. And the dancers in last song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Peachbantangpink
    Peachbantangpink  5 saatler önce +1

    She is so talented I love her voice ❤️

  • Christine Gonzales
    Christine Gonzales Aylar önce +9

    It's amazing to see how her music change a lot she's so versatile and can fit any genre of music. I love her.

  • Huỳnh Nhật Trân Châu

    I'm so speechless since the performance is beyond perfection.

  • Lillian Eversole
    Lillian Eversole Yıl önce +5567

    No one deserved this award more than her. No one comes even close, not ins record sales or hits. Taylor rocked this whole decade

    • b m
      b m Yıl önce

      @Turtle ew no thanks.

    • Zhuo Feng
      Zhuo Feng Yıl önce

      Jay gaga flopped from 2013 to 2017.

    • Illicitmemories
      Illicitmemories Yıl önce

      Wan sajew them both are queens!!

    • Nobody :D
      Nobody :D Yıl önce +1

      Preach queen-

    • Mickey Garlock
      Mickey Garlock Yıl önce

      @marcus kawa Sounds like one of those "pass this on and have blessings) ads.

  • Hiral Ghoghari
    Hiral Ghoghari 2 aylar önce +9

    I can watch her and listened to her all day long & all night long & then repeat again and again and again and againnnnnn.

  • Ojasvi Thaman
    Ojasvi Thaman 2 aylar önce +31

    She must have been soo damn proud after what performance she just put up there, simply I C O N I C

  • Katheryn Rivera
    Katheryn Rivera 14 gün önce +1

    this should be on spotify!!

  • Jordan Celeste💐
    Jordan Celeste💐 9 gün önce

    vivo enamorada de esta presentación.

  • kylene
    kylene 10 aylar önce +3601

    people are saying that she came back stronger than a 90's trend but y'all, she never went out of style!

    • Brent Ward
      Brent Ward 4 aylar önce

      watch her performance at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show singing "Style". perfection. even Alessandra Ambrosio was feelin it

    • Andii
      Andii 8 aylar önce +1


    • Miya
      Miya 8 aylar önce

      @rio almondet it's the lyrics to one of her songs

    • Sophia Miguel
      Sophia Miguel 8 aylar önce


    • Weesheeper Moof
      Weesheeper Moof 8 aylar önce

      .... okeh

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar Aylar önce +5

    Pure voice ❤️

  • Jay Moyses
    Jay Moyses 22 gün önce +3

    I know I'm not the only one who keeps coming back on this amazing performance

  • Ava
    Ava Aylar önce +11

    The most iconic performance.

  • Delhi Kitchen Gardening
    Delhi Kitchen Gardening 12 gün önce +1

    The energy the vibe... ❤ Taylor's fan forever

  • Dana Kravitz
    Dana Kravitz 2 aylar önce +9378

    she’s more than an artist of the decade. she’s the artist of a lifetime.

    • Nikhil
      Nikhil 14 gün önce

      @Sarah Gilbert name one

    • Rori Gillmore
      Rori Gillmore 23 gün önce

      wait what.... no

    • Yasser Hussaini
      Yasser Hussaini 27 gün önce

      @J H well not everyone will like het song and there is nothing wrong with that. I myself stumbled upon her name a while ago and yes indeed she is talented.

    • Raj
      Raj Aylar önce

      @Pineapples are delicious yes obviously rihanna didn't write any of her songs but I was talking about her voice and firstly read the comments he's saying that Taylor is more than the artist of decade she deserves to be the artist of lifetime.. but In my opinion rihanna is the artist of lifetime that's it

    • Pineapples are delicious
      Pineapples are delicious Aylar önce

      @Raj it was proven that rihanna didn’t write any of her songs. Like what?

  • Potre Linang Bae Macud
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  • claire godoy
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  • cahhemkemeier
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  • Lourdes Galvan Torez
    Lourdes Galvan Torez Aylar önce +4

    una gran diva, espectacular, no era su seguidora pero lei su historia y por lo que ha pasado y desde hoy soy su fan, mis respetos, hacen falta más cantantes como ella.

  • simply-angie
    simply-angie 3 aylar önce +8867

    When the whole AMA's turns into Taylor's concert, you know she really is an *ICON*

  • Omar Olmos
    Omar Olmos 14 gün önce +4

    Omg why is no one talking about this performance being a HUGE easter egg??? Let me explain:

    She opens the show with The Man (referencing the albums she doesn’t own at the time) and then starts singing Love Story (Fearless, the first re recording), next she starts I Knew You Were Trouble (RED, second re recording). The next song in the setlist is Blank Space then Shake It Off 😭 what if 1989 TV is in fact next? 😩 she doesn’t perform anything from Speak Now but at the beginning of Lover the lights turn purple-ish!!! What if that’s the easter egg so it’s not obvious!
    Can’t find references for the Debut era but it is more likely to be released at the end before or along REP, since both are on the shirt’s sleeves