2019 Tactical Bucket Walkthrough & AMA LIVE

  • katma 27 Mar 2019
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    Tactical Bucket is a powerful suite of tools that connect seamlessly with Tactical Arbitrage.

    This allows you to install Xpath's (your own sites not supported by TA) with one button click ease, create custom bulk lists, gather ASIN data from huge storefronts, download massive ASIN bulk lists for reverse search and much more.

    We will be walking through the entire software plus share with you some of the changes to the plans that have happened and even have a very special offer only available from me!

    If you are a Tactical Arbitrage user I would highly suggest you hit he bell to get a reminder and hang out with us.

    There will also be some freebie to download for anyone who shows up and hangs out!

    Start using Tactical Bucket Today:

    ➜ www.tacticalbucket.com/?a=CLE...


  • Christopher Grant
    Christopher Grant  2 yıl önce +1

    Grab Your TA Niche Site Spreadsheet Here: cleartheshelf.com/TA-Niche-Sites

    Don't worry, I'll explain how to use it and how you can get even more data like this!

    • Doug Hampshire
      Doug Hampshire 12 saatler önce

      @Christopher Grant Have you been able to do this yet? Thanks.

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  14 gün önce

      @Mary Ann Tytor I'll need to make another one up. I can do that soon

    • Mary Ann Tytor
      Mary Ann Tytor 14 gün önce

      Is this still available?

  • Joel Hinojosa
    Joel Hinojosa 2 yıl önce +2

    Hello Chris wow this stream was Gold. Love it tjank you.

  • Julie Laz
    Julie Laz 2 yıl önce

    Hey Chris. I watched this video and am using a trial. I’m confused by product search xpath and exclusive xpath. What’s the difference between the two? And wondering why there are different stores for them. And either will count towards a credit used?

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  2 yıl önce

      Product search xpath is an xpath that is available to anyone who uses tactical bucket.

      An exclusive xpath is a site that is built just for you and is guaranteed for a period of time to nt be built for anyone else.

      These actually cost a few shekels to have built as they have to be custom coded for just you.

  • Darcy Cardinal
    Darcy Cardinal Yıl önce +1

    I'm giving the Best Seller ASIN tool's "Exits" feature a try. Since these items have fallen off the charts recently, is it wise to set the number of "active sellers" to zero? or set to 1-2 to avoid possible PL products? Thanks.

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  Yıl önce

      Not typically but we can chat for a few.



      If you want to schedule a 30 minute meeting just click the link below.

      That will take you to my Calendly schedule and you can choose a date and time that is good for you.

      You will also be able to reschedule from the reminder email if you need to.

      If you have have any questions just give me a shout.


    • Darcy Cardinal
      Darcy Cardinal Yıl önce +1

      Christopher Grant do you offer consultations? We are looking for some coaching/consultation sessions for our business. Thanks for your videos, they have been helpful.

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  Yıl önce

      I would probably leave it blank.

      That way you don’t miss items that may be OOS in Amazon.

      I would just look carefully at listings with a history of only having a single seller.

      I passed on a product flip from Walmart last night as you could tell it was a PL.

      Most PL listings are a dead giveaway.

  • My Dream FBA - Julissa Martinez

    My God this is amazing. Im gonna sign up now. Do you have a code?🤔

    • My Dream FBA - Julissa Martinez
      My Dream FBA - Julissa Martinez 2 yıl önce

      @Christopher Grant hey there must be something wrong. i tried 3 times already and its giving me this error "Oops, Expired Session

      The session has expired, please retry again after refreshing your Tacticalbucket page."

    • My Dream FBA - Julissa Martinez
      My Dream FBA - Julissa Martinez 2 yıl önce

      @Christopher Grant thank you!😁😁

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  2 yıl önce

      www.tacticalbucket.com?a=CLEARTHESHELF is all you need!

      Thank you!!

  • Leonardo Di Stefano
    Leonardo Di Stefano 6 gün önce

    Hi there,

    I added a custom Xpath using the sync feature.
    - When I select my website, enter the bulk i want, and start a search, it doesn't seem to find products.
    - I've used TA in the past, so I know how to run a search, I'm just confused why it's not finding products with a wholesaler that has thousands of products.
    - Is something not correct in my settings? Is my Xpath proper?

    Thank you in advance.

    NUEVO TOM Yıl önce

    Hi Christopher, good afternoon. I would like to know the best way to use the two credits of PRODUCTS SEARCH XPATS AND THE 5 CREDITS OF ASIN Extractor, I hope you can help me. God bless you.

  • Darcy Cardinal
    Darcy Cardinal Yıl önce

    I'm assuming TA and TB are still relevant in 2020? I thought this software was a good alternative to paying a VA (Who usually just sift through TA data anyways) for a beginner/novice in OA.

    • Darcy Cardinal
      Darcy Cardinal Yıl önce

      @Christopher Grant Thanks for the reply. Looks like searches through TA need to be done 24/7 to take full advantage of both products.

    • Christopher Grant
      Christopher Grant  Yıl önce

      Yes. Both softwares still work in 2020.

  • mfrankl61
    mfrankl61 2 yıl önce +2

    Missed it! My bell reminder didn’t go off.

    MAMI KOIKE Yıl önce

    I tried to Sync TB xpath but message say Log into TA to sync Data I am login TA but do not how to sync Data