Rich Fruit Bread Recipe |Christmas Fruit Bread |Easy No Knead Fruit Bread |Easy Fruit Bread Recipe

  • katma 25 Kas 2021
  • Easy Fruit Bread Recipe for Christmas |Christmas Fruit Bread :Complete Written Recipe :
    This Easy Fruit Bread Recipe will help you make the Best Fruit Bread full of juicy bits of fruits and deliciously flavored with spices.

    The smell and aroma of this fruit bread reminds us of Christmas and can also be considered as a Festive Fruit bread or Christmas Fruit bread as it contain lots of fruits in it.


    This easy fruit bread recipe uses the minimal ingredients to make the fruit bread
    This fruit loaf is so easy to make, we don’t need to knead the dough
    We don’t need to use a stand mixer or any other equipments
    We can make the bread dough in less than 3 minutes!
    The resulting fruit bread is absolutely delicious and is filled with lots of plump dry fruits
    This sweet bread is super soft in texture with golden brown shine on top


    We can make this Sweet Bread or no knead Fruit Yeast Bread in five simple steps

    1.Prepare the dough
    2.First Proofing
    Wrap the bowl with a plastic film and let the dough stand rise in a warm environment for 1 hour or until it gets almost doubled in size.
    3.Shape the dough
    4.Final rising
    Let the dough sit and rise in warm environment for 90 minutes.
    5.Bake the Fruit Bread

    Bake the Fruit bread at 350 F preheated oven for 34-35 minutes.Reduce the baking temperature to 325 F and bake for another 4-5 minutes

    The top of the fruit bread or fruit loaf will start browning at around 25 minutes of baking.It doesn’t mean our dry fruit bread is done.

    At this point if we take it out, the center of the fruit yeast bread will have a doughy texture and it will smell very “yeasty”

    So wait for until the fruit bread is baked properly.

    If you find the top getting too dark, you can tent the top with an aluminum foil at around 25 minutes and then continue baking.

    This is one of the Best Fruit Bread Recipes ,as the fruit bread has nice spice flavor and they are soft and is filled with lots of dry fruits.As a bonus it does not require kneading as well.

    We can use candied fruits as well and can be called candied fruit bread or can use nuts as well and can make fruit and nut bread.

    The smell ,flavor and deliciousness of this fruit bread reminds us of Christmas.This fruit yeast bread can definitely be considered a Christmas fruit bread.

    We used almost all the dry fruits and spices in this Christmas fruit bread recipe,that we usually use while making a Christmas fruit cake.
    This fruit bread is one of the best breads for making french toast and so can also be considered the best French Toast Bread.

    If you want to make Delicious and Super Moist Fruit cake for Christmas ,kindly check out this Video:

    Hope you found this Christmas fruit bread recipe simple and easy to make.
    Hope you make it at home and enjoy!

    Happy Baking!

    Easy Fruit Bread Recipe for Christmas |Christmas Fruit Bread :Complete Written Recipe :
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  • Manee Morrison

    I had made 5 loafs in 4 days since I tried your recipe, I gave 4 for my neighbors and doctor and they all love it’s. To be honest with you I don’t think it would work because it is so easy, I am so impressed thank you for your heard work experiments.

  • Queen Cleo

    This is absolutely amazing! I'm a great lover of dried fruit, and incorporating it into a bread dough looks promising. It's great for a Christmas breakfast or brunch! I imagine that it can be formed into little buns too... What a treat! Thank you and Merry Xmas 🎄

  • Donna Lancaster

    Bincy, thank you for your channel. I have loved every recipe. I can’t wait to make this fruit bread. Your channel is almost like meditation to me, and I love baking

  • Alex Williams

    Bincy, happy holidays. Your recipes are always so simple and delicious. I haven't baked for the season, but this is a must do. Thanks love

  • Denise Dehart-VanLaan

    Oh my, I just had to try this. Bincy, this is a fantastic recipe, and the cardamom makes such a sweet aroma. Thank you!!! A batch makes about five small loaves; will spread them around for Christmas gifts. Fantastic!

  • Janice Konstantinidis

    Thank you Bincy! I love the look of this recipe. I can't wait to make it.

  • Debbie Nixon

    Hi, looks so delicious! This fruit bread is a tremendous change from fruit cake. I thank you so much! Much love!

  • Yasmine Prasad

    Thank you for this easy deli delicious looking recipe Bincy.

  • Denise CP1

    Happy holidays to you and your family! I love your recipes❤️. The preparation is simple and the fruit bread 🍞 looks delicious. It’s a must try.

  • Genevieve Dmello

    OMG! This loaf is such a beauty. So colorful and festive looking. Can’t wait to try this😍

  • Bee Vlogz

    Looks like a simple and delicious recipe. Will definitely try this out. Thanks 🙏

  • Pat Yam
    Pat Yam  +1

    I made 2 loaves today. It's so pretty and smell amazing.

  • Jennifer Baboolal

    Your bread always comes out fantastic.👍🏻can’t wait to try this one thanks for sharing..❤️❤️

  • Mz C.D.
    Mz C.D.  +8

    Will definitely bake this for Christmas, but ofcourse I will need to start practising now so its perfect. That will also involve the toaster and a couple of bricks of butter along with extra mouths : ) Thank u Bincy!

  • Joanna Fang

    Hi Bincy , the bread is so colourful and it's beautiful. 💖👍👍👍💕

  • Malarvizy Perumal
    Malarvizy Perumal 21 gün önce

    Thank you so much as this is my first time baking a loaf of bread and it was perfect and all my students loved it - your recipes are so perfect just like your fruit cake - ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖

  • Emmy puspasari

    This so lovely Christmas bread !!


    Just made this loaf it smells and taste delicious thanks for your recipes so easy to do 👍

  • Dipti Patel

    Thank u so much ma'm for sharing this fruitbread recipe with us 🙏🙏🙏 bcz it looks so tasty n mouthwatering too My daughter love to have at evnt breakfast 💕💕

  • PP
    PP  +1

    Wow. It's looks heavenly. I will certainly try this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe ❤