In Mumbai's Dharavi, 8000 Common Toilets For 8 Lakh Residents Pose High Risk For Coronavirus

  • katma 12 May 2020
  • From the red zone of Dharavi, in Mumbai, Barkha Dutt reports on how the absence of separate bathrooms has become a major issue in containing the pandemic. In an area where 8.5 lakh people live, the slum tenement has roughly 400 common toilet blocks, that's about 8000 toilets for 8 lakh people.

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    NIDHI PODDAR Yıl önce +4

    Must appreciate the work you are doing. I am following you since the start of the epidemic. You are working so hard and going all out in such a situation of epidemic. Hats off to you Barkha and your team. Please take care of yourself and your team.

  • faizan shaikh
    faizan shaikh Yıl önce +30

    Love her
    Respect her
    Real journalism...❤️❤️❤️

    • Big Foodie Yumm
      Big Foodie Yumm Yıl önce +3

      All NDTV's reporters are real heroes . Then are showing just truth.

  • Gordon Fernandes
    Gordon Fernandes Yıl önce +4

    Salute you ma'am 👍 you are really actually going to Ground zero in all the super hot spots and reporting directly from there. Two words " Guts & Passion" for what you do for a living , inspite of having the 1st choice of not having to do this risky job at this stage in your career because of your seniority in the field ! Godbless & Good Luck !

  • Siddhanth
    Siddhanth Yıl önce +8

    You are promoting a real kind of journalism!hats off barkha dutt!

  • Aafreen Sayed
    Aafreen Sayed Yıl önce +58

    She have gutts to go n show this reality
    Hight funda people never ever go in such places

    • Bindu Manju
      Bindu Manju Yıl önce

      @cyberstud007 they are fulfilling the purpose after coming to this earth

    • Bindu Manju
      Bindu Manju Yıl önce

      She is finding platform again after Hafeez saab .

    • Raaj Singh
      Raaj Singh Yıl önce

      Shes is really media anchor salute u mam

    • Raaj Singh
      Raaj Singh Yıl önce

      Shes is really media anchor

    • cyberstud007
      cyberstud007 Yıl önce

      She has to also count number of kids in one household. Why it has happened ? What sickular people claim. 2 hands always will feed 1l mouth n stomach. A family cannot afford for 1 kid and having min 4 kids. During lockdown there will be more production...

  • A U
    A U Yıl önce +12

    Why can't all this be demolished and a better housing facility be made for all the slum dwellers? What is really hindering the Govt from doing it?
    Our living standards should improve and i think it should start from this slum. And we shouldn't be proud of having an Asia's largest slum in our country!

    • Abhishek Kumar
      Abhishek Kumar Yıl önce +3

      The biggest problem in Mumbai has been the unholy nexus between politicians and builders. The easiest solutions like rezoning laws to ensure businesses - especially big MNCs in places like BKC or South Mumbai - shift to Navi Mumbai or other nearby places hasn't happened. It could have ensured that people live elsewhere.

      Another problem is the way in which building permits have been given. Large numbers of new apartment blocks have been constructed with no one in the city having the means to buy them. Most of them are bought by rich Indians or NRIs as "investments". If social housing was at the top of the mind of politicians, they would have ensured that only a tiny portion of buildings made were "luxury" apartments and not the vast majority of them. Social housing is not available.

      The third biggest problem is accountability. Like all other cities and towns, Mumbai isn't run by the people who live here. It's run by municipal commissioners who are posted by the state government. This is true everywhere in India. There is no self-governance. It creates a problem of who to hold accountable. The state government represents all of Maharashtra and not just Mumbai. So voters here can't show our anger in state elections. As far as municipal elections go, it doesn't matter because councillors don't have any real power. If we had accountability, politicians would run helter-skelter to ensure that sewage lines, local trains and social housing work !

      DSRK REDDY Yıl önce +3

      We should reduce our population from 137 crores to
      49 crores.

  • Raj Salve
    Raj Salve Yıl önce +10

    There must be portable toilets for each galli so the load on the toilets become less and hands off to ur ground reporting god bless you ,👍

  • Akhtar Khan
    Akhtar Khan Yıl önce +25

    Please take care of ur self Barkha dutt.Its red zone. Keep safe distance. Real journalists.

  • Apollo Infra
    Apollo Infra Yıl önce +1

    Dear Barkha ,
    Thanks for covering this spot in Dharavi.

    One thing if you notice everywhere about the municipal toilets is that you will find a signboard with the name of local MLA and other Politicians everywhere who always comes once in their lifetime for the inauguration.
    That is why locals calls them SandasMantri :-).
    This is one of the many obstacles for Dharavi Redevelopment Project which failed to execute many times.

    A UAE based company who was as per the news recently awarded DRP Tender can't just enter Dharavi with money from desert and redevelop this massive slums.
    UAE is money laundering capital of middle east so our politicians and so-called intelligent Bureaucrats must also consider the source of inflow of funds here.

    Consent and Suggestions of the locals is a key input for Dharavi's future which is ignored here.
    Life transformation from 100 Sqft to 500 Sqft is not a easy task i Dharavi.
    Else whatever local politician says is just a deception.
    Dharavi, as its comes under City demarcation the real estate rates are high comparatively to some others good parts of suburban Mumbai
    Top-level city politicians have a huge eye on these slums pockets.

    This was just my perception , others opinions may differ.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • the eagle
    the eagle Yıl önce +13

    Tqu very much madam for making this and showing the plight of Dharavi and showing that indias hygiene levels.

  • Mini Paintings
    Mini Paintings Yıl önce +1

    I love to hear and watch you further also Ma'am.Your courage of news are awesome. Your English is awesome and also way of talking with people. This channel become my favourite now.Thanks for being here.❣️

  • Sheba Dsouza
    Sheba Dsouza Yıl önce +2

    Very sad to see the state of our citizens in Dharavi..Shame on you the so called government..Barkha....good job....god bless you dear

  • Everything Visible
    Everything Visible Yıl önce +1

    This is the Real Journalism. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

    SHRESHANK SHARMA Yıl önce +2

    It is impossible to maintain social distancing and lockdown in India

    GREGORY ANTONY Yıl önce +8

    I am from Mumbai,I have stayed in soon koliwada kokri agar,sardar Nagar,all this places have bathroom for public were many people come ,which nobody can count,roadside sauchalaya charge 5rs it is happening for so many yrs, now we shifted to Bangalore

    • Vijay Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
      Vijay Rangarajan Ramakrishnan Yıl önce

      Mumbai City is terrible in living standards, highest income disparity, has very high cost of living in main city areas !!....MMR suburbs are the only affordable options!!

  • Maverick Foods India
    Maverick Foods India Yıl önce +2

    God Bless us all . Very tuff time for over populated countries. Hard to control this situation .

  • Vijay Rangarajan Ramakrishnan

    oh my god....Barkha is a brave reporter...Thanks to the previous govts that ruled MH and India....We still see these basic issues even in 2020...very sad state of affairs..Please control population of India otherwise its future is surely doomed!!..Thank you and Best Wishes!!

  • Tanuja
    Tanuja Yıl önce

    Madam, there are lot of red zones in congested areas in Mumbai. Can your videos change the existing infrastructure ?

  • Nishat Kazi
    Nishat Kazi Yıl önce +3

    Really shocking....very sad to see the condition of dharavi.... Sad...

  • tatsat mallick
    tatsat mallick Yıl önce +4

    That is the major point no news channel has pointed out.......

  • nawed anjum
    nawed anjum Yıl önce

    Grounding reporting at it's best mam👍🏼🙏🏼

    CHANGEZ KHAN Yıl önce

    gajab reporting. absolute fearless! my salute ma'am

  • Vineeta Jindal
    Vineeta Jindal Yıl önce

    Time for leaders in Mumbai with some vision and drive to empty Dharavi. Bribe people/ businesses to move, create road blocks to stay. Use the corona crisis and get it done. Save lives and cut down the risk of other diseases too. Save the Mahim creek and the environment.

  • Rashid Siddiqui
    Rashid Siddiqui Yıl önce +1

    Barkhaji pls take care of yourself we all want you to be safe , no GODI MEDIA will ever cover these areas

  • Kwokman Lam
    Kwokman Lam Yıl önce +1

    A great journalistic ethics with courage showing true problems in India.

  • prashant shetty
    prashant shetty Yıl önce +1

    This is only half the picture.

    People who live in 10×10 slums in Mumbai have rejected self contained SRA flats measuring 270 sqft due to the influence of NGOs who promised them better 'deals'. Where are these NGOs today ?

    I hope better sense prevails, CM revives the Seclink deal and Dharavi residents accept the proposal.

  • Bharat Mata
    Bharat Mata Yıl önce +21

    Shivsena run world richest BMC watched these slums for last 35 years. Karma pays. Now he is the CM with responsibility of 35 yrs in one go.

    • EMBL
      EMBL Yıl önce +1

      If it's the richest BMC, It's from state's citizens taxes.. Numbers might be manipulation then it's should be transparent. People will resolve it now.

  • Harry Ralte
    Harry Ralte Yıl önce +8

    Madam, the lady did not say 'gandagi', she said 'gardi' which means crowding in Marathi. Thank you, please take care of yourself and your team.

  • P
    P Yıl önce

    Where are the Bollywood super stars?? Ten of their bags and shoes can pay for building 10 toilets
    It’s such a shame to watch this misery. My heart aches that people live in these conditions when actors who live in Mumbai make crores!!
    Thank you Barkha Dutt for being a spokesperson for the poor and neglected INDIANS. God bless you and hope your work brings them some relief. 🙏🏽😔

  • Surendar Singh Dhupar

    Bravo she is brave and having guts to go and report from dharavi

  • Anjana S
    Anjana S Yıl önce

    Respect ma’am

  • gaming with lily
    gaming with lily Yıl önce +1

    Our PM had made toilets for poor I heard so did he make it in gujrat only I guess jst because BJP not here they dint bother abut ths City 😡

  • naqism
    naqism Yıl önce

    Mojo's covid coverage is by far the best

  • Rani Gopalpur
    Rani Gopalpur Yıl önce

    I have been there at my childhood 🙁🙁🙁

  • Samvidhan TV
    Samvidhan TV Yıl önce

    Great work 👍 Mam

  • prajakt0789
    prajakt0789 Yıl önce

    Good work. Barkha Dutt.

  • Pramod Manjeshwar
    Pramod Manjeshwar Yıl önce

    Respect you continue ur good work great GBU

  • Mahesh c
    Mahesh c Yıl önce

    While most of the local channel r not on field , it takes lots of guts to be there on the ground & real reporting

  • Manoj Bhojwani
    Manoj Bhojwani Yıl önce +2

    Didn't Mr Fadnavis govt give the requirements needed to build community Toilets of international standards.
    Even now if BJP sanctions their MLA's can accomplish the construction within 24 hours

    • Manoj Bhojwani
      Manoj Bhojwani Yıl önce

      @GREGORY ANTONY please paas your comments on the presentation and not me Sir.
      Staying in a skyscraper or building is due to various reasons.
      Please donate everything you have for the betterment of the country

      GREGORY ANTONY Yıl önce +1

      Mr Bhojwani, rightly said ,but there are 2 society of Mumbai one the rich & the poor,rich stay In skyscraper poor in hutments,that's the difference,but the real workers are from Up,Bihar for which the govt get votes,that new fellow who spoiled that vote bank is Raj Thackeray,,,,

  • caror78
    caror78 Yıl önce

    It took lot of courage to do this kind of reporting. Be safe mam.

  • KunDon
    KunDon Yıl önce

    Really Barkha Ji going each corner, literally each corner.

  • Sujit Debbarma
    Sujit Debbarma Yıl önce +12

    Maam Barkha Dutt you're super media reporter.Come to Tripura to see Tribels RURAL area. We need like reporter..outstanding GOD BLESS you lets God safe from covid 19 virus.

  • Mohit Paramarsh Singh

    More Powerrrrrrrr to Barkha Dutt!!

  • Kiran Vasudev
    Kiran Vasudev Yıl önce +2

    And we get to see the vulgar lavish parties and crazy extravagant weddings of the rich and powerful in the same mumbai.they can construct a single skyscraper with toilets only for these people instead.

  • Your Dad FeroNik
    Your Dad FeroNik Yıl önce

    Per 1 toilet for 100 residency is insanely challenging and especially during morning 😀 Modiji please look over the matter...

  • jigyanshu shrivastava

    We need innovation in toilet .

  • love India
    love India Yıl önce

    Salute you BARKHA ma'am

  • Esther Godfrey
    Esther Godfrey Yıl önce +2

    Barkha, that lady used the word "gardi" not "gandi". That's Mumbai Hindi. When she saw you misunderstood the word, she changed the word on your second instance of same question as "bheed". My heart flies to these ppl that afterall they're not so dumb. Did you get it what I am trying to bring to your focus? She understood that you misunderstood her. Such ppl definitely should be helped out. It's such a shame that the so-called heroes and heroines who were addressing
    शौचालयl only garnered publicity for themselves in neat and clean villages very far away from Mumbai or probably sets created for shooting alone, but they never ever began charity at home. I have always hated Akshay Kumar (worse than CCP virus), these heroes and heroines (Vidya Balan) are real life villains/vamps, not yet donating money or working like Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood too has actually got into that habit because his friends down South rush to crisis zones to help immediately.

    Please Barkha, why don't you ask bollywood to come forward to change the face of Dharavi and make it at least neat and clean and spacious (I see the houses are all only ground floor - if each is given 2-3 floors there can be more space in the same place).

    Kaun paisa dega? If I were rich, I would have, but alas !😪 I am not.

    Daily I look at Maharashtra spikes and cry and cry and cry😢.

    Ask them to come and stand like show piece, they'll come because that's what bollywood is, just a show piece.

    If they're real heroes and heroines, this is a golden opportunity for them to not only prove themselves, but also a service to the nation in crisis time.

    Change the face of Dharavi, change India's image. Life doesn't present an opportunity very often, and if a pandemic can't motivate the nation, nothing can !!

  • Bony Mathew
    Bony Mathew Yıl önce

    Year....2100 . India will be..Dharavi still there, same condition as before 200 years before...common bathroom. Hospitals still same, 10 lake people died of starvation. Corona is still spreading even after 80 years. Shortage of mask, migrant worker walked from Delhi to Kerala as train fare was 30000. India built tallest statue worth 50000 Crore, government allotted 1 lake cr for cow and building temples, ambani s son became richest person in world. He owns more than 50% of total industries in India. Man received employment offer he applied on 2030

  • Vinita Chaturvedi
    Vinita Chaturvedi Yıl önce

    Great job Barkha first Indore then Mumbai

  • Syed Arifuddin
    Syed Arifuddin Yıl önce

    She is setting new records in journalism.

  • SCM0829 Jimmy Joseph Veliyannukaran

    Chawl life is tough life guys sell the place and move to virar atleast you will get toilet in the flat only work will have to manage hats off to all the people who stay in chawl they are tough people

  • Anaam Assam
    Anaam Assam Yıl önce

    Dharavi I came to know as a Bollywood movie back in the late 80s. Ever since Dharavi has only been glorified even by Hollywood n documentaries. Afsoos aaj sabko khaamiyaan Nazar aa rahe hai. Stop glorification of unhygienic places

  • Jiju George
    Jiju George Yıl önce

    Hope the administrations take actions....need of the hour

  • shashi kiran
    shashi kiran Yıl önce

    Barkha you are doing a good job but our Govt is Like 🙈🙊🙉

  • Gayathri Kodancha
    Gayathri Kodancha Yıl önce

    How much SGST Income does Mumbai generate, how much Income-tax gets generated in Mumbai? No political and bureaucratic will at all. Decongestion is of the utmost need of the hour.

  • sharfi shaikhi
    sharfi shaikhi Yıl önce

    Please barkha be safe....I pray for you everyday

  • thouseef ahmed
    thouseef ahmed Yıl önce

    Hats off to Barkha dutt..... she visits the places where people fear to tread. It is amazing how authorities neglect these kind of places . It itself is a curse to live in this city. Aap ke saare paap dhule jaate hain by living in this city. It is not a surprise epidemic making inroads here.

  • Ca.chandni
    Ca.chandni Yıl önce

    Asia's biggest slum is this something to be proud of?
    Why can't the entire place be demolished and ppl living there be given proper housing facility in Dharavi & outside mumbai.
    And when is the population control bill coming?

  • riniky Pyngrope
    riniky Pyngrope Yıl önce

    This is a true journalist being true and showing which is the fact .....

  • Sekeer
    Sekeer Yıl önce

    News of common man 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • KunDon
    KunDon Yıl önce

    3:52 Not possible to construct private toilet in each house, due to size of room. Room are literally 10by10 feet size, even less. No one is able to understand there problem. Also they are not understanding there real problem. I know because I was in Aslpha-Ghatkopar slum. Finally l left that place 25Year back. I understood this toilet problem that time. I think my self so lucky now, I got right direction.

    • Super Nova
      Super Nova Yıl önce

      So zero thought went into building a toilet when the homes were built? What about outhouses in the back? I heard open defecation is a real problem in India and some people won't change their ways.

  • Vajid Khan
    Vajid Khan Yıl önce

    From last 6 years BJP said they are making toilets. What happend to those toilets?

  • shashi kiran
    shashi kiran Yıl önce

    Really a Dhritarashtra Raj....building toilets in villages and next to no toilets in the heart of India

  • shiva madanabhavi
    shiva madanabhavi Yıl önce

    Is this still same process? Oh God save dharavi

  • P Pal
    P Pal Yıl önce

    Demolish dharavi : rehabilitate them in other place of maharashtra like bandnera, jalna

  • manisha mukadam
    manisha mukadam Yıl önce

    Everyday hundreds of people coming from years then what you expect for public service

  • Sandeep Pakey Dravid Kumar

    Kailash Pillai full on rocking

  • Human Bng
    Human Bng Yıl önce

    They don't vacate even if govt tells that it would build flats for them...and they can't build toilets for themselves...they must change and listen to govt else have to live like that forever

  • prajakt0789
    prajakt0789 Yıl önce

    Where will the poor working population of Metroes live. Got to construct living facilities for the poor.

  • Mohammad Usama
    Mohammad Usama Yıl önce

    Datta my requesr please taker your self your are doing great job, because we need you and you're type journalist, we are praying to Allah to serve you. 🤲🤲🤲 take extra precaution!!!!

  • Who judge's whom ?
    Who judge's whom ? Yıl önce +5

    Modi ki sachha bharat ka kya Jumlai tha ??? Khyar Modi Jumlai bolta hai, karta bhi Jumlai hai..

  • JayaPonbalan Jp
    JayaPonbalan Jp Yıl önce +1

    Ppl troll her !! She has been doing this ground reporting for ages. The so called Anchors !! Get the hell out and see !!

  • shamshad ali
    shamshad ali Yıl önce +13

    Sister aap kbhi Delhi me ho te ho kbhi Mumbai me really you’re very hardworking

    • shamshad ali
      shamshad ali Yıl önce +1

      Bani mere bas ki baat hoti to my inhe Bharat rattan de ta God bless him

    • Bani
      Bani Yıl önce

      Not only Delhi Mumbai she is in Indore, Jaipur,, Surat, sab jagah hai yeh aurat..Salute to this lady.
      Be it Slum, hospital, highway, curfew place, grayeyard, morgue she is evrywhere now she is showing toilets...she is reaching where no reporter are reaching during this carona time.

  • Heena Shah
    Heena Shah Yıl önce

    Barkha ji please make sure ... people come to know we are building big big statues spending crores... n in our country we don’t have one each toilet on one family even.. which can be required many times in a day ... n poor people will not b able to or desire to see Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel s monument in their entire life.... n see the reality these poors will go give thousands of rupees to temple thinking God will make their life better than this...even God needs money🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Praveen Pandey
    Praveen Pandey Yıl önce +1

    Thank you From PATNA bihar

    • Esther Godfrey
      Esther Godfrey Yıl önce

      Patna City also needs to focus on cleanliness. Har ghar mein ho safayi tho apney aap ho jaye gali saf. Har gali saf tho hua colony saf. Har colony saf, tho sahar saf.

      Aur Desh 🇮🇳 ka har sahar saf, tho Desh 🇮🇳 hua swast aur saf.

  • Rajesh Bhojane
    Rajesh Bhojane Yıl önce

    Real journalism

  • Bindu Manju
    Bindu Manju Yıl önce

    Why can't barka and team donate for toilet and clean those
    She is expert in going to the spot and interviewing like how she did during kargil war and sent the secrets of our army to her boss .

  • Disha Direction
    Disha Direction Yıl önce

    Ask Ambani to build houses for them why he is busy making city in Jamnagar Gujarat.. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Nias 2019
    Nias 2019 Yıl önce +21

    BJP concentration advertise only, field work 0%.

    • Rosepila D'souza
      Rosepila D'souza Yıl önce

      Bindu Manju what are u trying to convey ? U think I am in favour of bjp then ur mistaken

    • Bindu Manju
      Bindu Manju Yıl önce

      @Rosepila D'souza before bjp our country did not exist? did not use toilet?

    • Rosepila D'souza
      Rosepila D'souza Yıl önce

      anil sahu so mention that way when say previous what does it mean ? And learn to be courteous don’t try to demean anyone by your replies. Ok genius ?

    • Bindu Manju
      Bindu Manju Yıl önce

      At they sre not creating danga dharna and blood bath

    • anil sahu
      anil sahu Yıl önce

      @Rosepila D'souza oh genius it is due to lack of unaffordable housing policies which was ignored by all the govts including BJP. So it is fault of all previous govt also unruly people.

  • Bohemian D
    Bohemian D Yıl önce

    Excellent Barkha...but u need to wear a PPE first

  • Waseem Khan
    Waseem Khan Yıl önce +2

    Mam Mujhe aapki news bahut acchi Lagti Hai

  • Jawab-e- shikwa
    Jawab-e- shikwa Yıl önce

    This is journalism

  • Nias 2019
    Nias 2019 Yıl önce +7

    Clean India intiative why not provided toilet for these poor.

    • moon
      moon Yıl önce

      @Lingaraj chachadi kya likha hai phele pado aur apni hindi sudharo hindi pe bindi mat lagaoo

    • Lingaraj chachadi
      Lingaraj chachadi Yıl önce +1

      70 years rayata 5-10 Salome clean nai hote ......bjp tumarateka nairakka hai.....

    • moon
      moon Yıl önce +2

      It's our fault from Last 20yrs since others where also there as our PM ..So Dharavi is not made in this yr it's there from Last 20yrs

    • deepa pillai
      deepa pillai Yıl önce


    • Bani
      Bani Yıl önce

      Actually we are like Dhritarashtra. whatever our Sanjay is showing us we are beleiving it....
      Somewhere it's our fault too

  • shailesh gala
    shailesh gala Yıl önce

    The main issue is no development around mumbai to expand its boundary. For population of 20 million, we need to develop land mass that is 4 to 5 times the size of Mumbai. If you develop roads, trains, buses etc.. and expanded boundary of Mumbai, you would not have crazy density like 75000 people per sqkm.

  • Ritu Gogna
    Ritu Gogna Yıl önce +2

    Where are those toilets of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and Akshay Kumar advertising Shochalayas Nirman Bluffing Making Paploos of Public So Disgusting

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar Yıl önce

    Bharka ultimately Who is to be blamed, people or so called government, or poverty is the main cause why will some one stay at this level of cleaness, you have high lighted the scenario lets wait and see will there be any improvement in the future.

  • Raaj Singh
    Raaj Singh Yıl önce

    Great mam is a reall news but mumbai dubai flights shuru karaiye hum yahAn fase hain. 3 mahine se. London jakarta se flights shuru hai par dubai se bilkul bhi nai

  • Atish Mule
    Atish Mule Yıl önce +2

    Is there curfew??????????? Everyone is on road

    • Rohit Chachlani
      Rohit Chachlani Yıl önce +2

      That's the whole point. This is a slum. There's no way to have social distancing here. Now you know how Mumbai life is.

  • Green Leaf
    Green Leaf Yıl önce

    Why know proper planning.

  • Bikash Pal
    Bikash Pal Yıl önce

    Very good reproting madam

  • SV Nagappa
    SV Nagappa Yıl önce

    Succesive govts have failed India

  • fahad shah
    fahad shah Yıl önce

    Mumbai ka ye haal bharat ki tarakki ka level or kamyabi dikhata he

  • Salil Girkar
    Salil Girkar Yıl önce

    But then why so.many cases in high profile America which follows complete cleanliness and hygiene what is science

  • Kritya Poetry Movement
    Kritya Poetry Movement Yıl önce +1

    We didn't learn from that film even

    • Raise Pasi
      Raise Pasi Yıl önce

      Till now some people dont know to differentiate between movies and current situation update.....this is not a action cut

    • Esther Godfrey
      Esther Godfrey Yıl önce

      Bullshit... don't you know that movie was made only to fill their coffers using the most sensational issue that could bring the makers of the movie their moolah. Who was ever really bothered about whether the message carried very far into reality. They made their money, goal achieved. National service jaye bhad mein. You think Akshay Kumar is bothered. You are a sucker if you thought so.

  • Sures Loki
    Sures Loki Yıl önce


  • shashi kiran
    shashi kiran Yıl önce

    This is India which says it is Super is like a curtain coming down

  • Lionel BG
    Lionel BG Yıl önce

    Mojo competition with NDTV 😛

  • cyberstud007
    cyberstud007 Yıl önce

    Journalist ye cover nahin kar rahi hai ki ek Ghar mein 2-4 biwi aur 4 bacho se jyada kitne Ghar hai. Maula 2 Haat ek Mo de jayada hai. 2 Haat ek Mo ka Ek pait bharega logic ...

  • asan meeran
    asan meeran Yıl önce

    Clean India