Keep Your Feet And Toes Warm This Winter - Made In USA Cold Weather Socks - WSI HEATR

  • katma 1 Ara 2020
  • - If you plan to spend time outside this winter, whether it is for hiking or hunting or other outdoor activities, then keep your feet and toes warm during the freezing winter temperatures with WSI Sports' HEATR socks. These are 100% Made in USA and WSI's HEATR® fabric generates heat by a fiber that expands and heats up when it comes into contact with your skin.

    Here is more information about these warming socks which keep your feet dry even during below-freezing weather:

    Comfortable, functional and moisture wicking
    The HEATR® technology is integrated into the fibers of the fabric, and therefore will not wash out
    Antimicrobial technology inhibits bacterial growth and cuts down odor

    Wool/Polyester Blend

    Care Instructions:
    Machine wash cold with like colors

    Line Dry

    Here is more about WSI Sports:

    Joel Wiens founded WSI, a leader in premium sportswear design & manufacture, in order to provide the best sportswear on the market to demanding athletes. Since 1990, WSI has achieved excellence by combining cutting-edge design, high tech materials & ultra modern innovations which are crafted to provide the athlete with the most comfortable performing sportswear in the industry at its facility in Eagan, Minnesota.


    Unlike the mass-produced clothing manufactured overseas by our competitors, WSI is proud to design, cut and sew all apparel in the United States at our factory in Eagan, Minnesota. WSI can produce the highest quality sports apparel and control costs at the same time, ensuring that you are a buying a superior product at a competitive price.Through our unique manufacturing process, WSI is able to customize our sports apparel just the way you like it. Whether you are an individual training for the next marathon or a professional franchise en route to a world championship, we can create a line just for you! We have the ability to design and create exactly what you want with the team colors and team logos you desire.


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