Ivermectin in Japan

  • katma 22 Kas 2021
  • Antivirals in Japan

    Ivermectin allowed as a treatment on August 13

    Doctors can prescribe without restrictions

    People can buy it legally from India

    Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association


    The situation is that the whole country is suffering from disasters.

    No one will listen to me, so I will come up with a new policy

    The antiparasitic drug "ivermectin" shows the number of infections and deaths of the new corona in a country that is prophylactically administered for another disease in Africa.

    It is necessary to thoroughly study the clinical trial, but it seems that we are at the stage where it is okay to have the patient give an informed outlet and get permission to use it



    Population, 126 million

    Cases, + 79

    Deaths, + 2

    Lowest since June 23, 2020

    Currently reopening

    More than 76% of population is fully vaccinated

    (South Korea, high vaccination but uptick in infections)

    Boosters to start in December

    Ingrained pre-pandemic flu seasons mask wearing

    Delta variant wave ends

    Delta variant “self-extinction”

    Viral genetic mutations

    Ituro Inoue, professor, National Institute of Genetics

    Delta variant in Japan accumulated too many mutations

    Virus’s error-correcting protein, nsp14

    Majority of nsp14 specimens in Japan seemed to have undergone many genetic changes in mutation sites called A394V

    Non-structural protein, made by the virus

    Therefore errors accumulated leading to non-viability


    More people in Asia have a defense enzyme called APOBEC3A that attacks RNA viruses,

    Including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19,

    when compared to people in Europe and Africa.

    National Institute of Genetics and Niigata University

    Research to discover how the APOBEC3A protein affects the nsp14 protein

    A394V discovered in 24 other countries

    SARS ended abruptly in 2003

    Working on a drug to inhibit nsp14


  • Jillzy11
    Jillzy11 2 aylar önce +1794

    Ugh! I heard about this a few days ago.
    Same exact thing happened in Uttar Pradesh India.
    While of course I’m delighted Tokyo is caring more about their citizens than profits and agendas, I’m sad & angry as heck in America doctors are literally losing their license for prescribing Ivermectin.
    It’s not like the powers that be don’t have access to this information.
    Crimes against humanity!

    • LarryGreen Brady
      LarryGreen Brady 12 gün önce +1

      Anybody that intentionally suppressed this information belongs in jail. Including all media executives and government officials.

    • KNS ONE
      KNS ONE 14 gün önce


    • KNS ONE
      KNS ONE 14 gün önce

      @mrrassassin Mexico it’s over the counter it here Americas Front Line Doctors or Covid Critical Care Alliance or some other groups may… do some research

    • Gary Miller
      Gary Miller 15 gün önce

      @dr. john campbell You should really reply to comments like these. Most of your viewers have a wild narrative that I don't think you are trying to push.

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 15 gün önce

      @Le Mouton Noir Shows how little history & foreign affairs you know. America is one of the ONLY countries where citizens have guns, hence he high murder rate. Why not get out more, see the world. Or maybe read a book...

  • Luisa H Gomez Mait
    Luisa H Gomez Mait 20 gün önce +33

    I live in Mexico and Ivermectin is easily available at all pharmacies and stores similar to Tescos.. 4 quid a packet...no prescription required 😊

    • Jimjams On
      Jimjams On 8 saatler önce

      @Samuel Snerden You clearly have not been following the claims of the flccc alliance.
      I have.

    • Samuel Snerden
      Samuel Snerden 10 saatler önce

      @Jimjams On From what I heard it's supposed to help with covid by reducing symptoms and severity and reduce recovery time. I don't see why you would expect it to immunize you against catching the disease, but it will hinder it's progress once you do.

    • Jimjams On
      Jimjams On 11 saatler önce

      @Samuel Snerden I never expected the Pfizer miracle, but hoped that IVM might work a bit better than has been claimed. I take it myself.

    • Samuel Snerden
      Samuel Snerden 16 saatler önce

      @Jimjams On The number of infections has exploded all over the world, including countries like Australia, Canada, US, Germany, UK, where the vaccines are almost forced all but in name. It seems that the pfizer miracle is not happening there.

    • Jimjams On
      Jimjams On 8 gün önce +1

      The number of infections in Mexico are exploding. It seems that IVM miracle is not happening there.

  • Jason Lauer
    Jason Lauer Aylar önce +227

    The BMI of Asian people may be the easiest factor to consider when compared to Great Britain and the US. Last year when John's Hopkins published coronavirus death rates by country, I looked up the BMI of each country on the list. There was a linear correlation between deaths from corona and BMI.

    • Alina Smith
      Alina Smith 11 gün önce +1

      Go, go, go! U can do it daily!

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 16 gün önce +1

      @apokalypse 2016 That's right. Big change required....

    • apokalypse 2016
      apokalypse 2016 22 gün önce +1

      @Carol Miller
      Americans now get the bill for a very unhealthy life style , unhealthy food production , unhealthy medicine .. you need to reform everything !!!

    • apokalypse 2016
      apokalypse 2016 22 gün önce +1

      @Sunshine Country Chickens
      Food heated in micro wave oven makes you fat and causes cancer .. micro wave ovens are forbidden in Russia !!! ..

      SPACE HYDRA 27 gün önce +1

      I love this 😂

  • Kevin Richardson
    Kevin Richardson Aylar önce +164

    Thank you Dr. John. I'm an English teacher in Japan and as you can imagine, I teach all kinds of students, from epidemiologists to musicians. So often, we talk about why Japan has been relatively lucky compared to other countries. As a non-expert myself, we discuss the cultural differences more than genetics, but having videos like this, I'm ever so grateful that I have this resource as a reference to discuss the situation with my students.

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan 10 gün önce +1

      @David Hepler not required for healthcare workers, encouraged, not required.

    • David Hawley
      David Hawley 10 gün önce

      @David Hall And targeted measures on public gatherings, restaurants, etc.

    • David Hepler
      David Hepler 19 gün önce

      @AK Sorry to take so long to reply to your question. I just noticed it now. There is no official mandate for vaccination for any kind of job as far as I know. However, I would imagine that most if not all healthcare and emergency responders would willingly get vaccinated. Those jobs may have a vaccination requirement.
      When vaccinations first rolled out, teachers were NEVER mandated or even strongly encouraged to get vaccinated. It was always presented as something that was totally voluntary, no coercion, no shaming of those who didn't get vaccinated.
      Now as far as entering the country is concerned, immigration and border control has been VERY strict about either proof of vaccination and/or recent PCR tests before leaving your country of origin and then being tested after your arrival to Japan, FOLLOWED by up to 14 days of QUARANTINE, although that time period was shortened a couple of months ago.
      Now, however, with the explosive expansion of OMICRON, who knows what is going to happen!

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan 23 gün önce

      @software fx The test is free and there is no need to test healthy people. If people aren't dying or ending up in hospital, you shouldn't be testing.

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan 23 gün önce

      @software fx lol, the press over here in Japan hates the government. Japanese people Twitter and 50,000 Americans live in Japan.

  • Mary McQuaid
    Mary McQuaid 2 aylar önce +109

    I live in Japan and I've bought ivermectin from India legally, twice. The cost for 12mg tablets is about 70 cents per pill if you buy 100 at a time. (The cost per pill is higher if you make a smaller order.) Generic drugs can be ordered from overseas for personal use. I order it through a Japanese website that passes along the order to the supplier in India. It's a very good system. (But they can't send outside Japan.)

    • blabby102
      blabby102 17 saatler önce

      I think it's hilarious that there are so many foreigners sharing information about which gray-market Indian websites allow them to import Ivermectin to Japan in the comment section of a video talking about how "Ivermectin was allowed as treatment on August 13". 😂🤣

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan 3 gün önce

      @Mary McQuaid Did get them tested to see if you really have IVM, and at correct dosage ?

    • Mary McQuaid
      Mary McQuaid 16 gün önce +1

      So far my experience with Indiamart has been good. Delivery to Japan is fast (two weeks) but to the States it takes a while longer. So if you're going to to order from indiamart I wouldn't wait till you test positive. I'd try to keep a stock of it on hand for when I need it.

    • Mary McQuaid
      Mary McQuaid 16 gün önce +1

      Here's an update. The pills reached my friend in the States 7 weeks after shipment. They were ordered through Indiamart. The package was a bit battered but the pills were intact. No problem.

    • CanadianSpiritz
      CanadianSpiritz 26 gün önce +1

      @Mary McQuaid okay thank you.

  • Graham Turner
    Graham Turner 2 aylar önce +1243

    Fascinating. One factor to consider is that the Japanese have not allowed Covid to become a political issue in the same way as other parts of the world.

    • Omar Z
      Omar Z 6 gün önce

      @Galen Solomon The think you people it so stupid that you think like a 10 years old kid, when you hear a doctor you think oh then he is a valid one no need to check since he is talking on what I believe, while a small check you will know he is not an MD doctor!! He is a Nurse, he dosnt have a speciality in any subject that is close to treat this pandemic, and he didnt use information here he just interpret a chart of infections numbers based on his beliefs without any data or study or any official information!! This is called Projection, need to tell you Japan now has 80% vaccinated and administrating the third shot and the authorized the shot for 5-11 years old

    • Omar Z
      Omar Z 6 gün önce

      Yeah and that way the vaccinated around 80% now of their people with Pfizer and Moderna, and to this date they didnt approve Ivermectin as a treatment to corona, this was only just vague interpretation by Campbell, and also are giving their people the third shot with Mask as a mandatory for public places, so your take ? Would you follow that ? Or just interpret it as you like ?

    • The YouTube Critic
      The YouTube Critic 11 gün önce

      @F B where is your proof? Link?

    • Graham Turner
      Graham Turner 14 gün önce

      @jay bee What? Japan is not a communist country.

    • jay bee
      jay bee 14 gün önce

      What else would you expect in a Communist Country.

  • K
    K 2 aylar önce +111

    I love how it's presented on physical paper, so easy to follow.

    • Peter Larter
      Peter Larter 14 gün önce +2

      Yes and so much easier to digest than robust clinical trials, which dont recommend Ivermectin for COVID.

    • Jen Nad
      Jen Nad 2 aylar önce +9

      John's soothing voice and paper presentations have kept me sane since March 2020ish.

  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. Aylar önce +175

    I think it's kind of criminal to deny someone of potentially life saving treatment because someone in the media claimed it was horse medicine.

    • Fleur Peffer
      Fleur Peffer 5 gün önce

      Exactly! Its practically a crime to get it here in Aus

    • Hedgehog & Wildlife Junction
      Hedgehog & Wildlife Junction 15 gün önce +1

      vitimin D is also one to take a simple thing for SARS but how many people dont bother? Let me see Ivermetcin is a miracle drug for SARS right it will stop it and its cheap to administer against the cost of keeping people in hospital which is in the billions. DONT YOU THINK that the governemnts are privvy to more science then we are?

      I am sure if Ivermetcin was such a miracle drug all the governments would be handing it out like sweets. THERE ARE 2 viral drugs now being used successfully in UK for SARS. they both are cutting down the stay in hospital its happening already but people seem blind to this. molnupiravir, and Paxlovid. People need to keep up with the real science.

    • Carol Miller
      Carol Miller 15 gün önce

      @Paul Minshall Not if it's Unauthorized Emergency Use. Also has No Liability clause. But that doesn't worry you. Double blind study is not how you test efficacy of a drug...

    • Robert Olsen
      Robert Olsen 21 gün önce

      There is a human version of Ivermectin, that was banned in North America, when the vaccine hit the market. They also produce a medicine for animals. That was never banned.

    • dogblessamerica
      dogblessamerica 25 gün önce

      @nute7 I'm sure diet could be an aspect. Culture is probably relevant as well. Also there might be some prior exposure to similar coronaviruses. John also discusses a theory that the virus mutated to somehow become less transmissible but I'm not sure how that works. One thing is for sure, it isn't IVM.

  • Rick Whiterock
    Rick Whiterock Aylar önce +8

    Thank you, Dr. John, for all the great videos. As a layman to the medical field, I and many others love your explanations, so that we can understand more of the technical medical information. I live in the United States and have had the 1st, 2nd and booster shots, take vitamins D3 and K2 in addition to other supplements, feeling well as an older senior. I wish there more health professionals like you, many of my family and friends watch your channel. Many doctors here that have helped thousands of people with Covid-19 and before getting Covid-19 with RX that were made and approved for other uses have prescribed them as “off-label,” are getting relived from their positions. Big Pharma has its hand in stopping the “off-label” prescribing. Great bunch of human beings. God Bless You and stay well.

  • gameplayer6402
    gameplayer6402 Aylar önce +47

    Interesting video. I am a Japanese currently living in Tokyo. We have no clue why the cases are down but I doubt it is because of the drug. Reason? Because for that to be the reason, most of us should be taking it but nobody is. Maybe some limited people who got the virus but 99% of us had not.
    The predominant guess is the vaccine plus same social distancing, mask, alcohol etc rule as before. Drinking in restaurants and bars has been allowed since more than a month ago but cases are still dropping.
    Genetics? Maybe. Also speculations that it may be the BCG shots we all get as infants has kept cases less than the west.
    Another guess is that we just stopped counting! But that so doesn’t seem to be the case because when it was peaking, I personally knew people who got it at a pace of a person or two per week but now, none.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 6 gün önce

      Maybe natural immunity????

    • Paul Minshall
      Paul Minshall 29 gün önce

      I'm guessing that social compliance to distancing rules is much higher in Japan. Have you had any instances of super-spreader events?

    • greg h
      greg h Aylar önce +1

      @Gerald Machnee nah.. its so bill gates can control your mind longer

    • Gerald Machnee
      Gerald Machnee Aylar önce

      @greg h Mutation is an excuse someone cam up with so IVM would not get the credit.

    • BATI
      BATI Aylar önce +2

      BCG shots are also given to every child in Southern Africa.maybe reason for low morality and also. It mighty be true as l live in UK now.. I live in a house share of 6 people.. All got covid expect me..

  • Jenn H
    Jenn H 2 aylar önce +1368

    When all is said and done the "authorities " who vilified Ivermectin should be held accountable for all those preventable deaths that this 6 cent drug could have saved. Profit over life has never been more evident.

    • nicole
      nicole 26 gün önce

      @Merlin IdleHands plus vaccine actually works

    • nicole
      nicole 26 gün önce

      @Merlin IdleHands so is the vaccine

    • Merlin IdleHands
      Merlin IdleHands 26 gün önce

      @nicole Ivermectin is safe

    • nicole
      nicole 26 gün önce

      vaxx is free

    • Zixx
      Zixx 27 gün önce

      @Ken Breadner Cause people are desperate to be contrarian and rebellious without actually understanding the issues of our society. People are rightfully angry at the system but they don't why or what's actually wrong with it and allow themselves to be misled by charlatans.

      The vaccine is something big and obvious and affects them directly so they'll attack it. Actually diving into the real issues of our capitalist society takes effort and often involves accepting some very harsh truths.

      These kinds of conservative types don't want to accept the real nuances of the problems we are facing and so just default to "gobernment bayd" because its easy and doesn't require thinking about your own actions.

  • DonziGT230
    DonziGT230 Aylar önce +17

    Thank you for bringing us this information and delivering it in a way that a layman can understand it.
    Do you think there's a connection between Ivermectin and the virus' self destructive mutation?

    • Amy N
      Amy N Aylar önce +2

      that is what I was considering while watching this!

  • Cear Soto
    Cear Soto Aylar önce +26

    Haruo Ozaki, the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association. There was a news conference where he said that the drug may have benefits for COVID patients but needs to be studied further.
    The organization is not part of Japan’s Health Ministry, which oversees drug approvals and provides official health guidance. Ivermectin is not among the drugs approved for use against COVID-19 in Japan and neither the Tokyo government nor the Japanese Health Ministry recommends the drug to treat COVID-19.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 6 gün önce

      Studied further? Where was "Studied further" before the jab came out? Lab rats!!!

    • Triplemania
      Triplemania 11 gün önce

      ​@cake peace Your comment could give the impression that ivermectin is used as a general medical treatment for patients. However, the article states that the prefecture announced that it will conduct a clinical trial.

    • bri games
      bri games Aylar önce

      That’s what I heard, doctors were not restricted to prescribe it. Thanks for this confirmation. I personally know people who live in Japan using ivermectin

    • cake peace
      cake peace Aylar önce +10

      May I update your information. Tokyo goverment now starts using Ivermectin on patients at a medical treatment faculty run by the goverment and other prefecuturs as well. www.asahi.com/articles/ASPD15K87PD1OIPE03D.html
      It was not approved for covid treatment but ivermectin itself is a aproved medicin in Japan, doctors can prescribe it to their patients anyway, and if the chairman of the tokyo medical association recommended, it encourage fellow doctors to use it.

  • Lars Haderr
    Lars Haderr Aylar önce +10

    Finally a guy who can communicate complex health information in a understandable manner without biases introduced.

  • L O
    L O Aylar önce +78

    Just to let you know John, they have flagged this as false information on Facebook. My friend has been able to get ivermectin over the counter since aug 13 th and has been taking it for two months twice a week. They have 147 cases . The graphs don’t lie IMO .

    • J J
      J J 21 gün önce

      @Investigative Audit You obviously don't know how to research. Please describe PhD in your own words for us. He doesn't claim to BE an epidemiologist, virologist, OR genealogist! I'd say he has been more than straightforward in who he is and HOW he gets the information that he passes onto his viewers. I also recall him, several times, in several videos, stressing the importance of researching the informaiton for YOURSELF! Why do people like YOU come here if you 1.) Don't agree with the content and 2.) Have absolutley nothing of value or relevency to add?? Where I come from, we would referred to such a person as an ignoramus!

    • Dulanec
      Dulanec Aylar önce

      @Investigative Audit Hmmmm. Jealous are we?

    • 85parrot
      85parrot Aylar önce

      Ivermectin is not authorized, there have been plenty.of Japanese people in the comments here who have corrected his mis-translations and misunderstandings of the Japanese announcements and papers. Ivermectin is NOT being used in hospitals or the community.

    • Dave Bellamy
      Dave Bellamy Aylar önce +1

      Must be true then!🤣😅😂

    • GeorgeFlippin
      GeorgeFlippin Aylar önce

      @Hopper33 They do not deny it either, ace.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 2 aylar önce +999

    Thank you appreciate all your work and the research behind it.

    I live in Australia and we are geographically considered part of the Asia Pacific Rim. My husband works for a big American company and is classified as part of the Asia Pacific Rim for business.

    So what I don’t understand is why places like Australia look to America for ALL medical advice, medical guidance and medical interventions when they are almost 100% driven by the pharmaceutical industry with big profit in mind - always. Why we aren’t looking to Japan and Singapore is beyond me.

    Even here in Australia we are beholden to the American model and it makes me so angry. I’ll take Japanese health advice over American health advice any day!

    • Claire Brownie
      Claire Brownie Aylar önce

      @Seb Seeligson all I’ve seen of Australia are protests, arrogant public officials, and Covid camps.

    • Claire Brownie
      Claire Brownie Aylar önce

      From what I’ve seen in Australia, the government is ruling with an iron fist, including Covid quarantine camps

    • Bobbie Kanary
      Bobbie Kanary Aylar önce

      @Pres. Adams Look at Ken Burns new documentary on Sand Creek. That's a "hard way to look at America.". Sometimes it's necessary to face an ugly truth. And there are many people who don't like truth and enjoy killing the messenger. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad that you claim to be such a fan of "America", yet you HATE freedom of speech. Some, like Ken Burns, will continue to rile people like you who have nothing but disdain for, as you call it, bullshit, for calling things as we see it. This country has destroyed lives from the very beginning and no amount of calling "bullshit" changes that.
      Then you ramp it up by trying to rouse a mob ..."anybody with me?".
      I can only hope that someday you can understand: That the day comes when you're secure enough that you can face some of the ugly shit of this society.

    • James Grego
      James Grego Aylar önce

      singapore heath sciences authority advocates AGAINST the use of ivermectin for treating covid. they also have the highest vaccination rate of any more populous country in the world i believe.

      i think countries that look to the science are going to be in the best shape in the long run. unfortunately, in the US it's been heavily politicized and wearing a mask impinges on freedoms, blah blah blah. I wish we could have at least shipped all these vaccines people aren't using to developing countries to help those that want it.

    • Bobbie Kanary
      Bobbie Kanary Aylar önce

      @Pres. Adams You are demonstrating EXACTLY what I was talking about. YOU "back off", bully! We're not responsible for the test of the world, we're responsible for the behavior of this nation and this behavior, including you dictating what someone else can say, is reprehensible! There's a reason why we're seen as Ugly Americans, and you're illustrating it very well. Then you try for mob behavior:. "Anyone with me?". Baby dictator!

  • Philipp Marxen
    Philipp Marxen 2 aylar önce +15

    Very interesting discussion!

    In addition to the points that you mentioned, obesity or the lack thereof in Japan might also have a small impact.

    • Kikke
      Kikke Aylar önce

      and eating fish, a lot of vitamine d, I think there is a correlation between vaccination and covid positives

    • Thomas Ryan
      Thomas Ryan Aylar önce +3

      I would think it would have a huge affect since obesity is one of the top comorbidities.

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy Aylar önce +695

    Give people the freedom to choose Ivermectin and let them accept the risk, or make the vaccine companies LIABLE for adverse outcomes of the vaccine. We aren't allowed to take the "risk" of Ivermectin, but we are mandated to take the "risk" of the vaccine.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 6 gün önce

      @Robin Luich Never heard of ONE allergic reaction. The only side effects are the ones made up by Big Pharma.

    • Tom Piper
      Tom Piper 13 gün önce

      Give people the opportunity to choose crack. On the back of a you tube video.

    • Ordinary Guy
      Ordinary Guy 16 gün önce

      @Donald Johnson I agree.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 16 gün önce +1

      There is no risk with Ivermectin. Very safe.

    • Utubeskreename
      Utubeskreename 24 gün önce +2

      THEY make big money off the vaccines; relatively little off Ivermectin. We are dollar signs, rather than humans. Until the roughly 7.5 BILLION NON-elites start recognizing THEIR POWER over the abusive few, things won't change.

  • Jackie Udassi
    Jackie Udassi 25 gün önce +5

    I had Covid in March 2021 and was prescribed Ivermectin with other medicines. Seems a routine here in India.

  • Jonathan Lovich
    Jonathan Lovich Aylar önce +11

    As always thank you for being a voice of reason, logic, and *science*.

  • mkvark
    mkvark 2 aylar önce +553

    I would like to draw everybody's attention to the fact that very similar development took place in India in April-May of this year. They managed to overturn a very nasty covid situation by distributing Ivermectin to positively tested people. Another point I would like to make: In contrast to Japan, India's vaccination is at the level of 30% if I am not mistaken. So this fact denies the correlation between the Covid case development and the level of vaccination. On the other hand, India and Japan data support a correlation between the Ivermectin usage and the overturn of the development.

    • Eric Dailey
      Eric Dailey Aylar önce

      @Jonathan Tegnell That makes sense. And wouldn't you think it would correlate with lower hospitalization rates? But, could it be that the use of ivermectin might help people recover more quickly and in some manner lead to less spread. Just thinking out loud as to how it might have an impact on lower infection rates.

    • Chon zz
      Chon zz Aylar önce

      @Joseph Jones I am from India and you are spot on !

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones Aylar önce

      @Jimjams On

      Your account was started in Jan 2020. Right when the hysteria was getting ready to hit the world! Just a few short months after EVENT 201.
      (Yes, some of us haven't forgotten that little gem, sweetie)

      How odd...
      Surely just a cooincidence.

      Thanks for the laugh!

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones Aylar önce +1

      @Jimjams On
      You've already have your mind made up for you anyway.
      I'm guessing you'll be fully on board with Pfizer's new antiviral though, eh?
      And Merck's too.
      Those new drugs released under EUAs are so much more trustworthy than drugs that have been around for decades...
      And they only cost 100x more too!
      Cost = quaility and effectiveness, right?
      Lol! Lol!
      And I'm sure the journals that get funded by the pharma companies are super intetested in making sure that studies on established drugs that are in the public domain are seen, right?
      It's not like the majority of funding for research comes from those same pharma companies that stand to make billions more on the release of fully trademarked proprietary drugs released under EUAs, right???
      And it's not like those same pharma companies have the leverage to determine which papers will flood the journals, right???
      Lol! Lol! Lol!

      Oh, I'm sorry...
      Was that rude?

    • Joseph Jones
      Joseph Jones Aylar önce

      @Jimjams On
      Except to make excuses for running away and not supporting your claims, right?
      I guess you word doesn't mean much to you.
      So why would it mean anything to anyone else?

  • anna demo
    anna demo 2 aylar önce +41

    Re: clinical trials, most are designed to fail (too low a dose, too late in disease to work). We need clinical trials where the use of these cheap widely available (and unfairly maligned) drugs is done under proper conditions.

    • Greg S
      Greg S Aylar önce

      See Dr. Pierre Kory videos for this information!

    • Mike Debruyn
      Mike Debruyn 2 aylar önce

      If you want to proper test is you will start broadly and then zoom in more and more on the part where it works and the part where it gives side effects so you know what how and where it will work and when not.

    • Sen Gnanam
      Sen Gnanam 2 aylar önce +1

      Fucci/media/politicians/American leftist/90% healthcare workers/FDA: best we can do is call it horse paste

    • Robin
      Robin 2 aylar önce +4

      too low a dose, administered late, and often on an empty stomach despite clear differences in bioavailability with a fat laden meal vs fasting

    • JANN
      JANN 2 aylar önce +1

      All for testing it.

  • Graham Wood
    Graham Wood Aylar önce +4

    Your balanced views on these matters are always interesting and highly informative. I enjoy being able to draw my own conclusions. Thank you.

  • Grischa Daniel
    Grischa Daniel 2 aylar önce +2

    Hello Dr. Campbell, Have you looked at the cases and deaths graphs for other countries and states that have approved the use of ivermectin? Namely Utter Pradesh, Goa, Delhi, Uttarakhand some states in Argentina, Bangladesh, .. Compare to states that have stopped like Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Thank you.

  • Rich Andersen
    Rich Andersen 8 gün önce +1

    Commendable penmanship Dr John! I believe this is the first time I've ever been able to read a doctor's handwriting. Thanks for the great videos.

  • M R
    M R 2 aylar önce +511

    John I’ve heard Mexico is also using ivermectin and I notice there cases are also very low. Could you please do a video on that or other countries using it as well. Great work. Thank you.

    • Shayn Hacker
      Shayn Hacker 8 gün önce

      @sefiryu You are making a lot of assumptions

    • bttr2brnout
      bttr2brnout 27 gün önce

      @sefiryu And yet it worked in India..I consider Indians to be very intelligent.

    • Jimjams On
      Jimjams On Aylar önce

      @Gabriel Camarena How amazing you were offended about calling people idiots for using horse IVM but did not comment on it not being a miracle drug.

    • Dan Colombo
      Dan Colombo Aylar önce

      @Shooting Bricks - thankfully not vit D.

    • Shooting Bricks
      Shooting Bricks Aylar önce +2

      @sefiryu few people in the US died or even got hospitalized by ivermectin overdoses. A news outlet was caught lying about that in a hospital in Oklahoma when the hospital came forward and said they haven't had a cases of ivermectin overdoses. American news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, to name a few have been caught lying

  • Nora Dorsey
    Nora Dorsey Aylar önce +7

    Dr. Campbell, I need to show this video to a friend, we have been wondering about about treatments in other countries and what they have found. Thanks for all the research you do to bring this to us!

    • Minh Duc Tran
      Minh Duc Tran 28 gün önce

      @Tron Ali yes, you're right. Ivermectin is not approved for treatment of Covid-19 in Japan.

      This whole video is misleading. Dr. John Campbell himself told it is not approved in Japan at 01:12, yet he puts several times the description "Ivermectin allowed as a treatment on August 13" in his video, which is basically wrong.

    • Tron Ali
      Tron Ali 28 gün önce +1

      Ivermectin hasn't been used really in Japan, Dr. Campbell misread the data.

    • Minh Duc Tran
      Minh Duc Tran 28 gün önce

      Ivermectin has been prescribed by physicians in South America since last year already. It doen't help them there, look it up especially in Brazil.

    • Julian Clegg
      Julian Clegg Aylar önce

      I can't post links here, but you can search for this sentence: Herbal COVID-19 formula NRICM101 to be used in Taiwan

  • JohnE77 Evert
    JohnE77 Evert Aylar önce +5

    Thank you for your analysis. However, it would be helpful to start with definitions: what are 'confirmed cases' and are these defined differently in Japan?

  • Aya Walraven
    Aya Walraven Aylar önce +234

    Hello Dr. John! Thanks always for videos.

    The situation in Japan has changed a lot for the better and we are grateful for it. However, I'd like to share a correction with what I think is either a misunderstanding or a mistranslation on the use of ivermectin here. I've seen many English people on twitter claiming that ivermectin became approved for use in Japan on August 13th. This is not the case. (1) The source article that caused this confusion, which you've kindly showed in your video, quotes Dr Haruo Ozaki talking about its viability for treatment. The relevant part is at the bottom of the article. In English, what he's saying is basically "I think it's unlikely that the drug does not work at all. I think we're at a point now where we can ask for approval to use [ivermectin] after giving informed consent to patients. However, we do need to conduct a thorough clinical trial and study it first." He does not state here that ivermectin is approved. The "approval"/"permission" here is not in the context of "yeah it's okay to use as long as we ask patients" but rather "we need to ask approval of the medical regulators to use this medicine." (2) You can confirm the status on Japan's Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PDMA) website. If ivermectin were approved it would appear in the latest FY 2021 file here www.pmda.go.jp/english/review-services/reviews/approved-information/drugs/0002.html It does not at the time of this comment.

    While the misunderstood approval news seems to be floating around everywhere on the English internet, there hasn't really been any such news here, nor is ivermectin being used regularly for the treatment of COVID-19 in either Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan. That said, people are able to find sources to buy it and take it if they so wish, at their own risk.

    One more tip: I highly recommend you try DeepL for translations from Japanese. Google Translate is sometimes absolute rubbish.

    • Donald Johnson
      Donald Johnson 6 gün önce

      What risk? 100 % safe. Who do you think you are?

    • Christian Pervert
      Christian Pervert 7 gün önce

      @Mark Torisu Why? So you can try to DDOS them or try to get it taken down?
      Go find them yourself you f-ing glowstick.

    • Christian Pervert
      Christian Pervert 7 gün önce

      @misterezra1 Thank you. Good to know I'm not alone out here.
      We will be vindicated in about 5 years when these idiots all get auto-immune disorders from this experimental medical procedure.

    • misterezra1
      misterezra1 7 gün önce +1

      @Christian Pervert

      It's their job. Billions of dollars have gone into this global censorship campaign.

    • misterezra1
      misterezra1 7 gün önce +1


      Well, we know it wasn't the vaccine 🙂

  • zapperz2000
    zapperz2000 Aylar önce +7

    Dr. Campbell, I like your videos and analyses. However, this one should be reconsidered.

    Presumably, ivermectin prescriptions in Japan were given to patients already in the hospital and being treated. How does this affect the positive covid rate being shown on the graph? Unless you are arguing that these people who were given ivermectin then went out and spread their "treated" infection and caused the rest of the population to no longer be susceptible to be infected, I do not see any correlation (much less, causation) between when ivermectin was allowed in japan and the call of positive covid test. Your repeated display of the positive infection graph and the date on when ivermectin was allowed in Japan made it seem that you are implying that the latter causes the former.

    I follow many vlogs on life in Japan during the past 2 years, and they are extremely disciplined in wearing masks and following government recommendations. They wear masks both indoors and outdoors when they are in a crowd. Shouldn't this tend to be the dominant factor in why Japan has such a low infection when compared to the UK and US?

    • zapperz2000
      zapperz2000 27 gün önce +2

      @Senile OW But this doesn't explain the purported correlation that Dr. Campbell was implying, i.e. the drop in positive rate somehow is related to the decision to start prescribing ivermectin in Japan. I have a very narrow target here rather than a broader evaluation of antivirals. I found that, of the many videos that Dr. Campbell has produced, this one is potentially one of the most misleading one.

    • Tron Ali
      Tron Ali 28 gün önce +1

      Agreed, correlation = causation is a poor way to do a study. Everything he cited was not peer reviewed.

    • Senile OW
      Senile OW 28 gün önce

      All antiviral proponents stress the importance of prescribing early. Ivermectin, HCQ and the like are proposed as outpatient first response. When a patient enters a hospital for treatment, it is too late for antivirals. Some might actually go as far as to say that allowing hospitals to prescribe these intentionally muddies the waters.

  • Billygoatmanstan
    Billygoatmanstan 2 aylar önce +293

    Dr John has proven to be a real asset. Never afraid to tackle subjects and always willing to accept change of opinion. A true sign of intelligence. Proud to share this country with him and wish more were like him.

    • Fish Mud
      Fish Mud 2 aylar önce +4

      He comes across as a nice guy, yes he questions certain data now and again etc, but he knows as whole, something isn't right, but he seems to not want to address it.

    • Fish Mud
      Fish Mud 2 aylar önce +1

      @Michael Painchaud Exactly! 😂

    • JAG LeMans
      JAG LeMans 2 aylar önce +1

      Even John’s past guests have been blanked when they’ve asked to return to discuss his theories. tr-cam.com/video/j4sqEX_29Fc/video.html

    • JAG LeMans
      JAG LeMans 2 aylar önce +3

      Unfortunately he isn’t an expert on the subject and has been spreading misinformation. tr-cam.com/video/H95VCYLBh-A/video.html

    • TheMadMattster
      TheMadMattster 2 aylar önce +3

      Absolutely he’s been a hero in this era

  • Capri
    Capri 2 aylar önce +5

    Thank you for this channel. It's been a much needed resource in all the craziness of the last 20 months.

  • Mark Greiser
    Mark Greiser Aylar önce +4

    It worked for me. symptoms reduced in one day. But, I already was taking zinc, vitamin C, and other vitamins. That first day, though, was incredibly harsh. Everything in or on my body was in amazing amounts of pain. I didn't run a fever, at any point. Early on was some vomiting, lots of pain and a snotty head. I am on my second, maybe 3rd day and almost no symptoms , now.

    • MiloJr
      MiloJr 25 gün önce

      How much ivermectin did you take

    • Paul Minshall
      Paul Minshall 29 gün önce +1

      Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. The best scientific method there is. ;-)

  • habaki neko
    habaki neko 2 aylar önce +17

    I must apologize for my bad English in advance. I am Japanese. I am living in a local city in Japan. There have been some tiny waves here. It was like "literally nothing happening here" so far.
    This is what I see why Japan is in a good condition right now.
    1. Literally 99% of People in my city are wearing a mask outside. As to me, It is because I want to keep my family from the flu.
    2. Major cities suffered from the flu to an extent. They have more/bigger redlight districts than local cities do. Generally speaking, Those big cities have younger people who went there alone for university or job. They can go to the redlights in more chance than average locals do. Also those big cities are the destinations for foreign travelers.
    3. Japanese beauty standard is not only the "beauty" but also "cleanliness". Japanese word "美しい" that often translate to "beautiful". But when Japanese say "美しい", it include "cleanliness": we don't call a beautiful chick without cleanliness as a beauty. I mean we are supposed to keep ourselves cleanliness.
    4. After the last covid wave in Japan, 2 times vaccinated went to 76% or so. And new cases decreased miraculously in those big cities. I and my old mom did not get vaccinated, though. I was like why tf we should get shot by the unreliable/hastily made chemicals. btw my aged dad(80) get the shot this spring.

    Right now in my city, most of people are still wearing a mask.

    • habaki neko
      habaki neko Aylar önce +1

      @David Hepler
      日本生まれ日本育ちですよ。I was born and raised in Japan. And Ive been living in Japan from birth.

    • David Hepler
      David Hepler Aylar önce


    • Fruz
      Fruz Aylar önce

      @JANN Nightlife destrict are bit and there are those districts where there is some prostitution going on ( not everywhere of course ).

      Prostitution related laws ( or more like ... the lack of it really ) kind of all fits under the same kind of label in which maid bairs, host bars, "Kabakura" ( I'm not sure exactly how to translate this one ) and similar businesses are included I think, so this might be one reason why everybody calls those places "red light district" in Japan, it's all in the same category, and I've always heard foreigners using this expression when not calling the place directly by its name I think, although most people do just call it by its name.

    • JANN
      JANN Aylar önce +1

      @Fruz Notice the part of the original post where the op is taking about young people going there. It seems more likely that she’s talking about places where young people go to party. Or, nightlife districts. Further, in reply to me, the op seemed to agree with the idea of nightlife rather than red light district. Think Roppongi. Would you call that a red light district? Maybe I’m just old, but it’s long been famous for partying not for red light district type activities. That is why I offered the op a different way to label what she’s talking about. That said, red light district type of activity no doubt can be had in Roppongi.
      I’m under no illusions about that type of activity in Japan. Going on four decades in the country I’d really have to have blinders on to not know about it.

    • Fruz
      Fruz Aylar önce +1

      @JANN Prostitution is quite commonin Japan ( it's officialy not prostitution, but it actually is prostitution ).
      I'm not saying that it's everywhere, but "nightlife" district usually have prostitution, and everybody ( even foreigners ) call it the "red light district" here.
      There are also lots of services that are not sex oriented but are clearly oriented with sexy women / handsome men serving customers, a little bit like a strip club I guess but more ... "classy" if I may.

  • Michael Erbacher
    Michael Erbacher Aylar önce +1

    I've been watching a few of these videos you've made on Ivermectin. What confuses me is that examples like the one shown here along with your video on the AIIMS institute would suggest a clear advantage to using Ivermectin that has, so far, failed to materialise in quality, peer reviewed research. If this really is causation rather than correlation (and ruling out global conspiracy theories) I'm somewhat surprised that the data still isn't available.

  • Margie Jammie
    Margie Jammie 2 aylar önce +255

    I do like what I’m hearing. And I do like the questions John asks. This channel has been the most helpful, thorough and genuine source of information throughout the entire pandemics. Thank you John, I wish there more health professionals like you. So many people here recognise the helpful work you’re doing day in and day out. I’m super grateful and really admire you.

    • C Van
      C Van 2 aylar önce

      @Dreyn 77 My greatgrandfather and uncle were gutted in front of my family with a sword. However the days of complaining as you do reveals antisocial behaviour provoking hostility too!

    • C Van
      C Van 2 aylar önce

      @Ken Tillotson education in medicine at phd certification level means he has studied effective of patient response to interventions and planning treatment at crisis and longterm chronic points of decisionmaking. See : protocols …..

    • C Van
      C Van 2 aylar önce

      Absolutely agree the usefulness of discussion and introduction of inquiry is personally engaging.

    • Dreyn 77
      Dreyn 77 2 aylar önce

      Well, I said it perfectly.

    • Dreyn 77
      Dreyn 77 2 aylar önce

      He's not even perceptive.

      Japanese man claims to be the superior race.

      He interrupted our lives to tell us this rubbish.

  • Budget Bids
    Budget Bids Aylar önce +1

    Im unvaccinated and suffer chrons disease. I fought for 2 weeks and kept deteriorating. The wife changed my supplements to Ivermectin and within 24 hrs my COVID symptoms started to change and my breathing got better after 48 hrs . I went from the bed I was in for 2 weeks to walking 2 miles. It literally saved my life.

  • James Sloper
    James Sloper 22 gün önce

    Appreciate you and the work you do Dr. Ikpoko! You are a king for our people curing them from all STI & other deceases God bless you and your family!

  • enki Do
    enki Do 2 aylar önce +5

    That defence enzyme thought is fascinating. I have wondered for Some time, why there are not completely apocalyptic stories from the unvaccinated south.
    Are there more defence mechanism already existing in the gene pool?

  • Sobchak
    Sobchak Aylar önce +50

    It seems to me that the most important information is missing here: how widely was ivermectin utilised since August 13th? It seems to me that for the effect shown in that graphic to be attributable to ivermectin, a massive number of people would have needed to use it. So "ivermectin allowed" per se means close to nothing.

    • Terrence Larkin
      Terrence Larkin Aylar önce


    • Alex Torres
      Alex Torres Aylar önce

      @Allan Davis yep...much of the same absurdities shown by the daily cases graphs of all those countries on ivm...🤐

    • gunnarMyTube
      gunnarMyTube Aylar önce

      @Denise McIntire Yes this is sensitive in another way. I would guess the resistance could be an interest in protecting the marketplace against cheap medicine establishing. Or that making the drug popular would endanger the vaccine authorisation. Or that proven effectiveness could awaken awareness that earlier resistance against use may have caused a lot of unneccessary deaths.

    • Use Odysee or Bitchute
      Use Odysee or Bitchute Aylar önce

      I'm worried about simpler explanation:
      1) OMG cases are going up, let's do something
      2) Cases after a while started going down, it means that the intervention has worked

    • Denise McIntire
      Denise McIntire Aylar önce +1

      @gunnarMyTube EXACTLY! We allow people to try off-label therapies to treat cancer and other deadly conditions. If you allow people to try it, IF THEY WANT TO - especially under a doctor's supervision, it's effectiveness - or lack thereof - will soon be apparent. There is no more reason to refuse to allow people to try a treatment that has been proven quite safe than to refuse to allow people to purchase vitamins.

  • Aaron Franklin
    Aaron Franklin 2 aylar önce +88

    We know from an Indian study A year ago that Ivermectin has at least a six week prophylactic effect cutting rates of contracting covid by well over 90% in frontline healthcare workers.
    If their experience of using it AND achieving herd immunity is anything to go by, then a 5cent Per person Ivermectin pill is all that was ever needed. This all could have been over a year ago worldwide.

    • Aaron Franklin
      Aaron Franklin 2 aylar önce +6

      @Mark Hooker it was by the Calcutta University Medical school if memory serves.
      Dr Mercola had an article on it.
      You can thank corporate hired gangsters making death threats against him and his family, and corporate bullying via spurious legal actions threatened that would have bankrupted him, for him needing to take down off his server twenty years of the worlds most trusted and respected heath and medical research.
      Hes still doing great and impeccably referenced Articles, but has to delete them 48hr after publishing.
      Get in touch with him. He is the No 1 dis-is-real-information source.

    • Ivan Ballin
      Ivan Ballin 2 aylar önce

      Have a look at his chart again.
      Then look at the dates on the x-axis.
      There is easily a 6-week period between the commencement of administration and the nett reductions in infection/morbidity.

    • felixgrube
      felixgrube 2 aylar önce +1

      that s plainly false

    • Mark Hooker
      Mark Hooker 2 aylar önce +3

      And that study is so good you didn't bother to post either a URL to it or the name of the study.

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood Aylar önce +4

    Dr. John Campbell, did you receive the information you were expecting from Japanese citizens confirming the details on the use of Ivermectin?

  • uni
    uni 2 aylar önce +49

    I'm a Japanese living in Japan. No one here could get the reason why the number of new infections has decreased so rapidly and I have not seen any convincing hypotheses yet. By the way, I think "Ivermectin allowed as a treatment on August 13" would be a bit inaccurate because the article of 東京新聞 only says the chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association insists we're in a step that Ivermectin should be allowed to use.

    • Will Miller
      Will Miller Aylar önce

      @Greg Gregson I'm impressed with the low rates in Uttar Pradesh which the government attributes to its stringent T3 testing mechanism- ‘Trace, Test and Treat’ conducted more than 73,204 Covid tests in the last 24 hours. This along with prevention through vaccination and Partial Corona Curfews to eradicate the pandemic." No mention is given to ivermectin, just good solid T3, isolation, and vaccinations.

    • Greg Gregson
      Greg Gregson Aylar önce +1

      @Will Miller Indian states each have their own policies towards the medicine they use. Uttar Pradesh is one of the states that have used Ivermectin. Other states have refused to use it. Looking at India as a whole won't give you any answers.

    • Greg Gregson
      Greg Gregson Aylar önce +3

      @Teach Also, Ivermectin is off label. You cannot "have shares" in it, because it is a cheap, generic drug that doesn't make pharma companies big money. And this is precisely why it is being demonized.

    • Greg Gregson
      Greg Gregson Aylar önce +2

      @Teach There are a huge amount of studies showing it helps immensely. As I said, you really need to do some research here instead of relying on paid performers. Search for an 'Ivermectin meta study' as a start, I cannot make it simpler than that for you, and this website won't allow me to link it. If you cannot even follow this hint, then you are beyond hope.

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce +2

      @Terry also they’re plenty of other posts in the comment section where the poster says “I live in Japan” and say exactly what I’m saying.

  • HubrisNaut
    HubrisNaut Aylar önce +2

    I watched a video a few years ago (pre-covid) of a westerner in Japan giving someone a tour of Tokyo. The question came up about the frequency of people wearing masks. The tour guide said it wasn't fear of disease but because of pollen allergies. There are so many flowering plants throughout the year that the air has a high pollen load. Anyone have info about that?

    • David Hepler
      David Hepler Aylar önce +1

      During pollen season that may be true, but during the winter pre-covid about 10& of people on trains wore masks which was because they either had a cold or were attempting to avoid catching it from someone else who might be possibly infected.

    • HubrisNaut
      HubrisNaut Aylar önce

      @Nigel Gomme Have you been to Japan? I watch some channels of westerners living there. It's hard to believe those seemingly kind and gentle people of today were such fierce warriors. I think it tells us about our human nature. How we can be so good to each other and also become evil.

    • Nigel Gomme
      Nigel Gomme Aylar önce +1

      Yes, that's true. Japanese who suffer from hay fever often wear masks outdoors during hay fever season. They also wear masks when they have a cold so as not to pass on the virus. This is viewed as considerate behaviour. During the pandemic everyone wears masks when outside of the home which is a key reason the transmission has been so low in Japan and they have avoided lockdowns and other drastic interventions.

  • Bullfrog377
    Bullfrog377 2 aylar önce +13

    He's becoming a real master of dry humour (especially when you consider that thousands of lives have been lost due to this drug being forbidden)

    • Gentle Ken
      Gentle Ken Aylar önce

      I don't think he was talking about the links between deaths and ivermectin. He was talking about cases. He's talking about it as a treatment, for positive cases, so I'm not sure why he was pointing out when Ivermectin was being given on the graph with cases. A confirmed case is a confirmed case, the ivermectin is a treatment. Meaning you have to have caught the virus first, and then potentially passed it on to others, for whom it could be more deadly. Hearing about the 'good' mutation was interesting, but you have to realise that countries like Japan (and South Korea, where I live) have very diligent populations. Mask wearing, doing things for the greater good, careful about contact with others you don't know etc etc were kind of routine before Covid. Having been here for MERS and SARS, I'm aware of how things are done. Also, pollution levels are bad, which is why people wear masks anyway. They have societies that are vastly different to the UK, hence why the numbers are as they are.

    • A G
      A G 2 aylar önce

      Very English style. Luvley!

  • Richard Parker Smith
    Richard Parker Smith 2 aylar önce +577

    Well done John, just what we needed to hear. Politicians and big pharma companies will have to answer to their electorates for the deaths which could have been prevented in the West.

    • Terry Winter
      Terry Winter 2 aylar önce

      People have lost there minds if they think these jabs are safe

    • Mr P
      Mr P 2 aylar önce

      @DAVID CAMPBELL you'd do well to follow the money on conspiracy theorists, uoutube doctor's and commentators as well. TR-cam pay about $5 per 1000 views.

      DAVID CAMPBELL 2 aylar önce

      As everything in life follow the money many millionaires and billionaires have made lots of money but by the same token millions of ordinary people have lost a lot of money. I'm totally convinced that politicians across the world have made a lot of money as well. If anyone can't see that I am selling plots of building land on Mars. Or if you like I could sell you London bridge or Buckingham palace. I wonder why the main stream media are not covering this fantastic news. Follow the money.

    • john0270
      john0270 2 aylar önce

      @Andrew Hsieh the reality is we might never know the truth. There is allot of power/money behind keeping the status quo going.

    • Mr P
      Mr P 2 aylar önce

      @Clot McShot are you seriously taking the figures from DRC as accurate....bless your heart 🤣🤣🤣

  • FinkelsteinShitKid
    FinkelsteinShitKid Aylar önce +3

    “Not mentioned by the media in the U.S.” is an understatement.

  • arpa - liaison
    arpa - liaison Aylar önce

    Thank you sir for interesting information.
    Please refer to the following recent Nature article that says HLA-A24 plays a key role in Japan's low mortality.
    HLA-A24 is relatively common in Japanese (60%) while rather are in Caucasians (10-20%).
    That explains well that Japan particularly struggled against Deltas that are immune to HLA-A24.

    Identification of TCR repertoires in functionally competent cytotoxic T-cells cross-reactive to SARS-CoV-2

    SARS-CoV-2-specific CD8+ T-cells are scarce but detectable in unexposed healthy donors (UHDs).
    It remains unclear whether pre-existing human coronavirus (HCoV)-specific CD8+ T-cells are converted to functionally competent T-cells cross-reactive to SARS-CoV-2.
    Here, we identified the HLA-A24-high binding, immunodominant epitopes in SARS-CoV-2 spike region that can be recognized by seasonal coronavirus-specific CD8+ T-cells from HLA-A24+ UHDs. Furthermore, we showed that CD8+ T-cells in response to a selected dominant epitope display multifunctionality and cross-functionality across HCoVs in HLA-A24+ donors.
    Cross-reactivity of T-cell receptors isolated from them exhibited selective diversity at the single-cell level.
    Taken together, when stimulated well by immunodominant epitopes, selective pre-existing CD8+ T-cells with high functional avidity may be cross-reactive against SARS-CoV-2.

  • Edward Nelson
    Edward Nelson Aylar önce +1

    So this is vitally interesting and very important. Can you please address the idea that as a pathogen evolves it will frequently become less deadly. iirc, typhoid and syphilis went through a similar arc, from very deadly to serious but mostly not as deadly...
    Thank you, sir.

  • Garrock Waters
    Garrock Waters 2 aylar önce +2

    Thank you for a straight report of the information without some idiotic agenda slant. Keep informing us!

  • Margaret Chase
    Margaret Chase 2 aylar önce +809

    Absolutely fascinating. I'm happy for the Japanese people.

    • Gordon Graham
      Gordon Graham Aylar önce

      @David Hepler I stand corrected. In Saitama there were no shut downs outside of the month and a half they extended the usual 3 week Spring break in 2020. I'm pretty sure Tokyo was the same. That both Tokyo and Saitama had most cases, I assumed most if not all schools followed the same protocols, which was an extended spring break followed by staggered classes by student number, odd in the morning, even in the afternoon. The staggered classes were for about a month, then everything was back to usual, as it has continued to this day.

    • David Hepler
      David Hepler Aylar önce

      @Gordon Graham Partly WRONG on "nor was any other school during the pandemic!" I have been living and working nearly continuously in Japan since 1993. Many school districts in Okinawa had NO classes from the end of March to late May in 2020. That was a full two months delay until the new school year started in 2020. We also had further delays to in class instruction a couple of times for two week intervals on two other occasions or only half the number of students being allowed to attend such as the beginning of September this year, 2021.

    • Omar Romo
      Omar Romo Aylar önce

      @Gordon Graham exactly. People like to blame Trump for the high number of deaths and not the fact that America is the most obese major nation on earth.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 2 aylar önce

      hospitals don't the research : SARS-CoV-2 can transfect into Bacteria - and loves the linings of the intestines... so people's guts become filled with covid-infected bacteria, where the immune system can't reach it, leading to long term infections of Covid for 100 days or longer... Application-of-doxycycline has been demonstrated to reduce hospital stays by 7 DAYS - a full week faster recovery.

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans 2 aylar önce

      Z-paks also shown to help clear out infected bacteria. Testing of taking both antibiotics to speed recovery by cleaning out weak infected bacteria is worthy of study.

  • Maria Valenz Maria V
    Maria Valenz Maria V Aylar önce +4

    I admire the Japanese and their culture. Thank you doctor Campbell. I trust you. A calm voice of logic.

  • Customer Client
    Customer Client 24 gün önce

    Love it when this fellow gives us credible new information. Great video.

  • Ruth Jantz
    Ruth Jantz Aylar önce +24

    Why is diet not considered by any of these medical reports? We know that if we eat a well balanced diet with little or no processed foods, no added hormones or antibiotics, no GMO products that we will have a very strong immune system that is much more capable of fighting any virus or dis-ease.

    • B. Water
      B. Water Aylar önce

      Pharma and Fast Food = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Create an unhealthy population, and then sell them drugs for the resulting ailments.

    • Bailey Hatfield
      Bailey Hatfield Aylar önce +2

      Or talk about how 94% of covid deaths were by obese or overweight people. This isn't shaming people, its to say that if you are such, you are at a higher risk and more likely to suffer greatly from it. So if that means you're gonna take the vaccine, sure go ahead, but it could also mean that you seek out to either better your lifestyle choices and lose some weight and eat better, OR try out a Nobel Prize winning drug if you happen to get sick or feel sick.

    • Lisa Lightning
      Lisa Lightning Aylar önce

      It’s called capitalism and corporate ownership of the government. Also why they never will talk about dairy products or animal products in general being harmful, because they are such a big commodity in the USA.

  • Annette Cuke
    Annette Cuke Aylar önce +170

    My husband had a bad case of COVID, headache, and fever, he was given Ivermectin and within 48 hours these symptoms were gone and a week later he was just about fully recovered. I had COVID too and took Ivermectin and I am recovering nicely. I like you Doc, you have helped me so much and I like to see seniors!

    • Shayn Hacker
      Shayn Hacker 4 gün önce

      @Martijn Scheffer What stats are you referring to exactly? Moreover, many persons have been using therapeutics so for you to claim it's solely and specifically due to the vaccines would inaccurate and inappropriate.

    • Martijn Scheffer
      Martijn Scheffer 4 gün önce

      @Shayn Hacker we know the answer, mortality is way down since the vaccine !, just look at the stats

    • Shayn Hacker
      Shayn Hacker 8 gün önce

      @Martijn Scheffer you could apply that to the vaccines too. Did people survive because of the vaccine or is it that they would have survived without it/irregardless?

    • TravelerInTime
      TravelerInTime 29 gün önce

      @Brian McDaniel have you missed the large scale double blind clinical trials that were published in scientific journals over a year ago?

    • Brian McDaniel
      Brian McDaniel 29 gün önce

      @TravelerInTime So we're in agreement the current Covid Vax's can NOT be considered EFFECTIVE . . .

  • peter wickham
    peter wickham 2 aylar önce +176

    The FLCCC ivermectin protocols are being used very successfully in South Africa by many doctors.

    • Anne Droid
      Anne Droid 2 aylar önce +2

      I hate it when people call it horse dewormer. I always question their knowledge or integrity after that, as it clearly proves a lack of either of them, and a bias...

    • Ronnie Chang
      Ronnie Chang 2 aylar önce

      @Solo Bano Yes, forced everyone to mask up and virus cases will disappear, according to your great reasoning.

    • Solo Bano
      Solo Bano 2 aylar önce +1

      Ivermectin didn’t help Indians in beating that deadly second wave. Despite it many people died, the whole families disappeared. The society went into complete lockdown as harsh as the first one. Once the critical peak was reached and the contacts limited, the numbers dropped. The masks are required even in personal vehicles (or you get fined). And now, to participate in any lessons and gatherings, you need vaccine certification. So, I would not give ivermectin all that credit.

    • Ronnie Chang
      Ronnie Chang 2 aylar önce +2

      Yes, the powerful n idiotic wests call them horses and cows. It is Animal farm all over safe lands. I became a horse for months now. Thanks to FLCCC.

    • Nancy Sutton
      Nancy Sutton 2 aylar önce +5

      @pandorachild Dangerous troll

  • Felipe Ranieri
    Felipe Ranieri Aylar önce +1

    Thank you for your work, Dr. John. Brazil is reporting an increase in human scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis) due to the widespread usage of ivermectin. It's an OTC drug here (non-prescription).

    • Felipe Ranieri
      Felipe Ranieri Aylar önce

      @Andrew Barker Sorry, it's a typo. English is not my native language and I've never used this term before. Scabies (Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis)

    • Andrew Barker
      Andrew Barker Aylar önce

      ???? What is 'human scab'?

  • Tami Rundell
    Tami Rundell Aylar önce +15

    I'm looking for the Omicron variety to do the same as the other variants. It might affect several people at first but then fall off quickly. If doctors are willing to try what has worked in other areas of the world then we could possibly end this disease as well.

    • gunnarMyTube
      gunnarMyTube Aylar önce

      @Mike CorLeoné Ought to be an interest clash there. Those who benefit from a continued vaccination and those who thrive from opening societies.

    • Irene Jackowski
      Irene Jackowski Aylar önce +2

      @Mike CorLeoné Yes, you are correct. It's unfortunate but true. In some areas of the globe, the money means more than the lives of the people.

    • Mike CorLeoné
      Mike CorLeoné Aylar önce +4

      There’s no money in ending these variants “quickly” this will be around at least until 2024 watch

  • Labreeska Rogers
    Labreeska Rogers Aylar önce +1

    Even though I disagree with vaccination I really like the way you break down the data and I very much enjoy your channel. I like to listen what you have to say.
    Thanks for the information and simplifying of data.

  • Francis 1951
    Francis 1951 Aylar önce +19

    "Japan places myocarditis warning on 'vaccines' - requires informed consent"

    "Japan announces public and private sectors cannot discriminate against those refusing experimental injections"

  • Mark Pitsilos
    Mark Pitsilos 2 aylar önce +68

    Anyone who's sabotaged the use of antivirals or other treatments in this pandemic should be investigated for potentially having blood on their hands.

    • Roberta Downs
      Roberta Downs Aylar önce

      @joseph genelza thanks so much! An excellent video...

    • Heterodox X
      Heterodox X 2 aylar önce

      At this point in time with all the info we got it is fair to speak of genocide.

    • joseph genelza
      joseph genelza 2 aylar önce +1

      @Roberta Downs Watch Robert F. Kennedy interview on James Corbett. He talks about his Dr. Fauci book.
      He says who really killed his father at end of interview.
      Whitney Webb interviews tell all about jabs & our future to 2030.

    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer 2 aylar önce


    • Nathan Diaz
      Nathan Diaz 2 aylar önce

      @Roberta Downs most transparent administration in history....and people keep believing the people that lie 24/7

  • Beth Watkins
    Beth Watkins Aylar önce +4


    • Skydaddy
      Skydaddy Aylar önce

      how did you get ivermectin

  • Public Art Critic
    Public Art Critic 2 aylar önce +29

    If the British government cleared ivermectin, it would be an admission that they should have cleared its use age much earlier as many of us have been calling for…

    • gunnarMyTube
      gunnarMyTube Aylar önce +1

      It’s about protecting the market for upcoming molnupiravir and the like. If they let ivermectin take market shares the new stuff at 20 times the cost might not sell as much and even put vaccine emergency use authorizations in jeopardy which is serious stuff to safeguard for its stakeholders.

    • Keith Cunningham
      Keith Cunningham Aylar önce +1

      @Gurney Halleck ABSOLUTELY ! It's PURE EVIL !!

    • Gurney Halleck
      Gurney Halleck Aylar önce +4

      @gunnarMyTube which is why they make sure it never even gets to the point where such a comparison would be made. Instead they quietly kill and delay studies so they can hide behind vagueness. They know the institutions that have the role of holding their feet to the fire are totally corrupt and that they can delay for years and years. And for that whole time they will focus on the straw man that they have no evidence (because they declined to gather any) of one very very specific thing and ignore that we have billions of cases and multiple decades of evidence about its use.

      They make sure that their narrow claim of lack knowledge is never addressed. They then claim its all unknown from this false beachhead. They then fearmonger about the unknown. And none of the institutions whose job it is to examine such obvious ridiculous claims do their due diligence and call them out on obvious BS. Every single time they will say one small very particular thing hasn't been proven and absolutely refuse to talk about or mention or even acknowledge a 40 year history of use.

      This is what lawyers do, not doctors.

    • Thelma Viaduct
      Thelma Viaduct Aylar önce +1

      @gunnarMyTube imagine the conversation with the Drs who will almost certainly think they know better and you're just an oik that's watched too much TR-cam. Why are their minds so closed? On the take like all politicians????

    • gunnarMyTube
      gunnarMyTube Aylar önce +4

      No way they would clear it. The result would expose the decision makers as guilty of things they rather stay out of sight for.

  • Adam Bauman
    Adam Bauman Aylar önce +3

    I love Dr Campbell's videos. He does a great job however it seems that everyone in the comments here that lives in Japan (you can see many of them have Japanese names) is saying they dont know anyone in Japan that uses ivermectin and that it isnt an approved treatment there. Of course this doesnt mean its ineffective and there is still a ton of evidence that it is. But considering Dr Campbell states that he is checking on his sources and he will get back to us I think he should have by now. This video was made over a month ago.

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce +1

      @Ashley Dickson ?

      My “nope” was to you question “any idea why my comments are disappearing?”

    • Ashley Dickson
      Ashley Dickson Aylar önce

      @Bees, Bugs and Japan tr-cam.com/video/-zWK_-4mfXs/video.html

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce +1

      @Ashley Dickson nope, i just know he is full of shit

    • Ashley Dickson
      Ashley Dickson Aylar önce

      Dr Campbell is actually a PhD in nursing not a General Practitioner as we call them in Australia.

    • Ashley Dickson
      Ashley Dickson Aylar önce

      @Bees, Bugs and Japan Any idea why my comments keep disappearing? Dr John is raising the "introduction" of ivermectin as an interesting coincidence without even know how many people, if any took it! So unprofessional its not funny!

  • LL Hannah
    LL Hannah Aylar önce

    Thanks so much for the link on Japan's announcement Aug 13! Confirmed some facts for me. I appreciate your channel and research. Still a trusted source for me. You're the best!

  • mary blee
    mary blee 2 aylar önce +322

    I went to Japan in December 2019 from Tokyo to Hiroshima on a train tour . Barely saw an over weight person and obesity is very rare . They are dignified and like to look good . They do wear masks if they have a cold etc. And they are disciplined and respectful towards others and their personal space and are quiet .
    Also when I had covid 19 my appetite was terrible and there wasn’t much I could eat or felt like , all I really wanted to eat was miso soup with Nori(seaweed) and organic tofu for 3 months , all very healing foods which they naturally eat everyday in Japan.
    They are healthier people with positive habits . They also love onsens which are amazing , heat up and energises the body and will kill off everything bad. They are also not stupid when it comes to healing remedies/medicines. And will also do the best for their people .
    Unlike the stupid west being controlled by pharmaceutical companies and profit, power driven agendas .
    Respect to Japan you have much to teach if only people would take notices

    • Fruz
      Fruz Aylar önce

      @David Hepler Although I do agree with you to some extent, I think that Okinawa might bit a bit different from the rest of Japan.
      That said, junk food "infecting" Japanese societe (mostly from the US, at least that's what it seems to me) is definitely a thing.
      Japanese women trying to not get their skin exposed to the sun at all is also a thing, which can in no way be healthy and a smart thing to do ...

    • David Hepler
      David Hepler Aylar önce +1

      Japan is NOT as healthy as you think it is. I have been living here for about 28 years and there ARE obese people especially here in Okinawa where I currently live. Also the incidence of diabetes diagnoses has DOUBLED over the past 50 years. Convenience stores are ubiquitous here. They are LOADED with salty potato crisps and the like and sweet pastries which are loaded with sugar and margarine! Same for the supermarkets.
      I also recently read a report that a full 50% of Japanese people are Vitamin D deficient. MANY Japanese people, especially women, are dreadfully fearful of getting a suntan and avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight. They carry umbrellas and cover their arms from any sun exposure. Massive numbers of old people stay in doors all day avoiding the sun as well. They still do eat a lot of fish and dried shiitake mushroom which are good sources of Vitamin D. Also, near deficiencies in ZINC and MAGNESIUM are other areas of concern for Japanese people. Do your research!

    • Fruz
      Fruz Aylar önce +1

      Onsen don't kill off everything bad lol
      Now I do agree with most of the your message, but definitely not about the part that there is no power driven agendas and pharmaceutical control, as there is ( probably less though ).

      The governement have been trying to scare people in Japan as well as in western countries, has been dramatizing the situation and asking people to wear masks in outside spaces for example is pointless as it can be ...
      But It's probably drivent by the fact that people don't want to take any risk to not hae any responsibility to take regarding anything, so let's just do .... like the rest of the world, even in the Japanese numbers show that covid never has been a big problem here.

    • Dragon Bear
      Dragon Bear 2 aylar önce

      @Damo yeah, we hang out every week. Were drinking in Higashi Osaka last night actually.

      Times have changed . Lots of larger people here now. American fast food has taken over many diets

    • Damo
      Damo 2 aylar önce

      @Dragon Bear Family members lived there for approx 12 years and only returned in 2018. I didn't say say abuse, but they are sniggered at and shamed. Unlike America there is no pretense obesity is somehow normal. Does your mate live in Japan?

  • BBRodriquez
    BBRodriquez Aylar önce +2

    So on Haruo Ozaki, a board member of a regional independent medical organization with no governmental power, said on 13 August something over Ivermectin and by this way approved it in Japan for use. Amazing. Hope someone will tell the PMDA so they update their approved drug list.

    • Marco
      Marco Aylar önce

      And then it should already have magically happened in February, because that's when Ozaki said the exact same thing...

  • NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe

    The way I see it already written in the history: Japan started using ivermectin and when pharmaceutical companies found out they use this cheap drug instead of waiting for their newly patented drugs that would have a similar effect, they started to try to discredit the medicine explaining the low cases in any other way they could :)

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce

      @NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe well it wasn’t used in Japan to stop
      the last wave. maybe you need a new text book?

    • NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe
      NotEvenDeathCanSaveYouFromMe Aylar önce

      @Bees, Bugs and Japan no need to when you know the textbook examples of how huge corporations behave

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce

      lol…. Yeah nah… most of the people hear need to grow a brain.

  • Jazmin Ortega
    Jazmin Ortega Aylar önce +1

    According to the article you referred to the use of Ivermectin, Mr. Ozaki is only saying that "we should consider proscribing Ivermectin to patients with the consent of the patients. " While I believe Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19, in Japan, those doctors are not using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients.

  • Chris W
    Chris W Aylar önce

    Dear Dr Campbell, I just found your chanel ...
    Thank you very much for your enlightening work!
    Nevertheless I wonder, whether the rise and fall of new cases are mainly due to a lot more testing around the olympics ... Even concerning the deaths by CoViD there might be that slight increase and decrease due to more testing as probably in Japan, too, deaths with a positive PCR within 28 days before are counted as "with or because of CoViD" deaths ...
    Nevertheless and moreover the "low" deathrates while there are high incidences show that delta might be more infectuous, but certainly is less lethal than the "Wuhan" variant ...

  • Darvistas
    Darvistas 2 aylar önce +186

    Doctor John = medical integrity. In this era, this makes you a hero.

    • Dan Croitoru
      Dan Croitoru 2 aylar önce

      Dr John = nurse

    • La Mel
      La Mel 2 aylar önce

      @jonathan stromberg The ‘disgusting’ thing is not to try save human lives with something reasonably safe which was shown to work.

    • La Mel
      La Mel 2 aylar önce

      @pandorachild In this issue, you just need to be a reasonably intelligent human being.

    • Dragonslairminis
      Dragonslairminis 2 aylar önce +2

      @Michael Parkinson they don't use Ivermectin in Japan. At least not a lot. It's not approved, John tricked you again.

    • Gaz Masonik
      Gaz Masonik 2 aylar önce

      @Michael Parkinson japan's also provided proof that the spike protein doesn't stay in the deltoid. It circulates for weeks Collects in ovaries too. Wonder if it will sterilise the generation of kids surviving it

  • Stewseph Smallwood
    Stewseph Smallwood Aylar önce +5

    Japan protects its citizens and their best interests.

  • Donnella Buxton
    Donnella Buxton 2 aylar önce +2

    Thank you Dr John this is awesome that you show the truth.

  • cortijodebracanas
    cortijodebracanas Aylar önce

    Thank you so much for all the interesting work you do to help us all with facts and figures. Bless you

  • cdgr0820
    cdgr0820 2 aylar önce +1

    I live in Japan and think the other factors you have to consider are the Japanese diet (strong in pre-biotic and pro-biotic foods, low in sugar and processed foods), the low rate in Japan of chronic illnesses that are linked to worse outcomes in Covid-19 infections, and a relatively good health care system. The fatalities/million have been extremely low compared to the United States. And in Dec. 2019, I had a "bad cold" while everyone else around me was having a "bad cold". It could be that the first wave went through the population before anyone was aware of a new cold virus going around, and that the Japanese government doesn't want to consider the possibility.

    • Fruz
      Fruz Aylar önce +1

      The covid started In Hokkaido in early 2020, about when the snow festival ( which this one time should probably have been cancelled ) took place ( many people were complaining about it not being cancelled, which seemed legitimate back then ).

      I expect that Japanese doctors are a bit more ethical than western ones and do not report people who died from something else than covid-19 but got tested positive for it as covd-19 deaths.
      Still, I also think that the high hygiene level and the fact that people eat in a more healthy definitely has a big part to play in all this.

  • akjlm53
    akjlm53 2 aylar önce +540

    His excitement over this recent information is infectious. By the way, my parents stressed decency as a person as being more important than acquisition of stuff. Your stuff (money) is not who you are--your character and your contributions to society are. Dr. Campbell embodies this ethic. We desperately need more people like him especially in these times when so much greed and corruption has been exposed.

    • guerlain99
      guerlain99 2 aylar önce

      @Harry Mills I posted here previously to point out that Dr C is making an extremely good income from his videos here - a fact that is easily discoverable by searching youtube for videos discussing precisely that. I speculated that his recent trend towards advocating more controversial and conspiracy-centred viewpoints without proper evidence (like this one) might have had something to do with that. Oddly enough, my comment got deleted...

    • Dan
      Dan 2 aylar önce

      @Lily I believe in the states he would be known as a nurse practitioner. He has a doctorate in nursing, and teaches, is what I think you meant. Unless they have programs like that in the UK, I just kow how it works in the US.

    • Dan
      Dan 2 aylar önce

      @MegaHam are you in Japan??

    • Lily
      Lily 2 aylar önce

      @Anna Crowley He isn't a medical doctor, he has a doctorate in teaching nurses.

    • morgan 5171
      morgan 5171 2 aylar önce

      I guess you would have to there to understand my clip as its above you and the Africans ,Japanese and animals that have been treated with iv are alive and well so thank God for small things..🙏

  • wickie2222
    wickie2222 Aylar önce +1

    With the name of the video, Ivermectin in Japan, I was kind of hoping some idea of the number of doses administered (if any) could be addressed. What part did the allowing of Ivermectin as a treatment play in the reduced cases was in no way broached.

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Aylar önce +2

      It’s not being used over here in Japan so close to zero. Only hospitals with dermatology sections or dermatologists can prescribe it and prescribe it for scabies.

      Also, not all hospitals can treat COVID. Only certain hospitals can handle COVID patients.

  • joedudz
    joedudz Aylar önce +6

    Well, this and similar studies have absolutely convinced me anti-virals are for me and not worth the risk of taking a vaccine with (media and government suppressed) side effects.

    • Pou Glwa W
      Pou Glwa W Aylar önce +2

      Notice how gov't and media have "forgotten" to mention that Ivermectin has won a Pulitzer Prize for saving lives [and I don't mean animal lives].

    • Boltholemuse.
      Boltholemuse. Aylar önce

      it is an anti-parasitic, (not anti-viral). All the same...if it works on covid, then bonus points.(imho)

  • Ray Mar
    Ray Mar Aylar önce +2

    More studies and more info is what is needed to help control this. This virus has gotten way too political in the States along with other places .

  • Dr. Beau Hightower
    Dr. Beau Hightower Gün önce +1

    Japan just doubled their all time high in cases. No retraction ? No correction?

    • Bees, Bugs and Japan
      Bees, Bugs and Japan Gün önce

      Love your channel! IVM is available in Japan from a few clinics, but in general, it's not used here in Japan for COVID. Cases are still going up and no one is talking about IVM.

  • Naoko1875
    Naoko1875 2 aylar önce +267

    I’ve been living in Japan for quite a long time now and I wonder that the Japanese miracle is overlooked by so many people. Why isn’t it more discussed in the media? Genetics might be one answer to the question how the drop in cases was possible. Other factors might be the Japanese diet and the extremely low obesity rate in Japan.
    And as Japan’s measures against virus spreading have been very soft during the whole pandemic we might have had a high rate of asymptomatic infections and as a result a high level of immunity.

    • Rainbow Seven
      Rainbow Seven Aylar önce

      @Ren Web Very apt!

    • A G
      A G 2 aylar önce

      Korea also low obesity etc, but cases up.

    • Jay Kay
      Jay Kay 2 aylar önce

      @Tony Conrad an expensive lookalike that failed 4 of the 5 trials where ivermectin passed all of them too!

    • thomas grabkowski
      thomas grabkowski 2 aylar önce

      Japan also tests at lower rates than other developed countries. Something you don't know about

    • Fabien Cazeau
      Fabien Cazeau 2 aylar önce

      @Bees, Bugs and Japan
      I agree.

  • MG Choo
    MG Choo Aylar önce +3

    Hi Dr John, you mentioned more news is coming from Japan. It will be interesting to know more about the news on the use of Ivermectin .

    • MG Choo
      MG Choo 28 gün önce

      @Tron Ali Not that I do not believe you. More evidence will be good to accept what you claim is true.

    • Tron Ali
      Tron Ali 28 gün önce

      Japanese refuted the data he showed (also it was mistranslated.) Ivermectin has shown no benefits in Japan conclusively.

  • The wolf of Swingthat
    The wolf of Swingthat Aylar önce +8

    The doctor who suggested in August it might be an option - if further research found it to be effective - was chair of the Tokyo Medical Association (TMA), which is not a governmental agency and has no authority to make such a decree -- newshub

  • Tiny Angel
    Tiny Angel 2 aylar önce +9

    Hi from Japan.

    As someone has probably already pointed out, Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca have different storage temperatures for the vaccine, and different expiration dates for using it before vaccinating those who want it.

    Japan has been noted for its inefficiency in following the manual in a disciplined manner, but I guess that finally paid off last year and this year.

    As one can see from Japanese airports, even the handling of luggage is very detailed, and non-Japanese people are not supposed to strictly follow the rules.

    Most of the comments written in response to this video are unscientific, since most Japanese people have not been vaccinated with the Ivermectin.

    • Someone Somewhere
      Someone Somewhere 2 aylar önce +2

      Euh no, they for sure have not been 'vaccinated' with Ivermectin, because Ivermectine is not a vaccin...

  • Angela
    Angela 2 aylar önce +7

    We have our supply. I bought the injectable type. I use it orally. I give it to my pets to prevent heart worms, the vector being mosquitoes. I have a dosage chart for my pets. It’s good for Sarcoptic mange mites. I have used it on my cats for ear mites.
    I was a Vet Tech for 10 years, so I have some medical experience with animals, including large animals.
    The Ivermectin paste can have other ingredients. If you plan on buying that type, check the ingredients!!!

  • Marc H
    Marc H 2 aylar önce +179

    You are one of the few voices of reason in this Corona fiasco!

    • Alex K
      Alex K 2 aylar önce +1

      @Crypto Chap So do you trust data from Mexico or Uttar Pradesh? Does everyone who presents evidence contrary to your bubble world lie?

    • Eureka Hope
      Eureka Hope 2 aylar önce +1

      @Crypto Chap And you trust data from the CDC, the WHO, and China?

    • so dumb that i think for myself
      so dumb that i think for myself 2 aylar önce

      wow 10 points for sarcasm.

    • sugaree71
      sugaree71 2 aylar önce +3

      @Crypto Chap Why is data from Japan unreliable?

    • Crypto Chap
      Crypto Chap 2 aylar önce +1

      Can you seriously trust ANY data from the FRAUD that is japan???

      Serious question,,,


      I am very disappointed as to the levels he is now prepared to stoop ...

  • William Farmer
    William Farmer Aylar önce

    It's interesting to think that either a cultural genetic mutation or a mutation in the virus or Ivermectin could be responsible for the rapid decrease of Covid -19 in Japan. If the USA could be objective and do the research you described, then actual progress could be made. I only wonder why this has not been done yet or considered?

  • Larry Wendlandt
    Larry Wendlandt Aylar önce +1

    what i find interesting ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin-originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil now most things found in upper crust soil are placed there by plants which makes me wonder if there is a plant used there that is linked to the sources in the soil

  • Josefina Counts
    Josefina Counts Aylar önce +1

    I appreciate that you don’t exclude other possibilities for the drop off in cases, and that you don’t exclude ivermectin because there other possibilities. This is real information, not coercion or bull.

  • Isabella Cristalli
    Isabella Cristalli 2 aylar önce +1

    Question n.1) if the dramatic plummet was due to a genetic enzyme activity how can be explained the sharp rise in cases in the summer ( which by the way we didn't have in the same season during the first wave with no vaccine); 2) wouldn't be interesting to see whether new less damaging variants have replaced the previous one which as was predictable is dying out? Happy to know that at least one Country had the courage to treat his patients with ivermectin until we are still wait for demonstrating the boiling water

  • Lee Wootton
    Lee Wootton 2 aylar önce +455

    Hi John, one of the other things to be aware of is the overall much lower incidence of Vitamin D deficiency in the Japanese population. This would correlate very closely with your findings on Vitamin D from the other week.

    • Whits
      Whits Aylar önce

      @Teach If you're willing to "teach" I'm willing to learn. Where can I go to learn what you speak of? I'm am always open to reading up on differing opinions/studies. Just as you won't believe some guy in a comment section, neither will I. But if you can send me somewhere where I can read up on it, I'd greatly appreciate it.
      I cited one source of information and I could direct you to many more if you're actually interested? Everything I've stated can be found in what I've cited.

    • Teach
      Teach Aylar önce

      @Whits I'm angry cause you are lying to the people and they deserve the truth. Stop claiming supplements are good cause they are not. They only used when needed, not for daily intake. Stop doing this, you are truly not helping the people out there and I'm serious. Please.

    • Whits
      Whits Aylar önce

      @Teach hahaha, one look through your comments and you're calling everyone that disagrees with you a clown. You seem to be easily angered by anything that's different from your opinion.
      I'll continue to trust peer viewed studies. Unfortunately, it seems you have made up your mind already and aren't interested in learning. Stay healthy.

    • Teach
      Teach Aylar önce

      @Whits Clown. Go watch pseudodoctors on youtube and pretend you know how supplements work you fraud. Jesters belong in a court hall not on youtube

    • Whits
      Whits Aylar önce

      @Teach You should consider changing your name from teach to learn.

  • LarryGreen Brady
    LarryGreen Brady 12 gün önce +2

    In the movies, when people find an effective treatment for a highly contagious disease, the protagonists work to spread that information and get the medicine to everyone on the planet. In the real world, however...

    • Tamara Aya
      Tamara Aya 4 gün önce +1

      In the real world we put money into big pharmas and won’t go for dirt cheap option because again it’s important to fill the pockets of CEO’s .. also we twist science to our needs and desires .. I feel like we’re living in a dystopian world 🙄

  • Frank Moore
    Frank Moore Aylar önce +2

    When I asked Google about off label use of Ivermectin with patient - doctor consent discussed in Japan Today, I was notified the rather recent article had expired.
    The NIH, FDA, CDC does not seem to want any promising news on this drug.

  • H R
    H R Aylar önce +3

    A family sued a hospital to force them to give their relative ivermectin recently in the U.S.-he is recovered and now out of the hospital.

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey Aylar önce +2

    What I got from this is it looks more like genetics are respirable for the improvement. Some comments here claims ivermectin was not given in the US. It has been and I have had patients who received it. Last week I read a study about ivermectin being given compared to patients who were not given it. These were patients in ICU on life support. There was not any difference in survival rate. Ivermectin did not help.

  • mysticchords
    mysticchords 2 aylar önce +317

    I'm so grateful for your analysis of this and all that's playing out... I'm so glad that I took delivery of Ivermectin from India, and the people from there, who are making sure it's available for us in all the countries where this effective medicine has been suppressed and banned, are offering a priceless service...

    It's a crime of the highest order that this medicine has been withdrawn due to it's efficacy in treating CV, only because the pharma companies wouldn't have got emergency clearance for their injections.

    • Snake slayer
      Snake slayer Aylar önce

      @MajorCulturalDivide 🤔🤕😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • bt lee
      bt lee 2 aylar önce

      @Sandeep Sharma any news source for further reading of what u mention ?

    • atul sehgal
      atul sehgal 2 aylar önce

      @Acacia Q It is available over the counter here in India. Dirt cheap. Seems very effective.

    • Mr P
      Mr P 2 aylar önce

      @SalubriousEd and just so you know I'm nit anti ivermectin. I just believe we should wait for the trials are completed before we jump to conclusions based on loose correlation/causation. That way we can assess how effective it actually is, who would benefit and when...and also the right dosage.

    • tomar5e115
      tomar5e115 2 aylar önce

      @Mr P Keep watching CNN and reading New York Times. Best you don't step outside and see the real world champ, might offend you

  • Darryn worthy
    Darryn worthy Aylar önce +2

    in Australia, masks have been mandatory in the state of Victoria almost 2 years almost without a break, longest lockdown place in the world, masks didnt seem to make a difference, as we are told that covids bad, numbers are high ect ect ect, yet no one wears gloves, and just hand sanitizing as you enter a store doesn't give you that much protection for a very long period of food shopping ect, i dont see shop attendants wiping the shopping trolleys, they just push them in. i would expect a person would be more likely to get covid by contact by your hands.
    n.s.w had more coved cases than Victoria, but Victoria has double the deaths. the Australian medical association stated a reason is that Victoria passed medical funds away from hospitals over 17 odd years, and they believe that is why the death rates double compared to n.s.w. those stats are online to see, and look bad really for those running the state. long term lockdowns have failed.

  • jaydy71
    jaydy71 Aylar önce +11

    I'm glad that he refers to the "interesting coincidence" regarding ivermectin, because it is merely a coincidence. Ivermectin was never approved in Japan for covid treatment.
    I have a number of friends in Japan, and none of them know anybody who use ivermectin. It just doesn't seem like a big thing there.

  • Jeff Higbie
    Jeff Higbie Aylar önce

    Dr. Campbell - love your videos. Lots of insight without the prejudice and bias of so many other youtubers. One comment and one question.
    Comment: When you introduce your videos, including the year, I think, would be helpful from a historical perspective.
    Question: What are India and Japan doing to treat Covid? Both have zero, or almost zero, cases of Omicron. If they were depending solely upon vaccines, this probably wouldn't be the case. When I do my own searches, I'm not finding anything clear or definitive.
    Keep up the great work!

  • alsmith22
    alsmith22 Aylar önce +1

    I’m 18 with pre-existing health issues when I got the Delta variant back in mid-August. POTS, MCAS, and a connective tissue disorder. First symptom was severe body aches and then fever. Developed weird symptoms like skin sensitivity on my back and nose burned for a day or so before smell totally went away. Took Ivermectin along with a collection of other supplements to combat it and tested negative after 10 days. Taste and smell came back within a month. No long-covid symptoms. Only thing would be that sometimes things smell strange or funny. No complications recovering. I think if I didn’t have Ivermectin I would have gotten much sicker.