N.C. family sues HGTV show for "disastrous" home makeover

  • katma 19 Nis 2016
  • A North Carolina couple turned to HGTV’s "Love It or List It" when they decided to fix up their home for future foster children. But now they're taking the production company to court. In an interview you’ll see only on “CBS This Morning,” the homeowners gave Manuel Bojorquez a firsthand look at the work they say falls short.

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  • CathieFaith
    CathieFaith 2 yıl önce +7031

    Host: “so are you going to love it”
    Other host: “or list it”
    Man: “we have decided to....”
    Woman: “sue you”

    • M M
      M M Gün önce

      @JC Yensen The show is scripted and heavily edited. You only see what the producers want you to see.

    • Brenda Saetern
      Brenda Saetern 2 aylar önce

      @Paula Lynch they settled the lawsuit with a settlement "money"

    • Alma Sparks
      Alma Sparks 3 aylar önce

      @Next Level Toys cvv

    • Phyllis
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      ANGIE JOHNSON 3 aylar önce


  • Steve Clark
    Steve Clark Yıl önce +4920

    “I collect bottles and cans, and my wife knits scarves for cats. Our budget is $1.2 million...”

    • ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
      ICaNtThINkofACooName 30 15 gün önce

      Lol! I don’t feel bad for those people one bit. They already have more than most do and now want to sue to get even more. Anybody dumb enough to do reality tv and get your house torn apart should be willing to deal with the consequences good or bad.

    • savvy consumer
      savvy consumer 3 aylar önce

      HGTV in general is a joke. Use to be great in 90s

    • aleister crowley
      aleister crowley 3 aylar önce +1

      To be fair a lot of these people are in mountains of debt when they buy houses priced far beyond their real means, and they finance everything to project a certain “lifestyle.” They are usually way beyond a stable place financially speaking.

    • Katelin Parks
      Katelin Parks 3 aylar önce


    • Account2021
      Account2021 3 aylar önce +1


  • John Draisey
    John Draisey Yıl önce +864

    That’s so shady, making the homeowners take out a loan and then HGTV pocketing almost half of that. No wonder the work was so shoddy.

    • Walt Lonsdale
      Walt Lonsdale 4 aylar önce

      @smackedfnyou don't watch it too often

    • My Name is This
      My Name is This 6 aylar önce +4

      @Jas7 You can say that in any fraud case. After a person buys a car that dies and doesn't work after a day, "No one made him do anything, he bought it willingly.' That couple went on the show and took the renovations and the costs under good faith that they're not being defrauded and overcharged. The TV show should have immediately addressed it and fixed the issue, instead of being shamed into a settlement.

    • Shane T
      Shane T 6 aylar önce +6

      @smackedfn You don't have to be white, just have money be charismatic and gullible. I'm guessing you don't fit the first two.

    • Q & A
      Q & A 10 aylar önce +2

      HGTV didn't pocket the money, the Canadian production company did.

    • WeltonvilleGal
      WeltonvilleGal 10 aylar önce +3

      Why most people on these shows lose the home. The upgrade in taxes are crippling.

  • Cheryl Haywood
    Cheryl Haywood Yıl önce +1037

    Remember, Room by Room, Gardening by the Yard, Home Time, etc ?? You actually learned how to do things that were affordable! Design on a Dime! I miss that kind of show...

    • Cheryl Haywood
      Cheryl Haywood 2 aylar önce

      @David Plantz , I remember that! He was all young, inexperienced and fresh, now he's looking......much more "mature" lol

    • DAVESGIRL830
      DAVESGIRL830 2 aylar önce +1

      Yes indeed

    • oliversgranny
      oliversgranny 3 aylar önce

      @Evelyn Dorman No, that wasn't the show or guy. Not even sure the show was on the HGTV channel. I've just been trying to find it for years now. Thanks

    • Evelyn Dorman
      Evelyn Dorman 3 aylar önce

      @oliversgranny I vaguely recall it but I am getting it mixed up with a show by Peter Fallico?

    • oliversgranny
      oliversgranny 3 aylar önce +1

      @Evelyn Dorman Do you remember the name of an old show........A young guy, tall, thin, long dark hair, he would redecorate a room, using your own "stuff"?

  • WhoKnowsWhy
    WhoKnowsWhy 3 yıl önce +1579

    I googled this case and apparently they settled for an "undisclosed amount" in May 2017.

    • Ilya Shell
      Ilya Shell 5 gün önce


    • Pamela Norris
      Pamela Norris 20 gün önce +1

      @Dee yes they would. Companies settle all the time just to get it over. The longer it drags on the more it cost. I work for a fortune 5 company and it's pays off everyone who comes up with some claim that they were discriminated against or any reason. Its just cheaper for them.

    • 53knights
      53knights 4 aylar önce +3

      @Dee you clearly don't know anything about this matter.

    • LIndalue
      LIndalue 5 aylar önce

      It’s all about money.

    • Man Mountain Metals
      Man Mountain Metals 9 aylar önce +5

      thanks for the info.

  • T T
    T T Yıl önce +134

    Lesson learned: Before buying a house, ensure it wasn't renovated for a TV show.

  • F
    F 2 yıl önce +583

    I also wonder about the "open concept" that everyone always wants in these shows,so they can see their kids from the kitchen..Or so they can be with their guests while they cook..I grew up seeing my mom having everything ready when the guests arrived,never was she more than a few minutes in the kitchen after the guests had arrived. And she was so happy to have a door to close IF she needed to go to the kitchen to get something,she didn't want the guests to see the dish in the sink and whatever mess there was. I have continued the same way,kitchen is my hideaway,I love to be there even when I'm not making food,away from the tv-room and noice. I would never ever want my kitchen to be open to the livingroom..I love and need walls and doors!!

    • Monica Loera
      Monica Loera 3 aylar önce

      Never thought of it that way. My family had an arch going into the kitchen so it was semi open concept. We were so poor I was just happy to have a home. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Alt Shift Glow
      Alt Shift Glow 3 aylar önce +1

      @Christy Stewart Your childhood home sounds lovely.

    • JohnFourtyTwo
      JohnFourtyTwo 3 aylar önce

      @Heart Wings Totally agree 💯😊👍✨🌹

    • Heart Wings
      Heart Wings 3 aylar önce +1

      Ditto! I grew up in a ca 1900 home where rooms were separate. The kitchen had a door, it was a separate room w/ access to the garage & back porch, that was across the hall from the dining room, where we ate. I do not care for the open concept either. If I have a mess in the kitchen from preparing a meal or for a party or a smell from cooking, I do not want the whole house to have to see/smell it. Who wants to sit at the dinner table looking at the mess they will have to clean up when they finish eating? To me having to eat in the kitchen (except for breakfast) was a punishment LOL! My home was built in the 80's, but luckily the original owners added on to it and it went from "open concept" to the kitchen being separate. BUT to each their own, so if they like that fine. I am happy my living & dining rooms are separate from the kitchen.

    • JohnFourtyTwo
      JohnFourtyTwo 3 aylar önce

      @Weezer Colo 😁👍✨

  • T T
    T T Yıl önce +440

    The construction company is listed as permanently closed and has an "F" rating on Angie's List.

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark Yıl önce +890

    In 'Reality', that is how most home renovations end: With unhappy homeowners stressed to the max and feeling ripped off by contractors.

    • Chris Taylor
      Chris Taylor 3 aylar önce

      Because they are

    • Mike Leschber
      Mike Leschber 3 aylar önce +1

      Contractors feel the same way. Some people are never happy and always complain even when there is nothing to complain about.

    • Jasmine Phillips
      Jasmine Phillips 3 aylar önce


    • Roney M.
      Roney M. 3 aylar önce

      A real contractor telling why we should not trust tv shows: tr-cam.com/video/Id7-8hDKxag/video.html

    • Dave Clark
      Dave Clark 4 aylar önce +3

      @rosendo perez If you're not knowledgeable about all the proper building practices and codes, what is watching THEIR every move going to do for the average Joe homeowner? Besides pissing off all those subs.....

  • VG
    VG 3 yıl önce +8419

    With $140k, they should’ve made a down payment on a new home instead 🙄🙄

    • Jennifer P
      Jennifer P 3 aylar önce

      But they didn't actually HAVE $140,000. They took out a LOAN for that much, to do the renovations.

    • Playa 1
      Playa 1 3 aylar önce +1

      Down Payment?
      for another 40k
      In NC They can buy another house!!!

    • meg racks
      meg racks 4 aylar önce

      Makes perfect sense to me! Agree.

    • Pamela Cass
      Pamela Cass 10 aylar önce

      @TroxMacgee I saw where a ramshackle garage/apartment was going for $4000 a month RENT. $140k is just a pinch between the cheek and gums.

    • Tena Barnes
      Tena Barnes 10 aylar önce

      @Dim Wit your name suits you, my son moved from Michigan to South Carolina and bought a house in one of the top neighborhoods in the Greenville area for 230,000 dollars (he did get a deal because the surrounding houses were selling for over 300,000- 400,000, he got a job starting out that paid the same as he was making in Michigan and now makes more than he did in Detroit so just because you believe everything is "backwards" in the South doesn't mean you're right, the influx of all the Northerners and West Coasters are what has driven up the property prices in recent years, but your cost of living, property taxes and food prices are still below what you would pay up north or west cost, and better quality, just because you have sense enough to recognize a bargain when you see it, doesn't mean your less intelligent, but infinitely more intelligent than the person who pays so much more for less quality and high cost of living, because they are what we in the south call Snooty having their heads so far up their nether regions they can't smell the stink of their own excrement.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mar
    Mar 2 yıl önce +726

    Show: Are you gonna love it or list it?

    Couple: We are 100% gonna litigate it.

  • Sidney S.
    Sidney S. 11 aylar önce +16

    I’ve always wondered why people would trust shows with 140k of their money. I feel like I could pay contractors and get all the features I would want for much much less... I would never trust random contractors hired by the show to do major work on my house.. nor would I trust a show with my money. That’s just crazy to me.

  • maye beline
    maye beline 10 aylar önce +41

    Their defense is so good. "We've done more than 250 renovations without any issues." Okay. There's evidence everywhere, but you claim you never did it before, so that means you didn't do it this time either.

    Imagine getting mugged at gunpoint by someone walking past you on the street, recording the whole thing, and then when the mugger gets caught they say "Obviously I didn't do it, since I previously walked past more than 250 people without any issues."

  • obsidiansea
    obsidiansea Yıl önce +272

    This just doesn't surprise me. I'm sure it was all thrown together so fast just to meet filming deadlines.

    • TITLES
      TITLES 11 aylar önce +3

      sure it was. Guess those building permits were just thrown together also right?

    • Quesa Dilla
      Quesa Dilla Yıl önce +3

      @Mimi Bndr I've noticed this in even high dollar homes I've been in. They use the same crappy particle board cabinets and woodwork that you'd find in a cheap trailer, cheap showers, etc. Personally, I would be livid if I paid a hefty price for either a new home or a remodel from a show like this and got a bunch of cheap garbage. It seems to unfortunately be starting to become the norm, though. Everything is so disposable and cheaply made, and people seem to be very content with it.

    • Quesa Dilla
      Quesa Dilla Yıl önce

      I always wonder about these types of shows, as well as Extreme Makeover Home Edition (don't they build those houses in like a week?). I would think in order to squeeze so much into such a small timeframe, they'd have to cut a lot of corners and I wonder how much of the work is half-assed. I hate to say that about EMHO since they are for a good cause, but it has made me wonder since I've worked on construction sites before and even the pretty cheaply built houses take much longer than a week to build from start to finish, same with extensive remodels.

    • Mimi Bndr
      Mimi Bndr Yıl önce +7

      And the products they use are cheap. Lighting, cabinets, no shelving sometimes, just open shelves to show off your mismatched, chipped, stained dishes? 🤓

    ROB-IN-PHILLY 3 yıl önce +5413

    I'm a contractor in philly...I had those people contact me about them filming a project...They wanted me to pay for production cost, Because it would be "good exposure" and "advertising"...it was like 25K...I laughed in their faces...

      ROB-IN-PHILLY 6 aylar önce

      @rob9641 The production co.

    • rob9641
      rob9641 6 aylar önce

      Not clear who “they” are - the couple or the production company. Who contacted you?

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 7 aylar önce

      @S L Extreme Makeover for the most part has always been genuine and for the most part not fake, why it's the only one i ever watched and it was really free for the owners, sadly they made their mistakes too building them like huge manors where a lot of the owners couldn't afford to live in it after but they always meant well :) it inspired the odd construction company here in The UK too to raise money to renovate the odd persons home when they need it i wish i had the skills to jump in too lol, it could take them the entire year to raise the money but they do it, it's so inspiring :).

      Most of the others though i just took 1 look at it and was like "That's so fake and over dramatized for the camera" lol and they just cut way too much out that you didn't see the process of what was going on it was like "oooh paint! oh nevermind back to the presenters face... jump to it finished then the camera not showing up much of the house" terribly filmed lol.

    • Charlotte Cunningham
      Charlotte Cunningham 11 aylar önce

      @Jeff Linnell 😳

    • HorseCrazieGirl15
      HorseCrazieGirl15 Yıl önce

      Nowadays you can get a high school/ college kid to come out and create a video then post it on TR-cam for far cheaper than that.

  • Linnea Lee
    Linnea Lee Yıl önce +50

    This show is so suspect. They seem to need way more money for renovations than any other show on TV. Then they can literally NEVER do everything they say they are going to do. They are the only show that never finishes and never has enough money.

    • Heart Wings
      Heart Wings 3 aylar önce

      Exactly! What reputable contractor bids a job before s/he inspects the site to see if walls are load bearing, what kind of materials, plumbing, electric, HVAC etc it has?

    • meg racks
      meg racks 4 aylar önce

      I noticed the same thing! Some of their renovations are so expensive!! Suspect.

    • Daniel Richardson
      Daniel Richardson 6 aylar önce

      property brothers is even worse about always needing more money

  • Grady
    Grady 11 aylar önce +604

    I'm confused. If the homeowner has to take out a loan for the renovation then why use the tv show?

    • Jennifer P
      Jennifer P 3 aylar önce

      @Peggy Souther But you can find a realtor to find you a home with everything you want! (psst...that's what David does...contacts local realtors with his list of what the subjects of the show are looking for) And you don't have to pay a realtor, they get their cut from the sale

    • flashylitez
      flashylitez 3 aylar önce

      For clout

    • JanayiaLove
      JanayiaLove 3 aylar önce


    • tpkyteroo luebeck
      tpkyteroo luebeck 4 aylar önce

      @Pamela Cass Exactly! This is also why I rarely watch the show anymore! Besides, it appeared to be too scripted - especially since 98% of the participants pretend to 'love it'! There were way too many episodes where by they 'couple who really loved this other house and was all set on moving' all of a sudden say 'oh, (insert cheesy puke here) we love it!' Sometimes, they didn't even do the math right, as far as 'savings' and how much money they made on the renovations. Sorry, don't have actual facts here, as I forgot which episode, season that was and can't be bothered to go find it. lol

    • Peggy Souther
      Peggy Souther 5 aylar önce +1

      David is looking for the home with everything they are wanting! Another advantage over… just getting your own contractor!

  • ~celestial moonlight~
    ~celestial moonlight~ Yıl önce +327

    Am I the only one who is tired of just all white homes every time someone "renovates" their home? Like white walls, white furniture, white decor. Come on, do something different!

    • Heart Wings
      Heart Wings 3 aylar önce

      Some people like that, their choice. My house had been freshly repainted boring beige throughout by the sellers, who had also done a good job repairing any holes or damage to the walls that might have been there. The house was immaculate and that was a selling point, that it was a blank canvas ready for my touches. I painted the rooms in the colors I liked. Some of them are colors I will probably have repainted in something more neutral & trendy at the time when I go to sell as not everyone likes the bold colors I do.

      Nowadays it seems they are all boring grey.

    • Carie Vill
      Carie Vill 3 aylar önce

      No you are not. I'm over the white box, matchy-matchy, and the color grey!

    • Charmed Life77
      Charmed Life77 3 aylar önce

      I like white walls. They look wider and they go with everything.

    • PAULA O
      PAULA O 3 aylar önce

      I seen a lot of white walls and ceilings at the HUD housing apartments.. doesn't look too bad..

    • Nikki Lauren
      Nikki Lauren 4 aylar önce

      And after packing up, moving, closing 2 times, unpacking, changing my address, kids’ school, etc, the LAST thing I want to do it paint and renovate.
      But that’s me

  • Debi Heslep
    Debi Heslep 10 aylar önce +3

    We've always known that if there is something the producers want, they will make it happen. Its scripted, set up, and it uses real people no matter what the cost either financially or mentally.

  • Carol T.
    Carol T. 5 yıl önce +1706

    The first fallacious argument of the HGTV company was to claim "we have done hundreds of these renovations... no complaints". The number of satisfied homeowners has no relevance to the case at hand.

    • Nancy Giacometti
      Nancy Giacometti 4 aylar önce

      @Gracie L )

    • Ky Le
      Ky Le Yıl önce

      Carol T. ‪Black Man Shot and killed in public by NYPD!!! tr-cam.com/video/z9YZ7xok2Uk/video.html via @TR-cam‬

    • Free The Birds
      Free The Birds Yıl önce

      No complaints my foot. They had a whole show called "They Hated It" showing homeowners who hated what they got. I think it was Trading Spaces.

    • HeartofJustice
      HeartofJustice 3 yıl önce

      brickman yes

    • brickman409
      brickman409 3 yıl önce

      Dwight Stewart
      Going by your example, if a pilot crashes a 747 full of people into a mountain, does the fact that the pilot had made hundreds of successful flights before make it okay?

  • Rosanna Kreider
    Rosanna Kreider 2 yıl önce +2613

    We prefer to watch This Old House on PBS. Those folks are masters at their crafts.

    • James Hickman
      James Hickman 3 aylar önce


    • Pootsie
      Pootsie 3 aylar önce +1

      New yankee workshop was the name! Had to google it lol

    • Pootsie
      Pootsie 3 aylar önce

      Love that show!! My dad used to watch that show all the time when I was little. That and this other show on the same network with a guy that had a wood shop. Can’t remember what it was called!

    • FieldSweeper
      FieldSweeper 3 aylar önce +1

      @gigi stoner just different demographics. love it or list it is more of a reality show than TOH. which is more of a craft tutorial etc.

    • FieldSweeper
      FieldSweeper 3 aylar önce +1

      And Home improvement to learn what NOT to do hahahahah.

  • Sgt Joe Smith
    Sgt Joe Smith Yıl önce +15

    Someone was trying to pull a scam like this here in my town. I emailed them to ask about it. The wanted home owner to but $100k in materials and their unlicensed tv actors would do the work for free. And home owner had to pay for hotel to live in for 5 weeks or find somewhere to stay. Shows like this used to pay for everything from commercials and sponsors.

  • Charmed Life77
    Charmed Life77 3 aylar önce +2

    This is a great show! That house wasn’t decorated so I can’t see what exactly was done. However, if you’ve chosen to list it and remove all furniture before a sell is made, what’s the point? I don’t trust what is being shared because they never shared the final photos.

  • Private Private
    Private Private Yıl önce +10

    I remember watching one of those home makeover shows many years ago. I think they painted the walls bright yellow and an antique, black piano blue. I though I’d pop a vein and I didn’t even live there.

    While, sure, I see that some people like to have bright colors and it’s a personal taste, I think that people grow tired of them more easily.

    My impression anyway is that, this week’s makeover - is next week’s, “OMG! How did you even LIVE with this for a minute!” That, they’re trying to make a show. That people have to live with their reveals is another thing.

  • Dr. Drake Ramoray
    Dr. Drake Ramoray 5 yıl önce +2068

    Damn why not just hire a contractor and not have it on TV? What was the point if you had to pay?

    • Cutesy Bunny
      Cutesy Bunny Yıl önce


    • obsidiansea
      obsidiansea Yıl önce +1

      I'm sure the TV show was pursuing them. They have to get people booked to be on the show or there is no show. It's like that Gordon Ramsay show where he tried to turn around failing restaurants. None of them wanted his help, but he couldn't walk away b/c he needed them more than they needed him.

    • Steve Hunter
      Steve Hunter Yıl önce

      15 minutes of fame.

    • Marlene Carlson
      Marlene Carlson 2 yıl önce

      They are want to be on TV and look cute. These people offer so much money and then expect other work to be done--oh another bathroom, or kitchenette in basement, etc and then they want something for nothing and forget the actual people doing the work need to be paid and every time you make a change it costs money.

    • RoKa
      RoKa 2 yıl önce

      @My Account, chill... Didn't you see the laughing emojis at the end of my comment? It meant to be sarcastic and funny. And I think you skipped a few of the previous comments too, that's why you're missing the context of my reply. I think I know who Dr. Drake Ramoray was... I grew up with the "Friends" show in the 80's. Take a chill pill kido... No need to burst a vein in your head over a comment. (I'm referring to that "WRONG" reply)

  • Sherry Graham
    Sherry Graham Yıl önce +11

    Cheryl Haywood, I’m with you, I haven’t watch HGTV in years. I love having the old shows that actually did things on a budget and diy. There is just nothing that I want to see on there anymore. We can’t afford a $300,000 home so I sure don’t want to watch a show about $600,000 vacation homes.

    • Jennifer P
      Jennifer P 3 aylar önce

      On the other hand, when I tune into "My Lottery Dream Home," I want to live vicariously and see some amazing million dollar-plus homes, real fancy stuff....and instead they usually are looking at extremely affordable, boring homes. LOL.

  • Michael Bracken
    Michael Bracken 2 yıl önce +95

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people say the same thing “ I can see myself sitting there with a glass of wine” “ I need space for entertaining”

    • mary spencer
      mary spencer 3 aylar önce +2

      @The Dynast Queen LOL! Not nearly as functional as a good old fashioned double sink.

    • Laurie in MN
      Laurie in MN 4 aylar önce +1

      You are so right. And I can have a glass of wine in the tub, to get away from the children. And I need a huge closet for all my shoes. Everything is scripted.

    • Cheesychildhooddances Cool
      Cheesychildhooddances Cool 8 aylar önce

      @Bette Davis you must not have a big family

    • Bette Davis
      Bette Davis 10 aylar önce +1

      And everyone needs a guest room. I've never had people use my home like a hotel!

    • Msperez
      Msperez Yıl önce +1

      Lol true... or a cup of coffee... 😟☹️

  • Sprinkles Dog
    Sprinkles Dog Yıl önce +148

    HGTV did this to my neighbors before. They had to remodel after they left and it was expensive to fix.

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 6 aylar önce +1

      @Antique Girl Yeh i heard about all that, i'm gonna say at least half of them couldn't afford it, now they won't even knock down the entire house and rebuild it if they don't have to and there isn't too much rot or termite damage but they follow the original size and design if they do need to knock it down they just knock down and rebuild the damaged or modify a side of the house to fix some silly layout decisions the builders did, they don't build in 1 room for each kid either they instead try to make a room to share, so they're building for what middle class parents can afford which is easier if they don't have like 4 kids and 2 teenagers of opposite sexes lol if they can though they'll put like 2 sisters in 1 room, 2 brothers in another room although if a family have even more kids i think they're gonna have to make a bigger bunk room lol.

    • Antique Girl
      Antique Girl 6 aylar önce

      @FlyingMonkies325 I can only hope so. Extreme Makeover did a house a few miles from me. They so overbuilt the house, that the homeowners couldn't even afford the utility bills. They actually sold tickets and gave home tours to people, in an effort to pay their bills, and auctioned off the SUV that was part of the deal, to help pay their inflated property taxes. They were trying to sell it, but I never heard if they managed to do it.

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 7 aylar önce +1

      Yeh people trusted these shows too much back in the day, definitely don't because they all had their problems, although Extreme Makeover are back and they're being a lot more sensible and realistic about it now thank god, not all huge and expensive anymore.

    • burner
      burner 8 aylar önce +1

      @PJ T You're clearly wrong, they did sue them.

    • PJ T
      PJ T Yıl önce +7

      What most don't realize is that you signed away your right to sue typically in this situation.

  • Andres Insurriaga
    Andres Insurriaga 6 aylar önce +5

    When something appears to be to good to be true, it usually is.

  • Baatile Kgosiemang
    Baatile Kgosiemang 2 yıl önce +282

    This is the most unrealistic home makeover show on tv.

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 7 aylar önce

      They all used to be like that back in the day... Remember Extreme Makeover? yeh that was insane how big and fancy they made their houses, it's back on but they're being a lot more realistic about it now and they don't even demo the house if they don't have to but just build in new walls in some areas of the house and a new roof and only add 1 or 2 extra rooms if they go but not huge rooms and they make use of everything they can.

      That's the problem with why we're dealing with so many problems in the world right now because people were taught to be SO realistic yet so unbearably greedy that they didn't think and didn't just make unrealistic decisions for themselves but for other people too, they were made to feel nothing could go wrong and the way they were thinking was the correct way when it wasn't and they clearly put people in this mindset to make it easy to scam them and boy did they take advantage and still do cos people still think that thinking this way is correct and if they get taken scammed it somehow wasn't because their whole lives they were taught to make very unrealistic decisions not actually thinking about how things realistically work.

      It was just like trusted and it's why a lot of people are frustrating these days because you try to tell them when you see that but they've got them thinking you're just being jealous or something and they go and make a terrible decision anyway, then when they find out you were right it's everybody's else's fault but yet still... they don't seem to think they were thinking very unrealistically.

      A lot of people they built houses for on these shows they couldn't even afford them after because they weren't realistic about the rising inflation either... but what they built i doubt any middle class person could have afforded it any era lol we've been living in stupid times...

    • ivy Dickson
      ivy Dickson Yıl önce +2

      The original English version is much better. I started watching that. Good vibes between the two. This one they are just nasty.

    • ivy Dickson
      ivy Dickson Yıl önce

      The original English version is great. This is a Poor copy. Of course.

    • Just Call Me Chosen
      Just Call Me Chosen Yıl önce +3

      @annie p My favorite show!! I love Ben & Erin!

    • EG Loveall
      EG Loveall Yıl önce +2

      david garcia that’s all of them

  • Curt Ekstrom
    Curt Ekstrom 2 yıl önce +4

    About 15 years ago Extreme Home Makeover, along with Ty Pennington did one of the Total Home Rebuild projects. The house was built in an Around the Clock Marathon. Several days later it was done. Fast Forward One Year later. The family had to move out of the house due to Extreme Excessive Mold everywhere. The crazy part, Ty Pennington could NOT understand how that could be. Considering Ty is nothing more than a Home Depot Saturday afternoon Graduate of Expert Carpentry. The house was declared Uninhabitable and was Leveled to the Ground.

  • Roy Rice
    Roy Rice 3 aylar önce +1

    Proof: “No good deed goes unpunished”. 😩

  • Deelifull
    Deelifull Yıl önce +46

    August 2020 Update: They ultimately settled out of court, while the homeowners were able to sell the property for $570,000 in April 2017 after they only paid $335,000 in 2007. Nice little return on their investment, eh?
    The bad news is that the new owners then sold it for $500,000 in Dec 2017, while the new Owners after them only paid $479,000 in 2018. Phew.

    • armybeef68
      armybeef68 5 aylar önce +1

      @Loredana Dincu


    • Kim M
      Kim M 6 aylar önce +2

      Wow. Somebody knows how to look on Zillow.

    • Loredana Dincu
      Loredana Dincu Yıl önce +4

      @Nikki Emerson they where on the show on 2015, not in 2007, they bought the house in 2007. Si they sell it after two years not 10.

    • Nikki Emerson
      Nikki Emerson Yıl önce +14

      Yeah but 10 years that's along time and alot of money wasted to sell a house that should have sold pretty easy once it was finished.

  • Katherine Poindexter
    Katherine Poindexter 3 yıl önce +3102

    I miss HGTV when it was a do it yourself channel..they used to have shows that show you how to renovate a house, plan and plant a garden and to make crafts for your home. it used to be called Home and Garden Television. Now it is just HGTV and shows the same kind of show over and over and over and over and over..well you get the point.

    • PE OConnor
      PE OConnor 3 aylar önce

      @Katherine Poindexter HGTV was 1000x better 20 yrs ago. I learned so much, between making crafts, redesigning a room on a budget, how to fix things, tips on gardening .. don't know why they stopped those great shows. Now it is mostly false real estate sales.

    • JohnFourtyTwo
      JohnFourtyTwo 3 aylar önce

      @Ferdburful I know what you mean but I remember their third or fourth house they rennovated was a pretty big Victorian with a detached garage that used to be a horse stable, but still a good show.

      I liked Hometime also with Dean Johnson and various co-hosts. Always had good ideas and introducing new techniques.

      I like Norm Abrams' shows also and would love to have a workshop like his, total envy with his man cave.

      I don't like Fixer-Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines because all they do is the same thing in every episode. Tear down walls, replace with shiplap, paint everything white, replace cabinets with floating shelves, replace bedroom doors with sliding barn doors, etc. I call them The Hillbilly Homewreckers and only watch them to get a good laugh because their ideas and designs are nothing but a joke and Chip is a lame comedian.

    • Ferdburful
      Ferdburful 3 aylar önce

      @Voklst Westie Even Holmes became unwatchable

    • Ferdburful
      Ferdburful 3 aylar önce

      @Juliana Blewett I haven’t seen a whole lot of garden.

    • Ferdburful
      Ferdburful 3 aylar önce +1

      So true. Used to enjoy This Old House as well but it got ridiculous when the scope of the show turned to the rich folks .

  • Linda Burton
    Linda Burton 2 yıl önce +2

    Having been through many renovations myself at my home, it has NEVER been done right AT ALL. Contractors, sub-contractors, and people who think they know construction, DON'T.

    • Ruth Green
      Ruth Green Yıl önce

      I have had the same problems we always have to redo ourselves what we paid good money for someone else to do

  • shadrach
    shadrach 3 aylar önce +2

    I looked at a house that had been redone by HGTV. It looked flashy but it was cheap and tacky. My son, an engineer, pointed out all of the substandard materials and work.

  • Brent Wong
    Brent Wong 6 aylar önce +30

    “Damaged floor boards, a heating vent missing, cheap carpet over chipped concrete and unpainted surfaces.” Sounds like it can be fixed in a week.

    • meg racks
      meg racks 4 aylar önce

      @Don't Ask Exactly!

    • Don't Ask
      Don't Ask 4 aylar önce +3

      Point being ... shouldn't have to be fixed at all

    • meg racks
      meg racks 4 aylar önce +4

      I don't think that is the point. There shouldn't be ANY little repairs left when contractor left!

    • meg racks
      meg racks 4 aylar önce +6

      Not the point? Should have been pristine before contractors left and the job done RIGHT,.

    • Lisa Lee
      Lisa Lee 5 aylar önce +3

      Yea these are small fixes...seems like this couple liked the TV attention. They were all smiley..don't seem stressed

  • empirex
    empirex 2 yıl önce +5

    This isn't the first time these home renovation shows have done something like this.

  • 6 Max Grinder
    6 Max Grinder 3 yıl önce +946

    $140,000 for a renovation?! you can buy a really nice brand new house in NC for that amount.

    • Laura Morris
      Laura Morris 7 gün önce

      buy half the state of texas with that

    • -AlphaBerry Xtraordinary
      -AlphaBerry Xtraordinary 11 gün önce

      I live in NC, minutes from Raleigh, and that's the truth. It may not be a brand new home but they are out there.

    • S Hultz
      S Hultz Yıl önce

      @Meet me on the blacktop With all the riots now people are fleeing Portland now because it has become a liberal hellhole. Soon Portland real estate will be cheaper after the dust settles. Anywhere Demonrats run a city or state, taxes and government lunacy escalate and smart people flee in droves. Oregon should send back to California the liberal demonrats sent to colonize Oregon.

    • Ky Le
      Ky Le Yıl önce

      6 Max Grinder ‪Black Man Shot and killed in public by NYPD!!! tr-cam.com/video/z9YZ7xok2Uk/video.html via @TR-cam‬

    • M S
      M S Yıl önce

      @renrensiren112, it's all the Californians and New Yorkers moving here.

  • Saif
    Saif Yıl önce +2

    When reality actually tries living in reality.

  • RumbleRish
    RumbleRish Yıl önce +8

    Holy crap! I always thought that the show or network pays for the renovations that they do

  • MysticMat
    MysticMat 6 aylar önce +18

    “Are you going to love it? Or list it?”
    Her: “Sue it!”

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones Yıl önce +98

    How is this a surprise? So-called “reality tv” is the greatest oxymoron ever! There is nothing real on tv. C’mon people, wake up!!

  • CrazyWarriorCatLady
    CrazyWarriorCatLady 3 yıl önce +174

    The whole “reading from a script”/“being told what to say and how to act” shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There is no such thing as reality tv. It is all just for entertainment purposes and an effort to gain as many ratings as possible.

  • reenougle
    reenougle Yıl önce

    I have been on reality tv and I know how awful it is. You are told to say things you would never say. A terrible and exploitative experience.

  • Maria T
    Maria T 2 aylar önce +1

    I remember this couple wanted to take in foster teens - the most important part of the renovation was the teens have their own downstairs space (easy access in and out) good luck with that parenting logic.

    GSNCLN Yıl önce +13

    I wouldn’t let any of these hgtv so called home improvement hacks near my home. And what’s with the ridiculous time lines they set. No way!

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith Yıl önce +10

    That's what you get if you remodel a house in an hour.

  • Tom H
    Tom H 3 aylar önce +1

    A guy I know inspected a place that was done that way when he was thinking about signing up. The place was a mess. Looked nice enough in the videos but all the flaws were a deal breaker. He did not participate. He cited gaps in the flooring where it joined the walls, for example. Among many others.

  • andrea
    andrea 9 aylar önce +5

    im disappointed, these shows used to be my inspirations as a child to become a civil engineer and focus on residential construction. at least i won't make the same mistake they've done

  • Debbie Bell
    Debbie Bell Yıl önce +2

    Being in the business if we gave a quote we honored that quote when the job was finished. We would never have gotten away with saying sorry we ran out of money we need more for what you hired us to do. It’s one thing if they add on to the job but the original job was finished. We never had a call back for bad workmanship

  • JR 303
    JR 303 Yıl önce +3

    This makes sense, as a carpenter I look at some of these remodels and wonder where did the money go. I was wondering if Hillary was over charging for interior design services, because I didn't see the amount of money they put up in the construction.

  • Pernell13489
    Pernell13489 2 yıl önce +1

    When they first came on I thought it was great. But then I saw how they would run over the homeowner and not really cater to what they wanted and the homeowner had to basically pay the showI guess that's fine if you just want to be on the show and also have your house renovated. That's why I wondered why people even did it. Also it seemed like they always found something that they just didn't expect i.e. but to continue the electrical would need to be upgraded for $5,000 or something that I thought they should have checked before they even began the project. Then hire workman at a lower rate to get the work completed.

  • hezamachine
    hezamachine 2 yıl önce +19

    The suit was settled in April 2017. The plaintiffs had signed a confidentiality agreement; their lawyer would not comment on the settlement.

  • IeatyellowSNO
    IeatyellowSNO 7 aylar önce +1

    You go on reality tv, you get what you deserve.

  • Nicholas Pipitone
    Nicholas Pipitone 2 yıl önce +75

    Lol that's hilarious, "we had to take a loan, and then put in some of our own money too", people loans ARE your own money too

    • obsidiansea
      obsidiansea Yıl önce +3

      That threw me for a second, too. It was weird he worded it that way. It's not relevant to viewers whether the money came from a loan or from their savings account. What's relevant is the homeowner's portion vs what the TV show contributed. Paying off whatever loans they have is their own personal business.

    • monikag1323
      monikag1323 Yıl önce +2

      @London M you'll learn soon enough.

    • nappynatural23yrs
      nappynatural23yrs Yıl önce

      Hard cash it different its like spending grocery money

    • London M
      London M Yıl önce +22

      loans are NOT your own money whom tf taught you that

    • klad 8125
      klad 8125 Yıl önce +4

      i think what they meant was that they borrowed money, then put in some of their existing money....like probably money from their savings

  • Tracer2376
    Tracer2376 Yıl önce +18

    The old home makeover show 'Extreme Makeover' is no longer around either because of the lawsuits as well. They scam people all the time for these shows.

    • FlyingMonkies325
      FlyingMonkies325 7 aylar önce

      Extreme Makeover never scammed anyone... they build things for free the owners pay nothing, their problems were they were genuinely unrealistic about the way they would build the houses WAY too big and expensive which lead to much higher Bills and the owners being unable to afford it, sometimes though they mistakenly hired very bad contractors and then ran out on them half way into the build which sadly has also happened 1 or 2 times in the new episodes and they were genuinely heart broken and i was for them too cos they really do a splendid job, they just can't always know who are bad contractors but a lot of them are these days, back in the early - middle 2000s sometimes they just didn't do the Tiles or Painting correctly and then left early... so by the time anyone realized it they couldn't fix it on time, because the houses were SO big too they really couldn't muster up the time or budget to fix it.

      It's all free though and their budget comes from whoever gives them their Funding and they raise money on the side for a few other things they give them or help pay off, they were a bit naughty by making it seem they paid off their entire mortgage but then cos it's a new house they have to start paying off an entirely new mortgage which is nobody's fault how mortgages were always a huge scam and we shouldn't have to pay for a whole new mortgage for a house built on the same land...

      Extreme Makeover is now back but it's a lot better now though and they don't bulldoze the house if they don't have to even keeping original woodwork and if they make it bigger they only do a little bit and still keep it within the size other middle class homes would be and they try to fit in more kids in the same room, so i'm happy with how they've improved :) if a contractor bails on them then cos the houses are standard size they'll be able to fix it.

      A lot of these these other renovation shows though they were definitely running scams but Extreme Makeover or Trade Spaces and those similar never were it was free renovations and the owners genuinely won it, a lot of them can't even afford to pay to have their house done up. Here in The UK some building companies run projects by raising money to completely renovate someone's home inspired by Extreme Makeover so it's possible for it to be free for the owners.

  • Jerad `Blazek
    Jerad `Blazek Yıl önce +4

    Extreme Makeover was kinda the same way. I worked on one of those houses. I would NEVER live in a house that got built from scratch in 1 week. Not even enough time to let concrete foundation cure up, let alone put a house on it.
    It's all for show.

  • Jarvis Sense
    Jarvis Sense Yıl önce +23

    "REALITY SHOW" is an oxymoron. No such thing.

  • Jerusalem 1965
    Jerusalem 1965 11 aylar önce

    I Feel Bad For This Couple. And I Hope That You Get Your House Fixed Up To Par So That You Can Start Your Foster Care.

  • welcome to the aquazone
    welcome to the aquazone 2 yıl önce +3

    for anyone wondering what happened, big coat tried to sue them for slander and the court let them, so the couple filed to appeal it. They then settled it by filing a joint motion to dismiss the case. kinda boring tbh but yeah

  • Rob-Time
    Rob-Time 3 aylar önce +1

    I was approached by HGTV once to participate in a competition show where they would re-design my terrace and my neighbours terrace. They told me that I had to pay for everything and they would take it all away after the show taped. Also, I would not be allowed to have any input at all. None.
    You should have seen the stunned look on their faces when I kicked them out of my place before they could touch a thing. Their only defence was "Don't you want to be on TV?"
    I said "Get the F*** out" and I slammed the door on them.

  • ColaBling
    ColaBling Yıl önce +2

    WOW...all the tears of joy we cried during this show were stolen from us...

  • Susie
    Susie 3 aylar önce

    Wow! I always thought renovating your home by a TV show was paid for by the show?! Thats how I thought they make money,by viewers and Sponsors, Commercials running? Wow! I applied to have my house renovated,not being able to myself. Sad to hear this.

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 2 yıl önce +1726

    This show always urked me, you give the British lady 6 figures and she "can never do everything your asking for with that budget..."

    • Ray W
      Ray W 10 aylar önce +1

      @Baby Blue I am a contractor. You can go in an attic or basement and determine what walls are load bearing. Thanks for proving you don't know what you're talking about.

    • Baby Blue
      Baby Blue 10 aylar önce +1

      @Helen Taylor fixer upper is staged too. Chip only does work when the camera is rolling and probably the other guy too, that's why they're fat and chubby. When have you ever seen a fat or chubby contractor? Fixer upper has an entire team that does the work and probably hometown too

    • Baby Blue
      Baby Blue 10 aylar önce

      @Ray W she's not a contractor. Even contractor's don't find out till they start gutting stuff. You don't know what you're talking about

    • stephanie foster
      stephanie foster 11 aylar önce

      "High End" is the phrase that says your budget isn't enough.

      $8500 for a stove that, if she bought one for $2500, no one would know the difference in use

    • Ceycie Mateo
      Ceycie Mateo 11 aylar önce

      No she didn’t

  • Sidney S.
    Sidney S. 11 aylar önce +5

    On this one episode they got green cabinets for their clients. And almost painted their house purple. I would lose my mind.

  • fikinaturally_ Fikiswa
    fikinaturally_ Fikiswa 10 aylar önce +2

    I always wondered about this - these renovation tv shows always seem so rushed and I always wondered about the quality of work and this proves my suspicion after all

  • dodgeguyz
    dodgeguyz Yıl önce +1

    I would expect them to cover all costs since they are going to use my property to make money (advertisements) on TV. Minus the taxes you would pay on the items installed. To have to pay for the renovation and all associated costs while they sit and make the money is beyond ridiculous.

  • Kitty Lam
    Kitty Lam Yıl önce +1

    Woe! That's not good 😐! Thanks for letting us know how reality TV are so deceiving to make $$, sorry for the victims 😢 really 👎 I hope they get some help down the road and get their home.

  • Rob Lau
    Rob Lau Yıl önce +1

    Once they told me I had to get my own loan for the upgrade to my home. I would of backed out from the show altogether.

  • Uncensored Nature
    Uncensored Nature 3 aylar önce +1

    That is so unfortunate. I really liked this show and thought that it was real, professional business deals, not another scripted reality t.v. show.

  • Melanie
    Melanie Yıl önce +5

    I suspect this happens more than we know.

  • Curt Ekstrom
    Curt Ekstrom 2 yıl önce +9

    There was one of these Ty Pennington Extreme Specials built in Minnesota back about 2006, that had to be completely Leveled because of the Massive amounts of Black Mold Throughout. Not surprised there aren't more like it.

    • Alex S
      Alex S Yıl önce +1

      Extreme Makeover didn’t act as a GC, so that would be different. They used different GCs for each project.

  • just a guy named Max
    just a guy named Max 3 yıl önce +540

    As a carpenter my dream is to get hired by one of these home improvement shows. My wife watches them and I cant believe the prices they claim things are costing them...she was watching fixer upper the other day and a house needed new handrail on the front porch, about 12 ft total. The cost was bid at $6,000 to build a new rail, out of treated lumber( to those who don't know, the actual material cost couldn't have been more than $300, and a knowledgeable builder would have it done in a few hours.) Imagine of you could go to work and make $2,000/hour, I told her if I could get as much as they get for their remodel jobs, I could retire after just a couple jobs. Either the costs of these jobs is exaggerated or they are inflated because it's for show. I could build whole new houses for what it is costing these people to remodel their living rooms.

    • KnockOutCutie
      KnockOutCutie Yıl önce

      0906blue wowww they tend to run a muck everywhere I see

    • Annette Larsen
      Annette Larsen Yıl önce

      Guess again pork chop. We live 3 hours from the nearest city in our county. Our employer is the #1 tax supplier to the county. We make 6 figures living out here. You have no damn clue about rural living.

    • benthic able
      benthic able Yıl önce

      @Keith Davis you do it for 3k, in this scenario, the home owner is paying the producers, who have to pay the actors and then have to pay the contractor, while still making money, so they've added more middle-men into the project, which always increases the cost of doing business.

    • benthic able
      benthic able Yıl önce

      like they mentioned in the video, the producers add about a 40% margin onto the contractors quote, ( the contractor got $85,000 for the job, they paid ~$140,000) 85,000/.6=$141,666, so in your example the contractor might have bid $3,600 for the job, which is still plenty.

    • Shawn Bottom
      Shawn Bottom Yıl önce +2

      Stephen Kershaw either you’re trolling or one of the stupidest dudes on the planet. Every piece of food you stuff in your mouth, kw of electricity you burn, and even some of the hard goods you buy depend on those rural areas you seem to think are worthless. Good luck eating air in the dark in your fancy city that you think the world revolves around.

  • Sandy Barton
    Sandy Barton Yıl önce

    Good luck I hope you guys get what you’re after🙏

  • SpaceCat72
    SpaceCat72 Yıl önce

    I had some friends that they built a house for and let me tell you , most of this stuff was done by people that do work on movie sets it was cool it was Neat it looked great but it was not designed to last. They had stuff in the house that was falling apart within months of the build. The crews were out there and tore the old house down and built a new house completely within days and there were a lot of nightmare scenarios that played out during and after the build. Then came the taxation on the new structure.
    I haven't gotten any updates lately but I would figure they probably sold the place.😖😖😖

    SAVAGE! Yıl önce

    I live in the same town, I personally don’t know the couple but I have “friends of friends” that do know them. Apparently the wife is the type that is never happy (allegedly) and no one was surprised when she sued “because that’s how she is”. Again, I don’t know them but that was the general consensus around town. Anyone who was talking about it took the show’s side as far as I knew. That was a couple of years ago, no idea what happened with the lawsuit.

  • pat collin
    pat collin Yıl önce

    i'm with all of you who miss the OLD Hgtv. Real people, real projects, learning how to do ..or not do.. things. There was even a staging show that made me want to take up staging. LOL Does anyone know how this lawsuit, etc., played out?

  • Matt McDuffie
    Matt McDuffie 4 yıl önce +879

    I always wondered why the small projects on love it or list it cost 4 times as much as an entire house remodel on fixer upper.

    • Queen Ashley
      Queen Ashley 2 yıl önce

      @Aubrey Campie there's an awesome 100 year old house on zillow in Waco right now for 30k, well maybe they prob bought it since i looked lol

    • dedalliance1
      dedalliance1 2 yıl önce

      @Florida Girl Depends what you're getting from it.

    • Squirrel
      Squirrel 3 yıl önce +1

      Because it’s Texas. I’ve seen houses that are bigger and nicer than my house and the houses are WAY cheaper then my house though

    • Sw eet
      Sw eet 3 yıl önce

      Most of the renovation shows have an entire crew who work for free. Apparently love it of list it does not.

    • Carolina Arzola
      Carolina Arzola 3 yıl önce +1

      Mark W. As someone who live in waco i assure you thats the prices are pretty accurate. Taking in account that they buy older homes then renovate.


    140k for a remodel of that small home... wow
    im glad i live in a cheap state.
    my lakefront home on 5 acres of land was 146k.
    ill never live on the coasts. ive heard stories of people bragging about buying a 3 bedroom apartment in Cali for like $500,000.
    its honestly laughable... for $500k in Arkansas you can buy an 80 acre farm with a 4,000 square foot house.
    or simply buy a nice 150k home and invest the rest, if you had 500k cash.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 2 yıl önce

    Did I miss something? What exactly are they suing for? Chipped paint, poor carpeting, and because they believe the renovations were only worth $85K as opposed to 140K?

    Wouldn't the workers need to be paid for labor? The home looked stunning, why would they focus on petty imperfections?

  • Age gap Love
    Age gap Love Yıl önce

    Any renovation is a risk!! Regardless of a staged show or not 🤦🏽‍♀️
    You break it you but it!!!

  • Robert Emerson
    Robert Emerson 2 yıl önce

    From a comment I just read about this couple (trying to get a contractor to pay $25k production fees to film renovations, prior to being on this show), I say "good riddance". They hoped others would pay a large portion of their costs and are just bitter it didn't play out that way.

  • Sharon White
    Sharon White Yıl önce +1

    Most homeowners know their homes has problems and some cases a lot of home repairs and structural problems.

    The homeowners always want a open concept, basement remodels, find an extra room/bedroom and they don't want to pay extra like the change plans. Contractors always say don't make changes while work in progress unless you want to pay more.

    The designer come on site through the process. It's the main contractor and his team that remain on site.

  • gforce
    gforce 3 aylar önce

    Good for them for taking a stand.

  • Matt Fletcher
    Matt Fletcher Yıl önce

    I am a licensed builder and home inspector. The "damage" I saw was pretty minor, not worth a lawsuit. LOL

  • Granny Lynn
    Granny Lynn Yıl önce

    Wow, that's a real shame. I'm sure they had to work hard for the money they lost. I hope they get their money.

  • ZilchFan66
    ZilchFan66 5 yıl önce +1850

    I don't like the show and I find it odd that the production company makes money off the renovation from the home owners. It would seem the home owners would get a fee for featuring their home on the show. I understand the homeowners would pay for renovations but I do not think the production company should get a fee. They should get payment from the companies that advertise during the airing of the show.

    • theteamrpmgfs
      theteamrpmgfs 3 yıl önce

      Tiffani Farrington i would

    • Karyn Sue Pohlmeier
      Karyn Sue Pohlmeier 3 yıl önce

      Come Flag with Me Exactly!! Now we know what that big problem is....HGTV wants paid for the homeowners to be on their show!! That's sad!

    • D McNamara
      D McNamara 3 yıl önce

      Tiffani Farrington:

      That used to be the Protocol....but with other forms of alternative visual-entertainment available to Billions of viewers in recent times.....Global viewership continues to plummet (year after year) for the Broadcast and cable-based networks.

      The old-guard is not too happy with the Transition to new Entertainment...they are getting left behind.

    • Tiffani Farrington
      Tiffani Farrington 3 yıl önce

      D McNamara They care half way. They know the risk and if they get caught they don't want to lose the money that's coming in but these networks and production will just make up another show to pitch.

    • D McNamara
      D McNamara 3 yıl önce

      Tiffani Farrington:

      Developing a reputation of ripping-off your old and potential new customers....which in this case are Television Viewers is bad PR...and in many instances throughout the years;enough bad PR will get a show cancelled...checks for new shows stops flowing;so what is/was the good in Networks/Producers playing a Criminal Enterprise against the Public?

      I stopped watching those types of shows years ago.

  • Septic-Hearts
    Septic-Hearts 8 aylar önce

    The second she said "for foster children" I already knew some bs was about to go down.

  • Calli Arcale
    Calli Arcale Yıl önce

    This is the dirty secret of many of those home improvement shows -- the work is frequently substandard, and they often fail to pay their subcontractors adequately, and the editing and directing and scripting is used to create a broadcastable narrative that may or may not resemble the truth of the situation. Remember: the TV company is not on your side. They do not even feel that you have hired them. They aren't there to make you a nice house. They are there to make a TV show that people will watch. That means they can decide not to show the part of the house they didn't get around to painting, for instance. That means they don't have to show the fallout two months later when badly installed plumbing leaks and causes thousands of dollars in damage. They don't have to show it when the house you've decided to list can't be sold because it is no longer up to code.

    Never agree to one of these shows for a renovation. Hire a contractor yourself.

  • HaibTshajHaib
    HaibTshajHaib Yıl önce +3

    Didn’t know you have to pay to be on the show.

  • James Belair
    James Belair 2 yıl önce

    140k wtf? You could've easily done all that for 30k or less provided you did the work yourself if you have the experience, or maybe 50k paying a contractor. These people are scammers and should be jailed!

  • Koda_51
    Koda_51 4 yıl önce +5986

    You had to pay to be on the show? Thats stupid.

    • Ky Le
      Ky Le Yıl önce

      Ninja k ‪Black Man Shot and killed in public by NYPD!!! tr-cam.com/video/z9YZ7xok2Uk/video.html via @TR-cam‬

    • Meet me on the blacktop
      Meet me on the blacktop Yıl önce

      @Chelsea Ozanic I realize your comment is a year old, but I would love to know of some shows that are real and do not do these things.

    • TackyFlamingo 8528
      TackyFlamingo 8528 Yıl önce

      No it's not?

    • Commander TK-9091
      Commander TK-9091 Yıl önce

      mom's spaghetti I mean most renovations shouldn’t cost hundreds of thousands. May as well just build a new house if estimates are getting that high.

    • dodgeguyz
      dodgeguyz Yıl önce

      Pay them to be on the show and pay for all things advertised and installed on the show. And they make all the money! No thanks.

  • Hister Shellac
    Hister Shellac 6 aylar önce

    Yay! Bring more REALITY to home fixem up shows.

  • F Sol
    F Sol Yıl önce +1

    I mean, I've seen the show, and it is sooooo obvious that what the people say has to be scripted, there's ALWAYS one person wanting to stay in the house, and other wanting to go to a new one, EVERY SINGLE TIME. How come there's not a couple who both would like to stay, but open to see other opportunities, or be a normal couple who are giving both hosts a chance.

  • Louise Ferrell
    Louise Ferrell 3 aylar önce

    Always wondered how the homeowners could have a budget of 850k for the real estate agent to find a new home but never enough to do the upgrades they needed in order to stay. The list would be endlessly unrealistic for the upgrade budget ; jmo!

  • Glitter Honey
    Glitter Honey Yıl önce +18

    I saw that exact same kitchen at Lowe’s. Maybe they don’t come up with all the designs and just go to furniture stores “showrooms” and pick their favorite. Who agrees?!?

  • 1william B
    1william B 5 aylar önce

    One of the “ too good too be true shows” wow they needed all their money back as a punishment to the show and contractor ,you don’t treat home owners like this 140,000 that is sick.

  • R Rios
    R Rios Yıl önce +1

    I’m disappointed they got so greedy. I saw so many really beautiful changes and I was often impressed with the decor. But why did they always take an hour for the show and st the end flashed the reveal so fast literally few seconds!! So I stopped watching.

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes 2 yıl önce +10

    HGTV hosts: Are you going to Love it or List it?
    Owners: Hold on let me see what the script says...
    😂 😂