How to Dress for a Canadian Winter

  • katma 6 Şub 2019
  • Let's talk layers! Lots and lots of layers. When temperatures dip into the -40 range, it takes a little bit of extra know-how to stay comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors. Here's your head-to-toe guide on how to dress so you can get outside to enjoy that spectacular sunshine, no matter what the temperature.


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    I like how you demonstrated the layers physically, make for a more effective memory aid

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    Amazing video. The best informatiN I found on how to ge dressed for an artcic winter. Thank you for doing this. P.S. I loved the candid moments 🤭

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    Congratulations on finally starting your TR-cam channel, and what a way to start it off Great video.

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    As a newcomer to Canada your video has been very helpfull to me

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    Thank you for the explanation. Very informative!

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    Thank you so much this is so helpful🧡

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    This is the most helpful video I found thank you!

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    Well done, Great Video, For out in the bush nothing is going to beat a good Parka,

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    Thank you for the tips 😊

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    Thanks a ton the cold feet tip is something I will try Thank you again

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    OMG you really did the stripping outside to show layering ....4 thumbs up

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    Hey it's a great video. Very helpful. Lots of love ❤️❤️

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    Thank you very much for the useful information


    -52! these values are very scary for some of us in warm areas like nigeria

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    very helpful. thank you

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    Excellent video!

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    very informative

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    great explanation

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    Very Informative.