Finding Profitable Products via Online Arbitrage with Tactical Arbitrage

  • katma 7 Nis 2020
  • How to find profitable products via online arbitrage using Tactical Arbitrage.

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    If you're currently running an Amazon business doing online arbitrage you might have heard of Tactical Arbitrage. This is an online software that allows to scan over a thousand online retailers for profitable products to send into Amazon FBA.

    In this video I will dive into product search on Tactical Arbitrage so you can scan websites like Target and get the most accurate and profitable results you can. This software comes in at 70 dollars a month, if billed annually or 89 dollars a month if billed monthly. You'll definitely want to watch this video all the way through to see how quickly you can make that money back.

    Here are the timestamps if you are looking for a specific part of the video.

    Introduction: 0:00
    Tactical Arbitrage Dashboard: 2:20
    Beginning of Product Search: 4:42
    Categories: 6:56
    Filter Products: 9:36
    Source Price Adjustments: 9:45
    Remove (under filter products): 10:59
    Cost and Fees: 12:55
    Profit and ROI: 13:20

    Don't forget that there are two more videos in this series on Tactical Arbitrage. The next video will be about reverse search and the third video we will dive deep into the results of our searches to purchase some inventory. Make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications for those videos.

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