Pericarditis after vaccine

  • katma 9 Kas 2021
  • Kyle's statement before US Senate expert panel on federal vaccine mandates and vaccine injuries
    Kyle starts at 53 minutes

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  • High Intensity Health

    Good on you for sharing this update! We need to talk more about aspirating needles, especially for kids.

  • JRC
    JRC  +178

    Kyle and Dr. Campbell this is EXACTLY what we need! Open conversation. Whoever is criticizing or blaming you for anything is completely ignorant. The truth should never be compromised, especially not when it affects the entire world's population.

  • Jessica Dowty
    Jessica Dowty 14 gün önce +65

    Wow, I stumbled upon this video and feel like I'm hearing some of my story. I had pericarditis & pericardial effusion. I suffered from June to Sept when I ended up with a heart rate of 30 and getting a pacemaker. They can't explain it. I got my vaccine end of January. Thank you for spending the word and making feel like I'm not alone ❤️.

  • E S
    E S 14 gün önce +33

    I also had pericarditis symptoms after 1st and 2nd shot. When I mentioned this and that it started after the vaccine, the doctor suddenly talked differently. Like, it is not possible! That it's because I'm not doing enough exercises (which I do every day..), sitting too much etc. It has been about 6months, but still I feel not as before. Will see what the other specialists will say after doing some tests.

  • R G
    R G  +235

    I love how balanced Kyle is staying in this whole conversation even though he has been directly affected. We need leaders like him.

  • cat wolffe

    My sister-in-law was perfectly healthy--she's slender, always eats well, & gets regular exercise like zumba. Then she got her 2 jabs, followed by a booster. Since the last booster, for the first time in her life, she gets racing heart, arrhythmia and high blood pressure. She's very scared. Now she's seeing a cardiologist. Thanks, corporate overlords!

  • Paul's Treehouse: Philosophy + ASMR + Art + Coffee

    The fact that these companies made BILLIONS and on top of that given legal-immunity from compensating those they've injured, makes the entire thing so much more appalling. Makes me sick to my stomach. What a bright and brilliant man Kyle is to be speaking out and being a voice for all those that are suffering because of this.

  • ControlGroup.Science

    What a beautiful human you are Kyle. Calm, caring, considerate, and focused on doing good. But for those who've been tracking these issues for 20 years, seen the dominant narrative deafen rationality, seen doctors so ignorant and callous (and threatened by the fact that filing an injury claim exposes them to rebuke) that they respond exactly as they have in all these cases, and seen the highest level actors of the state completely ignore the problem, safe in their sinecures, while pharmacratic execs are sitting on golden parachutes funded by complete immunity from injury claims written into their worldwide contracts. And while it is true that some covid sufferers end up with these same spike protein injuries, the fact is that NONE of them received any treatment in the hospital. C, D, Zinc, Quercetin, Olive Leaf, HCQ and IVM could stop it all...

  • Edward Culbreath

    Kyle, I'm hoping you recover and get well soon. Wishing you and everyone that became sick from getting the vaccine the very best.

  • J J
    J J  +19

    A big thanks to Kyle, Dr. Campbell and all who listen. I live in NYC and have personally experienced the ignorance, bullying from co-workers, employers, friends, some family and more that call themselves open minded and intelligent. I have watched the irresponsible news and social media lock people like Kyle, Dr Campbell from sharing their experiences. I hope this dialogue continues.

  • phixion
    phixion  +30

    3 weeks after my 1st Pfizer shot I suffered chest pain (which got considerably worse when I lay down), heart pain, heart palpitations, dry cough. I couldn't sleep lying down for a few nights, I had to sit up. I Phoned my Doctors office and got a call back from a nurse, she said I probably had a virus. After about a week or so it died down.

  • katnass
    katnass 14 gün önce +14

    Thank you! Anyone accusing you of doing harm should listen to this conversation again. I've learned more about COVID listening to these kinds of honest discussions than I have over the course of the entire pandemic

  • I C Winter
    I C Winter  +407

    In an uncorrupted world we would be having these open conversations.

  • Diane Stevens
    Diane Stevens 28 gün önce +41

    Thank you for being so brave and speaking your truth! My sister is in Canada she has had 2 moderna shots. She has a movement disorder Dystonia. 6 months after her second shot she is now paralyzed in both legs and one hand. Her Doctors wont even consider its the shots. She is not well mental now and talks about ending her life. Its heartbreaking to see her suffer and not get any help.

  • Tad Ficus Catus

    You are doing a great job Kyle, remember that, there are many people that support you. Same to you Dr Campbell.

  • Debbie Clark

    Bless you Kyle for your voice, please know that people hear you and wish you well. Totally respect Dr. Campbell for sharing his story and introducing us to this brave, kind man and his battle.

  • Jackie Braun

    I have family members presenting the same symptoms as you after the second shot. The doctors refuse to admit the connection to the shot. Thank you for all that you are doing. Sending you prayers for healing.

  • Jael Anderson
    Jael Anderson 21 gün önce +10

    This is so great that you are making it safe to talk about the issues & we need this conversation & tactfully the way both have wisely done. You are both courageous & truthful.We really need to support you both! Please pray for these men stepping out to help us & hope Kyle takes a break now for his health.

  • Oriain
    Oriain  +4

    Glad to see this guy doing better. However let's not sugar coat it, this is vaccine injury.

  • Teresa Allan

    Thank you Kyle, I agree with you. I've been struggling with the medical profession here in New Zealand. Since my second vaccine shot I've had constant headaches (pressure) 😩 I've done everything I've been asked by my doctor and basically put on strong anti depressants meds with no result other than side effects.