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    Gracias amigo por permitir descargar el indicador, espero familiarizarme con él y tener buenos resultados. Éxitos y que Dios te bendiga

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    Hello Sir, what is the recommended timeframe for long-term consistency? And what are the recommended currency pairs for long-term consistency and profitability? Thank you Sir.

    • Ovie Emmanuel
      Ovie Emmanuel 15 gün önce

      Thank you sir, pls also help us with mt5 version. I trade on MT5 thanks a lot

    • Ekow Yeboah
      Ekow Yeboah Yıl önce

      @ZION FX TRADING higher timeframe like 4h or D1, W1 or M1

  • Omkar Goswami
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    In history your are the first person who tell about loss also, other people make full and tell about only profite not about loss, thanks sir, god bless you 🙏....

  • katlego lentsela
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    Hi there, great indicator, I just wanted to ask, does the arrow appear when the bar appears OR appears on its current bar when the next bar appears?

  • Eze Samuel
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    Great one. How can we convert this for use on MT5?

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    Thank you. God Bless Sir. Please continue helping.

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    Boss, I haven't got a Facebook account. Could you please let me know the alternate route to get this amazing indicator? Thanks in advance

    • Sudip Sen
      Sudip Sen Yıl önce

      You need to use VPN to download this file .. I just did it..

    • musawenkosi mhlongo
      musawenkosi mhlongo Yıl önce

      @ZION FX TRADING how can I get this indicators

      ABCD ANY VIDEO Yıl önce


      ABCD ANY VIDEO Yıl önce

      Try this one

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      This is dope...... all on the MT4?? 👨🏾‍💻😳

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    Sir Zion congrats po sa video na to very simple and detailed. Ask ko lang po kung ano ang suggested stop loss for every entry?

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    Done subscribe sir! Great info, keep it up. Cheers to good health and God Bless

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    hi sir salamat sa mga taong katulad mo sir mapakalaking tulong po ang mga ginagawa nyo,isa po kayong alamat na may kasama pang agimat,god bless po sir more power po sa inyo sana magkaroon din po ako 🙏

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    Can we use the indicator without using the template ?

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  • Niu Michael
    Niu Michael Yıl önce

    Hi~ ZION!l love this indicator,may i ask if you have the willingness to write this in tradingview?
    Look forward to your reply

  • Juan Jordy
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    does this still works on the current markets? because of the crisis at the moment, does it still profitable?

  • Max Mazaiwana
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    Powerful indicator! 2021 am going into real estate with fx! Does it have push notifications to mobile? Thanks

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    best indicator.more power to you sir.

  • Homik Patel
    Homik Patel Yıl önce

    Zion, Can you please share your custom made indicator on EURUSD H4 Chart right hand side corner. Thanks

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    mukesh chauhan Yıl önce

    Thanx bro u re doing a great work thanx

  • Endtime Harvesters
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    Pls does it work for synthesis indices on mt5 like boom and crash and volatility 75

  • elnagm n
    elnagm n 14 gün önce

    Do you have the source code of this indicator plz

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh Yıl önce

    Can i use this indicator in fixed time trade ????

    ADARSH A Yıl önce

    Can we use this indicator for binary option?

  • A B
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    Plz upload binary mt4 indicator for scalping 🙏

  • Elton Prins
    Elton Prins Yıl önce

    Hi, I need help with getting the indicator onto the chart. I am using Mt5 on Windows 10. After adding the custom indicator it does appear on the chart. I have tried everything but no luck. I really need help.

  • jose antony
    jose antony Yıl önce

    Can we use this for m5 or m15.. sir?

  • him self
    him self Yıl önce

    i wonder what happens when you take this to a one minute time frame, does the indicator repaint?

  • Smart Box
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    I have subscribed. Let's say for 4 hour chart, does the arrow appear at the start of new bar or after the bar completes and the arrow stay forever? Thanks in advance.

    • Smart Box
      Smart Box Yıl önce

      @ZION FX TRADING Ok. Thanks.

  • kalimuthu D
    kalimuthu D Yıl önce

    Brother Can i use this for bank nifty (indian market)?

  • اسرائيل النبي

    Thanks for the indicator , I just subscribed , I want to ask you about agimat indicator if you can do a video about it

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      @ZION FX TRADING sir nag subscribe na ako dto sa channel mo. newbie lng ako sir bka pwede makahingi ng indicator na agimat fx 2020.thank u boss

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      @ZION FX TRADING kindly share it

    • kalimuthu D
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      Hi sir
      Did u check agimat 2020

  • AppleTechPro 4U
    AppleTechPro 4U Yıl önce

    When do you enter as soon as u see the arrow or wait for the candle to close ?

  • AppleTechPro 4U
    AppleTechPro 4U Yıl önce

    When do you enter as soon as u see the arrow or wait for the candle to close ?

  • Yassine Yassine
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  • neba thierry
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    can you help with the cash power indicator ?

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    Maraming Salamat Talaga Sir Zion. Subscribe ako sayo sir. Your Truly a Blessing po :)

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    any indicators for MT5 since we can't install MT4 anymore?

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    Awesome indicator 👍👍👍

    KUMAR HARALE 11 aylar önce

    where to use this ,, i am using treding view and zeroda where i can get this ?

  • eranda bandara
    eranda bandara Yıl önce

    Hi bro ,kindly coustom made indicator upload

    HARRY PRASETYO Yıl önce +2

    can use timeframe H1?

  • Cristiger Av
    Cristiger Av Yıl önce

    Hello, do you have the cashpower indicator? I have been told that it does not repaint, but it lags in the signal, is it true? regards

  • Mohammad Ramzan
    Mohammad Ramzan Yıl önce

    This indicator, how many combination of indicators, or this Indicator on depend on one indicator???

  • reyner mamac
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    Thank you sir ..

    • reyner mamac
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      @ZION FX TRADING salamat sir:) Ang laking tulong to Lalo na sa mga baguhang traders:) ..
      Suggest ko po lng sir ..try nyo Rin po gumawa Ng vdeo with backtesting po sa mga indicators:)salamat po..

  • Julian CKL
    Julian CKL Yıl önce

    how long i need to wait for the next new arrow?

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    Thanks for the indicator

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      This the most Accurate indicator

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    Does this work for Indian market (Nifty/banknifty)?

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    Mate thanks for the indicator

    • Raza
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      @sch cbh
      Indicator is non repaint.
      But some time wins some lose...
      U have to us traling stop.
      And jst dont use only this singal indicator.

    • sch cbh
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      How was it.

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    sir maraming salamat sayo.

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    Do you have for MT5?

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    Hi Sir!thankto Sir.so help me!do you have indicator for BO.Thank so much!

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      @ZION FX TRADING Please share binary indicator Sir.

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      @ZION FX TRADING thank to SIR!

    • viet hohuu
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      @ZION FX TRADING yes sir.ple help me.thank to Sir.

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    bro salamat at may mga katulap mo pang tirador ng forex at openly share good indicators....Keep it up bro...one of the best seen...kala ko foreigner...pinoy pala...

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    Nice bro. Simple lang pero powerful!!!

    LIFEISSCRIPTED 10 aylar önce

    Are you still around King? If not thanks anyhow for your contribution to life. The best thing one can do is empower others......Thats a true King. ✌

      LIFEISSCRIPTED 10 aylar önce

      @ZION FX TRADING No doubt King. Eventhough i haven't got a hang of this forex venture, I can see some light with the tools you have provided for us laymen.

  • Raza
    Raza Yıl önce

    There is litttle problem
    The next arrow appapers near the previous arrow .
    So its being hard to identify when to close the trade or should go for long

    • Wei Weii
      Wei Weii Yıl önce

      @ZION FX TRADING how do we know the opposite arrow will come , if we trade with hourly timeframe, :((

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    Thanks po sa mga indicator mo, Ihope I become consistent profitable sa tulong po nito..

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    Can you share the Agimat 2020 indicator, please?

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    THANK YOU BROTHER GOD BLESS YOUR LIFE / BRAZIL..... /......................................./....................................../

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    This is wonderful sir.. Ma try nga. God bless...

    ALL ABOUT TECHNIQUE 10 aylar önce

    bro how can i aplly it on tradingview?

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    Trend trade 4.6 looks good for intraday will u provide me its paid tool .

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    Anu time frame po sir?? Thanks

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    Show us in live trading. See if this works.

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    Hello bro how we intnall this indicator on mt4. I have some trouble plz help or make a one video on this

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    Is this indicator apply option index and option stock

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    This work for binary?

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    I have managed everything but the arrows are not showing, I'm using MT5 can you help me please.

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    boss nka pag subscribe napo ako,boss mayroon ka ren po bang mga paid indicators?

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    Thanks sir.

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    i want that indicator how to install

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    good job

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    how to install in mt5 ??

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    Does this repaint?

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    Thank you dito sir sana may Agimat din po sir.

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    Download link say -This webpage has been blocked. Any way to get this indicator. Plz let me know

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    Hello dear ..brother..
    I am new in your channel and subscribe now.. witth you...

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    This the best indicator

  • burundi's got talent

    It doesn't repaint?

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    its 100% repaint dont use it i have tried AIzig indicator

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    mt5 link please?

  • Cristiger Av
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    They have also told me, an indicator called Hunter, and that is very good, do you know it?

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    hello, does the arrow appeared and will alert us?

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    does any one used this?

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    Sir ..nagrerepaint po ba Yun mga arrows?


    i am not downloading ..why bro

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    Bhai ye trade lene ki liye mt4 me real account se login hona hoga yaa demo se.......

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    Ask lng po, beginner kac. Bat meron ng trend? Akala ko po, epepredict muh yung future value.

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    Can for android?

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