The 10-Minute Talk That EVERY Trader Needs to Hear

  • katma 6 Eyl 2018
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    Learn How to Become a Better Day Trader
    In no way is day trading stocks easy. That said, as a beginner trader, you can learn from the mistakes of others and save a lot of money. At Investors Underground, we teach traders to refine their trading strategies and maximize their potential to make money in the stock market. While this is not a science, we rely on certain principles to add more structure to the seemingly chaotic markets.

    Technical Analysis and Chart Reading
    We utilize pattern recognition strategies to create high probability trading opportunities. By analyzing stock charts and market data, we can take the emotion out of day trading and increase our odds of making money in the markets. These concepts are discussed in-depth in our educational trading courses.


  • Investors Underground
    Investors Underground  2 yıl önce +27

    Free beginners trading guide:

  • Kunal Bajaj
    Kunal Bajaj Yıl önce +670

    1. Bet on winning set ups.

  • Terrence Earls

    Needed this, thank you . Everything you said was spot on. 100% very true and very straight. I have tendency to not stick to these very simple rules. Thank you again 🎯👌

  • Edward Adame
    Edward Adame 2 yıl önce +703

    Yes this mans a trader. He won’t stop moving

  • Ewan Liu
    Ewan Liu 2 yıl önce +665

    His walking path is like a stock that is trading in ranges, you think its easy to predict but it's not. I tried to put bets on where he'd stop and reverse. I failed big time.

  • Scott
    Scott 3 yıl önce +166

    Awesome advice....I've learned this information the hard way losing a 5k account. Taken me 6 months later to start again using my own set ups and not watching guru's and chat rooms. Past 4 months I'm averaging 58.6% win rate. Learning curve has improved and continues...

  • Yueyang Shang
    Yueyang Shang Yıl önce +11

    I really needed to hear this after today. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve given myself new rules that strictly cut losses and I only entered a few, but good positions w big money behind them and saw way more success than my previous strategy. Of course I’m really stubborn when cutting loss and I know I can get emotional and lost a weeks worth of trading w 5 bad trades today and yesterday bc I refused to cut loss and put a stop loss on my positions bc I refused to believe I was going to be wrong after a successful streak. Following your rules is so hard to get right, it’s tough to develop discipline and maintain it. But I definitely see the upsides in it. We’re trading to become a better trader, not to just make money. Money just comes along with it. This talk was awesome, hit everything I needed and was looking to hear.

  • Faulk Smash
    Faulk Smash Yıl önce +9

    Love how quick he was to say “You’re wrongly shortly after


    Awesome talk! I absolutely love the reality, simplicity and delivery of these truths! Thank you for sharing... Px

  • Armaan Chawdhary
    Armaan Chawdhary 2 yıl önce +31

    You pretty summed up everything about trading in 10 mins. Good to remind oneself of how to keep emotions out, stick to rules and stay profitable.

  • Cort Chase

    Ya know, I've been trading for 5 months and have read books, watched countless videos, enrolled in training and they all teach the exact same thing. Everything he said is 100% correct. It seems so easy when you hear it. Follow rules. Never deviate, etc... Why can't I just follow the rules!? I am getting better. I am learning to judge my trading day not on profits but on how closely I followed my rules, no matter the outcome.

  • Belden Therus Channel

    As a person making a living entirely on sports trading i appreciate this...I been doing a challenge on my channel for some time and focusing on the basic principles i have realised that the most important factor is how we behave just after 1 loss

  • CU
    CU  +2

    Great video. Simple things that traders at all levels need to always keep in mind

  • MCR123321
    MCR123321 3 yıl önce +5

    Solid advice. Without rules we're just tossed with the waves of the charts, like a ship without an anchor or any sails.

  • caligula minus

    Very good advice. The day I started following rules like these, I became profitable. It took me seven years to get those simple rules right. Picking a winner is no trick at all. Sticking with rules is the key.

  • Johnny Waters
    Johnny Waters 2 yıl önce +9

    Literally the best trading information summarized in 10 minutes.

  • CorporateRaider97
    CorporateRaider97 2 yıl önce +82

    Trust me traders, if one loss is enough to blow up weeks or months of your wins then your risk management is shittier than Bixby

  • csselement
    csselement Yıl önce +6

    Simple to learn; a lifetime to master

  • GSTdev
    GSTdev Yıl önce +7

    Great video but easier said than done. My first big loss was just over 10K, I said, that will never happen again. I had a 17K loss, I said that will never happen again. I had a over 20K loss, I said, that will never happen again. I had a over 50K loss, then I said, never again. The +50K loss was over 5 years ago, that was the one that made me stick to rules, I hope.

  • Jeff Horton

    #1 Rule: If price breaks support, exit the trade.